Oct 3, 2012


A very long hello from me. Wishing everyone is in the pink of health. 

Lots of time to kill before i start working in a new place, this time i work in my field. A field that i know and proven i'm good at ;). It took me 8 months to realize. Yes, despite all the humble achievements i accomplished. I have a good real life experiences from my previous company that gave me 50126866 hard slaps on my face over and over again to realize i need to do some bad decisions in order to find what's good for me. So what if you didnt like what you thought was fun at the first place? 

Accept whatever shits that happen, take the lesson, leave behind all the excess baggage, create a new path and move on.

Macam senang kan, I am still stucked at the excess baggage, cant seem to forget shits easily. heh :p. 

So, should you ask me what did i do throughout the longggg hiatus? Taking risk and handling it like a boss. 

Ok, that's a little heavy for an introduction.

On a lighter note, i have a new cat, Tom. I would like to add another pet and name it, Jerry tapi big boss tidak bagi. 

he is that dramatic

I've been to places i've never been to. Bali in May. Damai Puri in June. Sematan palm beach in July. Sebuyau in Sept. Never heard the 3 last places? itu lah kamu, belum lagi kasi habis tempat sendiri sudah mau pigi Italy. heh tiba-tiba.


Damai Puri.

(Sematan & Sebuyau no pics in PC. Friends in fb should've seen the pics)

To sum it all, my life is well balanced. I have my good days and bad days. And you wont see me writing all over the net, the bad one i mean.

I meant to share this one nice quote in blog since i shared this once in my FB.

Be bold. take risk. 

Till then!


Just said...

Hi Mell!! Waa.. Bali! Bila la mau sampai bali ni! huhuhu.. Ba, kasi update2 la ba ini blog. hihihhi..

Jj said...

hi Mel!! haha, ketawa sa ko ckp pasal bulum abis round negeri sendiri tp suda mo pg italy oo :) tersentuh jg hati sa..miahahaha.. tp sa byk suda round sabah oo tp bulum lg sampai area tawau la..hihi..

Mell_f said...

Just: One day you shall be in Bali! haha bah ya la sy cuba la sehabis baik utk update ni :p

Jj: halo to u! :) hahaha sy pun blum habis bjalan ba di tempat sendiri,note to self jg tu :D

beaty said...

o mell ko p round the world pula kan..he he siok.. lepas kawin tus jalan2 ni..he he he

Sheila said...

Mell.. Pigi Tusan Cliff lagi..

btw, muka tu kucing bah..astaga bikin geram..!!!

Mell_f said...

Beaty: jalan2 di negeri org seja yg byk tp syok hehe. Anyway,congrats on ur wedding,i know its been months haha :D

Sheila: first time sy dgr tu tmpt, memangggggg la ba sy ni haha. Looks unik.

Mas Light said...

*rofl that dramatic expression. So epic.

Roman said...

Hi Mell,
I couldn't find the other way to contact you. Thanks so much for adding my blog to your lists of blogs.

But I kindly ask you to remove the link to it from your blog roll as sitewide links hurt my rankings.

The link is Optimistic Lifestyle.

Would you please, be so kind and remove it?

Thanks a lot!

Mell_f said...

Hi Roman,

Sorry for the trouble. Had it changed.

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