Mar 26, 2009

tolong tolong!!

Tolong selamatkan saya dari kelawakan dan kegilaan video ini..haha -Timbak! -Tumbukan Padu Maut! -Itu teknik satria baja hitam tu! -Ya,Sia nampak di tv baitu.. -Bah macam mana?Kita mau timbak ka ini? -Bah,Boleh ba kalau kau! -Pistul basar! -Flash Kuning!Sasaran! -BAH! -Flash Kuning!Apa ko tingu tu? -Singkulai malai puntut!Buli timbak suda! -OK!Meriam Laser Cahaya Maut! -Eh,malas o sia kamu ni…

Movie week

..and this week shall be it. hehe. I went to GSC 1B last night and watched this: Race to Witch Mountain
Race to Witch Mountain is a Disney based film,i suppose you should know what to expect. It started off with an UFO berterbangan and end up crashed somewhere in Sin City. We know how much the authorities love the UFO thingy hence upon knowing the crash si ketua authority, Burke immediately setting up parameter to seal the crash site. They cant find the 'aliens' but they manage to find the spaceship, and keep it at secret location named Witch Mountain, hence the title. In other scene, as Jack Bruno (Dwayne aka ex-the rock) the cabbie is about to drive off, he is taken aback to see two average looking kids (which is actually the aliens) out of nowhere sitting at the backside of his cab. They offer him a large amount of $ to reach their destinations. Being a typical taxi driver, it's too good to refuse thus he agreed. Then the adventure begins. he he he. This movie obviously targets the kids as their main viewer. The aliens are cute looking kids, there are no blood shed despite the car crash and gunshots, the bad ppl lose the good ones win. So tag ur family/kids/adik/bapa/nenek along to watch this. Marley and Me ( i watched this one few weeks ago, but masih fresh in my mind) I know this is sooo yesterday punya cerita so i believe most of you had watched this. Upon watching suffice to say, i laugh hard and i cry hard as well. I never pet a dog in my whole life but in some-weird-how i can relate to that. After watching the movies, i went to Harris and find the book LOL! From the book i get to know that few years after Marley died, Grogan move on and pet another female labrador. And i manage to find this as well. Marley's Eulogy written by Grogan. Here. tsk tsk tsk. Ok enough of that, i want to move on suda ni. So this week, there are 3 movies to look forward to. Taken. Starring Liam Nelson (God Bless his wife's soul) Knowing. Starring Nicholas Cage 12 rounds. Starring John Cena the wrestler As much as i love DVD, i believe these movies are better watch in cinema. hehe. See you in GSC 1B!

Mar 19, 2009

You might not see me

..but i can see you
Credit: Cuteoverload I'm not busy, yet i'm not sinfully free. Thanks for dropping by regardless of the lack of updates :)

Mar 12, 2009

Lawak sejenak.

Read from left to right. Dont try to be extraordinary. Click to enlarge. Itu siput mmg fail!

Today's thought

Too many people spend money they havent earned, to buy things they dont want, to impress people they dont like- Will Smith

Mar 10, 2009

Our very own artiste

The Divine Master- Disamping mu Mia Palencia- Call Waiting Mia Palencia- Sayang More of her musics, click here

Mar 5, 2009

Gewd thursday~

As much as i love cats, i too, love that kind of catxpression. ha ha. Happy Thursday :) Ok now i'm off to lunch.

Mar 3, 2009

Crazy over CSI LV Season 9

My last weekend is dedicated to CSI Las Vegas Season 9, been watching 10 episodes excluding 2 epis which i've already watched at AXN. I'm not going to say much, nanti kamurang nda mau tengok lagi. Just so you know,Warrick is not the only one who's going to be replace..jeng jeng jeng.
The CSI crime cat lab investigator
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