Feb 25, 2011

Cheese cake!

I baked my first cheese cake, it's not as easy as choco-pot that i made early this year. Well if I cant perfect this recipe in the first attempt,i must in second attempt ngehehe. Nonetheless, it tastes good and verified by hubby. And no i didn't put any killing weapon on any part of his body during food tasting. 

It's very important to:

NOT have the cake from cracking. bake it in water bath and must use HOT water, dont put cold water thinking the water temperature will rise as the baking progressing. NO. You'll get longer baking time coz the heat supplied has to rise up the water temp first then only this heat will help to bake the cake. So if you use the hot water, you've skip the former, left with the latter.Precision ok precissssiiiiooonn. 

Another thing, when you pour in the cheesecake mixture into the baking pan like mine, ensure that the height of the mixture is less than half of the pan's height. It's a cake rule, not only cheese cake. Or else, halo cracked cake.

KEEP the silky texture of cheesecake mixture, and you'll get a silky texture cheesecake. All ingredients must be at room temp prior to mixing. My mistake was that, my cream cheese is still 1/4 cold when i put it in. The aftermath? Longer mixing time coz it's lumpy all over urggh.

That's all the tips. I might be a newbie in baking but i have laboratory skills equipped with thermodynamic knowledge and you must know that before ignoring the tips hehe.

have a great weekend! :)

Feb 16, 2011

Yesss Ikea :)

The only reason i purchased this ticket was Ikea, yes how influential it is to both me and hubby :p. Having said that, Ikea was the no 1 place we went on our first day stay in KL.

This was our second time to Ikea, first time it was such a rush. We spend few hours thinking we need this, we need that and end up with impulse buying. Very bad. This time, we have planned it well. We kinda splurge ourselves on Ikea's item via online, make a wishlist together with the price,dimension and weight coz we have to be reasonable lah kan, we brought them back in our only luggage so those are the main issues. When we've considered all those, we were good to go.

Another issue is transportation. Ikea is located in a place that is so foreign to anyone who doesn't resides in KL, it was to us. It's not even located in any monorail, ktm, putraline or star line stations. This is when you have to do a bit  of research about this place. If you opt for taxi, please dont bother about the route. But us, being a young and wild and healthy couple, adventure is what we seek together gether :D bueekk

In the Ikea website it is mention that there is a shuttle bus available to Ikea from Kelana Jaya station to Ikano Power centre.  When you found Ikano, you'll find Ikea. So now your mission is to get on Putra line or  famously known as Kelana Jaya line and go to Kelana Jaya (KJ) station and wait for the shuttle bus. We stayed in Tune downtown and one good thing about staying there is the easy access to not only one station but two awesome stations: Medan Tuanku and Sultan Ismail.  So with these options, these are our planned route:

Option 1: Medan Tuanku > KL Sentral (change from monorail to KJ line) > Kelana Jaya station

Option 2: Sultan Ismail station > Masjid Jamek (change from Star line to KJ line) > KL Sentral > Kelana Jaya station

Too bad we didnt get to 'experience' any of this route, a friend offered to fetch us to Ikea. By car it takes only 15mins from our hotel and 1x toll. Since we were early, we decided to look see look see inside the curve (or in BM, mutiara damansara lol) and ikano itself. In fact, it wouldn't be enjoyable to go around with hands full with Ikea stuffs, you know what i mean.

 Fast forward. Here's Ikea :)

This was the only opportunities i had to capture pics, was busy browsing things bah hehe. It was an enjoyable shop you see,you can just cam whore like no one business (which i did little of it), you get to disturb things, you manage to sit on their displayed sofa when you're tired (tipu), just to mention a few. 

Done shopping, we went straight to hotel. It's not convenient to continue shopping around coz we already have heavy baggage and no thanks to the cast iron frying pan, that is the main weight contributor grr.

Taxi fare from Ikano to Tune downtown is rm30. The driver initially offered us RM35, not until we asked for metered fare. My friend told me the fare can be as high as RM40, so always ask about the meter ok?

Hope you enjoy reading this, and you're welcome on the suggested routes :)

Feb 15, 2011

My valentine aiseh

I dont blog about foods or restaurants in particular, but since this was my first Vday celebrated neither in KK nor Kch but in KL hell yeah, in TGIF (Pavillion) somemore, how can i not blog about this kan kan kan?

I blogged before about his fail attempt to surprise me haha,turned out it wasnt a total failure at all. He admits there is a surprise, but he managed to keep the restaurant's name in secret till his reservation time was up. I'm glad he ignored my threats in exchange to reveal it haha.

When we reached tgif, i saw a long queue of lovey doveys waiting for seats, i dont know how long they've waited, all i know i'm glad Fred made a reservation for us.

Especially on Vday, tgif is serving two Vday sets, consist of appetizer, main course and desserts. What you normally see in their menu are not available on Vday, only the 2 sets.

Let see what we both had:

 Stuffed mushroom

Spiced shrimp

Main courses:
.I had this in medium rare. Tuscan balsamic roasted garlic steak. Heavenly delicioussss.

 I crossed section this for u to share my kesedapan. If you havent tried medium rare steak before, you havent eaten a steak at all. betul ni.

Braised short ribs. So soft, the meat is loosened out from the ribs effortlessly. 

Mocha mud pie. I thought it's a cake @.@ but it is actually a mocha ice cream, coated with choc crumb rust and topped with the generous portion of hot fudge. Sweet enough to get me toothache.

Dessert mini duet. Strawberry and snickers served in such way.
I couldn't asked for more than these delicious foods. besides, i always wanted to dine in tgif but sadly there's no tgif outlet in east msia. dem. Anyway, thanks to dear hubby for giving me this gastronomic experience and paying for it hehe :)

After all, what Vday really matter is the presence of your loved one with you and the sense of gratefulness that somebody loves you other than your precious family and friend. 

How can you not love your life knowing you are loved by so many people? 

Start counting your blessings dearies :)

Feb 10, 2011

Horiculture therapy

Apart of my flowers and veges, this is the most pampered one

I bought this xmas tree dengan pasu sekali at the price of rm10 from a nice uncle in Stutong Market, Kch. Masih kecil lagi time tu, sekarang macam lebih besar dari itu pasu.

By end of this year,I’ll be more than happy if the tree grows 2 times bigger from the current size. I have faith in baja taik ayam in which I’ve become fond of the smell haha, reminds me of my kampung. In my kampung, any seeds u throw mustahil la tidak menjadi. Macam di kampung org lain juga :)

And the pearl grass update:

From this (August 2010)

To this (Jan 2011)


Although I am not physically there and witness the whole progress, it doesn’t make me less happy. 

And that makes my day :)

Feb 7, 2011

A plan

In the midst of arranging our itineraries in KL, happy happy mode la kunun.

Out of sudden,

M: So where do you plan to have our valentine dinner?

F: Ah? Saya tidak tau apa apa pasal tu. full stop.


You know why guys are so fail at making surprises? their responses are so obvious. It's either they become so excited about it (which is a total fail if they accidentally behave so haha) or they become so cold about it (relative to the prior mood).

Now i know there is a plan. muahahaha.

Feb 1, 2011

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