May 28, 2011

Day 17: Something you’re looking forward to.

Something? Well i can give you many-thing. 4 to be exact.

1. Top of my list is my wedding reception of course! 188 days to go yiheeee~~

2. Siem Reap in September woohoo~~

3. Pole dancing demo class in June :D

4. Another makeup class with Bev of MUAH studio, in June as well.

Till then!

May 27, 2011

Day 16: Dream house.

I saw the pattern in answering this question, many will emphasize more on the design, style, colours etc. I mean, it can be done and applied in anyone's own house bah kan? I dont see the point of dreaming to have it when all it takes is your creativity.

As for me, my dream house would be a smart home.

It can be of many designs but i like this one the most.

Source here
"When you're not home, nagging little doubts can start to crowd your mind. Did I turn the coffee maker off? Did I set the security alarm? Are the kids doing their homework or watching television?
With a smart home, you could quiet all of these worries with a quick trip online. When you're home, the house takes care of you by playing your favorite song whenever you walk in or instantaneously dimming the lights for a movie. Is it magic? No, it's home automation. Smart homes connect all the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you"- source
 Very interesting yes? Well, no harm in dreaming right? :D

May 26, 2011

Day 15- Something you've been eyeing on but haven't got the chance to own it.

Fuji Instax Mini 7s

Google for more info. Taking pictures cant be as instant as this yes?

Been eyeing for this since last freaking year. Other than it's capability to print out pictures instantly, i cant find any other reason to purchase but that only reason is enough to make me consider of buying.

But nahhh, I guess i didnt want it so badly hence the delay to buy. Tengok lah nanti in future hehehe.

Till then! :)

Day 14. A picture of you last year – how have you changed?

2010. Tjg Lipat, Likas.

Let see how much i change physically.

May 2011.
  • My hair is longer.
  • That purple blouse is no longer in sight, tidak tau mana sy simpan (ok tiada kaitan)
  • Weight wise- same, maybe plus a kg or two.
  • Kulit mungkin ada hitam sikit sebab selalu field work di Semporna.

That's all i guess. It's a bit difficult juga to find a pic in previous years that shows a change after comparing the now and then because i dont change much, physically of course. You can verify that in my facebook but i'm not going to share my fb profile here hehehe bukan trip macam artis ah, artis pun tidak mcm saya.

Till then!

May 24, 2011


** Practical students registered for their 1st day ysterday. One of them is assigned to help me with my research. I am glad and thankful. So basically first day i explain in brief about my research, the progress and the upcoming task. The student seems to understand, i'm relieved.

** A year ago i was assigned to guide few students for their final year project, and i was advice to learn and use their data, if applicable. I told them beforehand that i am going to use their data so i taught them my methods, gave them the journals, let them buy chemicals funded by my research grant, motivate them when they didn't get the desirable results. In short i didnt let them do all the task alone without any effort of helping them. A year has gone and if you ask me did i get the what i deserve after all the effort. I dont know how to answer because it's not a mere yes and no. They've learn well and they've perform well regardless of he/she has turn to become a selfish/hypocrite/manipulative kind of person at the end. Sigh. I should see it coming. 

** And i clicked my mouse many times yesterday, but guess what. Despite the non stop clicking, waiting room, time mau payment ada error and have to redo all grr, i manage to get three sets of ticket to some places. Happy oh. Ingat senang ka, suda lah first day. Although the booking period last till 29/5, dont put so much hope after day 3. So why wait.

** I just cant stand stingy people. And to the extent of being so expressively stingy in front of the friends and hold no ashamed, i just cant take it and i wonder who on earth wants to live with such person. Saya yang malu tengok sikap begitu. Same goes to the bunch of retards, bargaining for lower prices from an old aunty/uncles/villagers in tamu. If you really want something, you'll buy it at any cost but if you dont, you become like this retards, bargain dari rm3 pegi rm0.50 just for the sake of having it.

I shall resume my 30 days blog challenge after i settled with my current work, if you read my goals, you know what i'm up to.

Till then.

May 21, 2011

Day 13- Goals

Let me see.
  1. Finish up my experiments and thesis writing by end of September this year. (due 30/9)
  2. Publish 2 papers this year. (due 31/12)
  3. Learn to overcome my fear then learn to swim.
  4. Learn UBS accounting 
  5. Zero fever and zero gastric pain this year, i can do it!
  6. NZ and Italy with dear hubby in 5 years time.
  7. Own a business in 5 years time and make it a full time job. (i'm being realistic hence the market survey and own pocket survey).
  8. Sponsored dad + youngest bro a vacation.  
 Till then. Next up, day 14: A picture of you last year, how have you changed?

May 20, 2011

Day 12: A picture of something that makes you happy.

Source: google img

Ok so i do it reversely, i define one thing that makes me happy and find an image for it. 

I always has a soft spot for wedding regardless of who's the bride & groom, regardless of where it took place, di kampung ka, hotel ka, rumah ka, dewan ka, restaurant ka. These differences cant make a wedding less than it suppose to.

Speaking of venue, i always wanted a garden wedding but since i couldn't find an appropriate venue that doesn't cost a deep hole in the pocket, i have to make do with an indoor reception venue. But it is ok, i can always have a garden wedding- indoor :). Where there is a will, there's always a way.

And guess what, i have found the right decorator to do it :)

Ok that's all. next up is day 13: My goals.

May 18, 2011

Day 11- TV series that you're currently addicted to

Source here

source here

Source here

Outsourced is not available in FOX because the series is claimed as 'r@cist'. Halo??? Who gets offended by r@cism easily if not the r@cist itself? Cuba tengok saya, begitu cool uhuk uhuk dan paling penting bukan r@cist, i can just enjoy the series as it is.

Ada lagi satu series sy suka, "Spartacus" tajuk dia but belum ada lagi episod/season yg baru. Punya siok nampak si Crixtus cucuk perut si Domina gila, then si Spartacus putung kepala si Batiatus. Baru dorang nda tau di sana.

May 17, 2011

Day 10- Something that you're afraid of

Source here

I know this seems no biggie to some because certain people manage to swim even more after that but i am not them and they are certainly not me, not with my experience.

I mentioned before i wanted to learn to swim so badly but little did i know, my fear of drowning is worst than i believe it is. Talking to friend with similar experience did help but i have to make that leap myself yes? I keep consoling myself, if i can overcome my fear with snakes, why not this one? I know 2 places that offers swimming course in KK but i need a one to one session because i am not going to learn to swim only, i need to learn to overcome this fear as well. 

If you live by my experience, you would understand that this is not an excuse. Have a look at this video at youtube, a lady and her fear with mustard and pickles. Yes you read that right. I hate that male host.

Ok lah that's all. Next up is day 11: Tv shows that you're currently addicted to.

May 14, 2011

Day 8: A place you’ve traveled to.

With the delay of day 8 post due to the maintenance thingy by, I will share not 1 but 4 places i've been traveled to. And halloooo who tell you it has to be outside Malaysia??

1. Kuching

Ok this is so not fair since i'm going to stay there anyway, but i might as well claim 'i've been to Kuching' while i'm still at KK.(??)

You havent come to Kuching if you have not taste the Laksa Sarawak. These are my favorites

Click to enlarge
Left: @ Foodie Goody Tabuan-Stutong
Right: @ Thompson corner Tabuan Jaya

And you have not see what Kuching has to offer till you reach Serikin
Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge
 2. Miri

Left: western food @ cant remember ehek :D
Mid: Dry pan mian @ Hiek Lik
Right: Nasi lalapan muara

Dont forget to visit Grand old lady as well ok! :)

3. Semporna

Click to enlarge

Dont forget to try Venison meat when you're in Kunak, Semporna, LD or Tawau (? enlighten me pls). The first pic is obviously the Venison meat with shredded ginger fried to perfection. Sedap pula shredded ginger kena fried tau. Tapi mesti halia muda lah.

4. Sarikei

Husband's hometown. About 6 hours drive from Kuching. 

Click to enlarge
Dont forget to sample Mee Udang @ Peking Restaurant di Jakar (sebut betul2). Apart from that, I find that mee kampua in Sarikei and Sibu are very tasty.

In future, i really want to visit Malacca, Penang and Perak (for food sake!). Like what Chegu Carol says 'kumpul duit dalam tabung milo dulu'.

Next up: Day 9: A favorite picture of your close friend.

May 12, 2011

Day 7- 20 songs that come up on your playlist on shuffle.

  1. Keyshia Cole- This is us
  2. Amy Winehouse- To know him is to love him
  3. Amy Winehouse- Valerie
  4. Chris Medina- What are words
  5. Auburn- All about him
  6. The Script- Break even
  7. Colbie Caillat- I do
  8. Emi Fujita- Desperado
  9. Glee- Dog days are gone
  10. Glee- Happy days are here again
  11. Edwin McCain- I could not ask for more
  12. Queen- I was born to love you
  13. Train- If it's love
  14. Kara- Rock U
  15. Amy Winehouse- Rehab
  16. Pink- Perfect
  17. Jimmy Palikat- Anak kampung
  18. Plain white T's- Rhythm of love
  19. Glee- Landslide
  20. Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody
Coming to day 8 now. Hope i can keep this consistency till day 14 teeheeee.

May 11, 2011

Day 6- Behind your blog name

"As raw as it gets" is my blog name. is my blog url. That's how i define things and i dont need approval :)

I have a series of blog name from my previous blog to the current one. Yes i am that indecisive.

I  dont have heart to delete the prev blog (which subsequently deleted all your blog post as well), instead, i moved them to this new url. So new url, new blog name la bah although the contents are retain, yes?

So why i decided to name my blog as it is now? Easy. I once very young and very hormonal, i intend to blog in a very direct way, no sugar coating words, no white lies just plain and direct. It might be hurtful or too 18sx that some people couldn't handle. Just as raw as it gets.

But, when i was about to write in such manner, i've been struck by a sudden thought, asking 'is this the kind of writing that you want people to read?', 'would you read this kind of writing?'. I always ask the same question to myself even before i start writing a new post. If you see me my hormonal post in the future, believe that i have fight so hard with myself and i lost the battle. I just need to vent and get bitchy sometimes :)

I am still keeping the 'as raw as it gets' name, coz that reminds me of the questions that helps to inhibit me  from doing stuffs that i might regret later.

FYI,i googled my blog name. I come to 2nd. No 1 is a food blog. Healthy food blog because in her current post, the author mentioned about "enjoy exploring raw food so much". I get it, as raw as it gets ahaks.

Ok that's all for day 6.  

Next up. Day 7: 20 songs that come up on your playlist on shuffle. 

May 10, 2011

Day 5- Family Background

Kadazan (mom) + Dusun (father)

Occupational status: 
Nurse (late mom) + Govt. officer ini tidak boleh dikasitau jabatan mana (father)

Educational level ( im trying to be different,bear with me): 
SPM pangkat 2 (late mom) + SPM pangkat 1 (father) - he was in his 1st year in Uni Pertanian Malaysia (UPM now) when he quits. Keluarga susah bah,anak sulung lagi. So he's got to do what he's got to do.

That's all to reveal hehe.

Next up is Meaning behind your blog name

May 9, 2011

Need your favor

I believe you have read the text above coz human tends to read from the top right then left, ok i just made that up. As the name suggest, it is a preliminary market surveys for my potential ehem enterprise, soon.

I'm not a billionaire,in fact i am so green in business. So how i am going to invest my ciput money is very important. I need to know the market before i put all my ciput money into one thing. This could be something or nothing, but i am willing to give it a try. After all, if i have the ideas and just waiting for someone to do it for me, it would be such a waste.
So people, help me materialized my ideas! :D

*If you have completed the surveys and wants to give some constructive feedback, just leave comments. Thanks! :D

Day 4- The siblings

There are six of us. We are gender-wise balanced; 3 lelaki 3 perempuan. I am the second child.

My sister who is the eldest one is now 29, the youngest one is 20.

Now let me tell you the advantages of having many siblings based on my own experiences
  • I once asked my sister to do my karangan homework, and my teacher didnt noticed yahoooooo dot com
  • Parents (then) rarely buy school uniform coz semua pun diturunkan sama adik beradik yang lain. They only buy when the colour gets faded. Same goes to reference books/ text books. Bukan tiap2 tahun bertukar syllabus bah juga dulu.
  • House chores are equally distributed. Semua orang ada roles sendiri. Pemalas  tiada tempat di rumah kami. Due to this, it was never hard to manage home after mom's passing. 
  • Pinjam meminjam baju/kasut/beg sewaktu remaja selalu dipraktikkan haha.
  • We never feel alone coz ada seja orang dirumah. I think my dad is too comfortable with this sampai kalau ada orang yang teda dirumah, dia masih lagi mencari macam la kami masih budak.
  • Tidak pernah kami naik kereta kecil2, kereta besar2 seja (hahahaha). Mana la muat 8 org dalam sedan. Nissan Vanette was our memorable vehicle.  
Those all i can think of now. So yeah, coming to day 5 sudah yihaaaa~~

May 8, 2011

Day 3- The parents

It should be parent, actually.

My parents were death.

My mom passed away when i was 16, that was 10 years ago, about 2-3 months after we moved in to KK. She lost her battle to breast cancer. Early this year, her sister was also lost to the same battle. 

Dad is a super dad. Whatever imperfections that he had, nothing beats his sacrifices, taking 2 roles and raised all of us. 

Great things in life arent things, it cant be written, only experienced.

Anyway, happy mommy's day y'all !

May 7, 2011

Day 2- Your pets

Ini nama dia si putih walaupun ada kaler hitam di badan dia. Dia ada abang, nama dia si hitam walaupun ada kaler kelabu juga di badan dia. 

Si Putih adalah jantan. Sangat obedient. Sangat jarang hilang dari rumah. Selalu bertabiat comel. Resesif. Kurang licik, a follower to Hitam. Toilet trained. Not for sale.

saya suka geget kepala

Si Hitam adalah jantan juga. Sangat tidak obedient. Suka hilang dari rumah tapi pandai pulak pulang lepas 3 hari. Dominant, selalu menang pergaduhan dengan si putih. Apa dia buat si Putih selalu ikut. Paling licik. Toilet trained.

Next up:
Day 3: Your parents.

May 6, 2011

Day 1- An Intro

Day 1: Introduction - A recent photo of you - 10 interesting facts.

paling latest laini muahaha
I dont think i have to do introduce myself in my own blog right? haha! So let's go straight to the 10 interesting facts about yours truly

One. I have trouble answering the question 'kau asal mana' simply because i was born in KK, brought up in Lahad Datu, 10 years later moved to KK again and both my parents were/are from Ranau. That makes Ranau as my kampung/hometown but everytime i'm being labelled as 'nah orang Ranau la bah kau tu' strangely i dont feel right but that is what perceived by most people. Labelling sux.

Two. I start blogging in 2006 via blogsome but i've deleted the blog and change to blogspot and it stays till now. Blogsome is not user friendly as in blogspot. You see the boxes in blogspot layout where you can put html codes ka, blog list ka, it is all ready to use. In blogsome, you have to learn some basic to intermediate level of html coding to put such 'informative decorations' on your side bar. Pheww those were the days.

Three. When i was in matriculation, i was stereotyped as a nerd haha. It's ok to be a nerd when you carried a cgpa of 3.95 and has power to choose the courses that you want instead of 'dilelong' *wink. Seriously people, no one can make you inferior without your consent.

Four. I only drive after my probation licence period ended coz throughout the 2 years i dont have any car at home that is available for me to drive, plus i'm sooo afraid to drive manual car but in the end, i bought a manual car instead wahahaha.

Five. I love non fiction types of book,there are lots of facts in this world that is worth reading.

Six. My heaviest weight so far is 48kg. Yes people, i have a high metabolism rate.And i am blessed to stay in the pink of health most of the years. I seldom get fever or flu. As much as we care about our hygiene level and food intake,we might as well consider to take care of our mental health. I get gastric when i was in stress so yeah i bet you know what i mean.

Seven. Fred and I were in the same school/faculty in Uni. After 2 years of passing each like a total stranger, we were introduced by a childhood friend of mine who happens to be his course mate as well. He made the first move which i'm glad he did because i was determined to stay single and get married at 30 hahaha. Our relationship is never easy but is it worth it? It sure does. I would do it all over again coz i've learn so many great lessons the hard way. I am always grateful for such experiences.

Eight. You know what the Kadazans/Dusuns called as 'kotuton'? Or Chalazion? I get that so frequent during tender age, it leave scars you know :(. Silaka laitu belief yang cakap org yg mencubuk selalu kena kotuton, dan silaka la orang yg pegi amplify that belief. I hate your kebuduhan. haha marah kunun saya olololo

Nine. Last year i have overcome one of my greatest fear. Snakes. I took picture with an albino boa,although it only takes few mins but i feel the opposites! The skin is so 'greasy', i almost dropped it eh tipu,i really want to throw the snakes away haha. I can feel the snakes trying to grip my hand. Nonetheless i have the utmost respect for that reptile. Kecil tapi berat tapi kuat tapi tidak comel.

Ten. I once ride in a helicopter, that was during my attachment with DOE Sabah. It was meant for open burning observation by the DOE officers. The first 20 minutes was fine, after that rasa mau muntah hijau. 

Next up,

Day 2: Your pets.

May 5, 2011

Common you say?

Yeah, this is as common as the other 30 days blog challenge(s) that you've read many times in various blogs. I need something to write about, without having to complain about anyone/anything, without having to amplify my pain body, without having to go to any restaurant/cafe/mall to review their products/food/whatnots (no offence), you get the gist now right?

These are the list of challenges that i'm willing to face with starting tomorrow (yes tomorrow!)
  • Day 1: Introduction - A recent photo of you - 10 interesting facts.
  • Day 2: Your pets.
  • Day 3: Your parents.
  • Day 4: Your siblings.
  • Day 5: What is your family background?
  • Day 6: Meaning behind your blog name.
  • Day 7: 20 songs that come up on your playlist on shuffle.
  • Day 8: A place you’ve traveled to.
  • Day 9: A favorite picture of your close friend.
  • Day 10: Something you’re afraid of.
  • Day 11: TV shows that you are currently addicted to.
  • Day 12: A picture of something that makes you happy.
  • Day 13: Goals.
  • Day 14: A picture of you last year – how have you changed?
  • Day 15: Something you've been eyeing on but haven't got the chance to own it.
  • Day 16: Dream house.
  • Day 17: Something you’re looking forward to.
  • Day 18: 3 random photos you've taken 3 years ago.
  • Day 19: Something you miss.
  • Day 20: Nicknames.
  • Day 21: Your footwear collection.
  • Day 22: What’s in your purse?
  • Day 23: 3 ways to make you cry
  • Day 24: Something you’ve learned.
  • Day 25: A song to match your mood.
  • Day 26: Your Dream Wedding.
  • Day 27: A photo of you as a child
  • Day 28: A photo of your handwriting
  • Day 29: 3 Wishes.
Till then! :D
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