Dec 31, 2009

Curtain falls 2009 :)

25 days after my last updates :p Pardon me for that.

Been doing lots of thinking this month, whatever comes out of it i'm glad i've been given the chance to experience that and the memories will stay. Forever. For now i have to do what i've got to do and make the most out of it. That's how life suppose to be isnt it? At least for me lah :D

Here's how i sum up the highlights of my 2009 :)

  • Welcome to world, my 2 darling nieces. Aunty Mell loves you so very much!
  • I quit my job and join XXX, it's so obvious to some of u till i feel like a retard pula kasi taip XXX, but still i value my privacy :)
  • Celebrate my first Gawai with BF's family. Everyday is pork day ok? :D 
  • I've learn and quit belly dancing after few months haha, it was a great experience though.
  • I have no boyfriend anymore haha but,i have a fiancee :) The ceremony is far earlier than the supposed date but i guess,things happen for a reason huh? :) Attended by only close families, everything went smooth plus a little bit of shocked and surprise. By God's will, the party tunang will be on next year. I'm going to engage twice yo! haha.

As for my 2010, i wish for continuous happiness and wealth ehem ;), been showered with abundance of love this year, i thank God for that and still, i'm counting my blessing. I'm expecting 2010 will be more challenging for me since i'm going to start my MSc research, perhaps lots of tears although i barely cry nowadays? :p Good health, of course and less fat on my belly haha.

Happy New Year 2010 to all of you darlings :) Be well, and stay happy.

Dec 5, 2009


I think i've reach mine today.

Now don't beg me for any chance when i know you're going to do it again and again.

Nov 24, 2009

My first field work.

Dragon Inn Floating Semporna, 20.11.2009

Last week I was in Semporna for a field work, in which i was told only 4 days before departure. So off i go, reluctantly. The journey itself took 9-10 hours by road, luckily we were provided with a good driver and a Toyota Fortuner :).. but still it's tiring lah.

FYI, the subject for my research is seaweed and it is the raw material for carrageenan, which are mainly used as thickening, gelling and binding agents, as well as stabilizer in food. Carrageenan is a natural based agent hence, it is favored in food industry. However, the quality of the carrageenan produced is very much affected by the initial processing step which is, the drying of seaweed, and that is  done right after the seaweed is harvested from the sea. So my job is to dry the seaweed using different drying systems, and then determine how the heat of different drying systems affects the quality of seaweed.

What u've just read is actually a summarize of my 7 pages research proposal. More or less. :D

We stayed in Dragon Inn, the floating resort,i have complaints but since it's complimentary of XXX i better hold my tongue :). Throughout that one week I've visited the farming area of seaweed (which is 45mins-1hour journey using speedboat from the jetty), and testing an equipment purposely for seaweed's pretreatment. The latter one is very boring :p hence no pic :p :p

 That hut function as the harvest station, drying station as well as home for the seaweed planters and the family. It can accommodate 5 adults + 5 kids.

 seaweed farming area.

Sabah is indeed in abundance of natural resources, moreover there is a need for research and development specializing in seaweed, in order to increase the upstream or downstream production and its quality. Higher production means higher yield, and the farmers, subsequently our govt will get benefit from this. I hope with this i can open up one's narrow mind, thinking doing master is only to become a lecturer. It's way more than that.

What i really want is to be able to finish this research on time, and hopefully with the completion of this research, i can help a bit though not much, in developing the technology for seaweed in Sabah. That drives me :)

Till then, expect more posts alike to this :)

Take care.

Nov 17, 2009

Hope this will work

This is meant for testing only :) Will update this once i arrive in KK.

Have a great week people.

Nov 12, 2009

Ok Mell you got it!

Sekadar gambar hiasan kih kih kih

I'm testing my feed bah ni, i'm aware my blog update tidak kelihatan pula.

Nov 10, 2009


What more to say, I'm very disappointed. Either i claim for refund, or make do with the current available flight. Considering the amount of time and money put on this KL plan, i opt to just take it. Babi.

And want to know my departure date to KL? This friday, 13Nov. Double babi.

And the guy from AA who's in charge of informing all these passengers about the time change, talked in a very annoying manner, his voice is a bit raised but not up to shouting. Not getting enough sex mungkin sampai marah marah pergi kerja. Just because i, i mean we bought this ticket at zero-fare price, doesn't mean we deserve the 3rd class kind of treatment bah. Dont simply zero-fared it and change the time last minute. Time is gold, havent you heard??!!

And the Go Insure, only applies on delay flight, not extreme advance flight like 12hours!!. Cunning, i must say.

Ok, stop complaining already. Wanna check my workers in restaurant city. Have a great and productive week people.

Nov 5, 2009

Oh yeah!

No longer known as, change it to 

and the question 'why' is currently unfavorable to be answer. :D

Cheers :) 

Oct 24, 2009

Saturday rant


Hope y'all is doing great, i know i am. Less burden this week, since i've settled most of the requirements for my MSc application.

Ok enough of that,let me bore you with my non-student's life story. Have y'all went to Sushi King card rm2 bonanza? I went to 1B branch and it's packed especially during lunch hour, but that's expectable lah kan. I went there twice, for the 1st time the 2 of us managed to gobble 11 plates of sushi. 2nd day, 29 plates for 3 of us @_@ I think i wont have any crave for sushi for a looong time. And sorry, no pics was taken, i get so tamak looking at the sushi on the conveyor belt, i dont bother about anything.

Ok now about the new 'live feed' on facebook. This morning i discovered a friend, a real life friend purposely ignored my friend request. I am no drama queen yo, i'm a scientist (eceyh) i act based on facts. Normally, you get to see only your friends' update in your 'home' FB page, but this new 'live feed' do make wonder in affecting one's friendship LOL! Guess what, that real friend of mine approve other friend requests today and the feed shows in my 'home' FB page.

I was thinking, ok she already added me because if not, i wouldn't get to see her updates in my home page. I clicked her page and i see 'awaiting friend confirmation'. Woah this is new! She approved others friend requests and not mine? I wonder what did i do wrong. Is it because i befriend with her current 'enemy', so I'm indirectly her enemy too now? Ok ok i sound very emo now haha.

Minor case, i move on quite fast hehe. But i'm liking this new live feed. Wanna bluff people using FB, think hard.

And my cat is on heat hehe. I wanz kitteh. Lots of 'em.

Till then.

Make peace and make love not war! :D

Oct 10, 2009

Workshop. Ngiu Chap.

My car has causing me so much headache since last wed, only today i manage to send it for check up di bengkel saaaaaana Menggatal.

I came as early as 8am, the bengkel is open but the mechanic isn't around. -_-"

Apa maciam oo tokeh, i said.
He replied,
"Dia suda naik pangkat bah, so dia lambat datang loh"


So i just park my car nearby, and start looking for food.

But since i'm in Menggatal,i know exactly what i want to eat:

Ngiu Chap at Kedai Nyuk Pau Baru.

If you're a light eater, you can opt for a small bowl, but since tamak is my middle name hahaha, i go for a big bowl.

I believe this shop is no foreign to the NgiuChap lovers out there, but to those who dont know (ada ka? :P) and you wanna try it, this shop is situated at the block behind 7eleven.

Happy weekend!

Oct 2, 2009

The importance of sex ed

To avoid your kids from asking these questions on the internet. -_-"
!!!@_@!!! link
yes you're pregnint..bwahahaha. link

Sep 10, 2009

Home alone

Sy malas mau masak yg complex2 ba kalau saturang2 di rumah ni. So sy selalu masak benda yg simple2 seja, yang tidak payah mau defrost apa2 sebelum masak. Usually sy goreng seja tu nasi dengan ikan masin, or masak nasi goreng kampung extra bilis extra pedas haha mengada betul, or goreng mee (yang ni kalau rajin and kalau tengah mengidam) atau goreng telur campur bawang besar. Begitu seja la lauk orang bujang macam sy ni. Tapi pada hari ini sy mengidam pula mau makan makanan yg bersup, dan pedas. Kalau mau masak tu sup tomyam,bahan nda cukup. Jadi sy pun membuat keputusan utk makan maggi tomyam in cup la.
Satu benda yg membuatkan maggi tomyam in cup lebih sedap daripada maggi tomyam in packet ialah the rempah. In cup, the rempah comes in paste form. Gila, kick, sedap, pedas itu rempah sy sukaaaaaaaaa betul.
Sy campur lagi dgn lada yg sy bikin sendiri,sebab tukang bikin lada kami tiada dirumah skg. Simple seja ni, cili padi+ belacan + garam+ limau, kalau rajin hiris laitu bawang merah and taruk dalam tu lada. Kalau tiada ni lada, tidak lengkap makanan sy tau.
Nah amik kau. Pedas tahap sedap. Nyum nyum Selamat berbuka y'all! :D

Aug 30, 2009

As of 30/8

Back to school and loving it. I believe education is one investment that's return-guaranteed. Bukan mau jadi lecturer saja baru mau sambung master ok? Pfftt. My current life is very much occupied with journal reading and stuffing some basic science theories in my head, but that doesn't stop me from being an observer of some dramas that occurred here. 1. World's a stage. Some just love dramas in their life, and end up becoming a very good actor of life. Sangat lah plastik ini orang. One way of not getting annoyed by them is to accept their existence in our social system but stay conscious, and dont play naive. If they happen to outsmart you, just accept life's is never easy. *mengeluh sejenak sambil mengingati kisah lama 2. People dire attention, in an argument people tend to role played as a victim because let's face it, the victim always get the most attention relative to its opposite. Tgk saja si bawang putih, blergh. If the alleged victim is to make this attention continuous, he/she will keep on dragging the argument,complaining and whining although it has stopped like few weeks ago?? Pfft. 3. Respect is indeed earned, not expected based on ur status. That's kinda ironic but still, less are those who really understand it. 4. I know somebody who has a good academic achievements and fail miserably in human relations. I dont want to be like that. I know i wont be like that. 5. And i know somebody who has a better academic achievement relative to (4), humble and good in handling people. His secret: just give in. I'm not sure if i'm able to make that as a default response at times of trial. Cepat panas juga sy ni. kekeke. And the list goes on as i go through this phase. I love my life.

Aug 6, 2009

The salesman

I recall one funny conversation i had few months ago. Salesman: Mana mamak kau? Me: Dia tiada sudah. (mum lost her battle with cancer 8 yrs ago) Salesman: bila dia pulang tu ah? Apparently this fella doesnt know the difference btwn 'tiada' and 'tiada sudah', and i have no intention to give any languange lesson or whatsoever to him, so instead this is what i replied. Me: dia nda pulang rumah lagi tuh. (wakakakakakakakakaka panjang ketawa sy) Salesman: bah ok. (dont know whether he gets it or not,or perhaps he feels he's been punk'ed) Funny man. I can be very kurang hasam too sometime, you dont want to be my friend when that happens. :D

Jul 29, 2009


1. Biarpun kau berotak, belum tentu lagi kau tu berakal. Peduli la kau ada ijazah-whateva-class mcm taik.
2. Peduli lah siapa yg duluan makan garam, kalau kau gagal mau faham maksud "HORMAT" maka kau tidak berhak utk di HORMATI oleh sesiapa pun. Oleh itu sy mau menyeru la sama kamu yg kena hina, kena guna, kena degrade oleh orang yg kunun 'lebih awal makan garam', sila lah humban tu kotak garam pegi muka dorang dan cakap 'KAU TIADA HAK MAU BUAT BEGITU DGN SY BIARPUN KAU TUA KEREPOT". Okok i'm being emo but seriously, dont bother. Jangan peduli. Tiada lagi balasan yg lebih menyakitkan hati bila somebody bercakap banyak mcm si taik tapi lastly no one cares. Dont feed their needs to be superior. 3. Kau manusia, allow urself to get mad at people. Jgn kau jadi gila mau jadi orang baik saja sana. haha apa punya cakapan ni. Yang penting jangan kau simpan saja dalam hati then at the end, kau pegi timbak mati semua orang dirumah. 4. Kau tidak payah berusaha mau buat orang lain suka akan diri engkau. eceh. Ada certain orang, kau tiada buat apa apa pun tapi dia mau pegi benci benci suda kau, mcm kau berhutang 10juta sama dia. Ada aku kesah?? Memetik tagline cak cak Azwan Ali. My intention is merely to purge, toxic is bad for health.

Jul 22, 2009

It's coming

Since my birthday is coming, i have a sudden thought about 1 tag that i've done not so long ago; about what i wish/want on my birthday. And since i barely update my blog for few months, searching that particular post isn't a big fuss. This is the tag. So let's have a reality check now. I wrote: On my 24th birthday this year, i want (to): 1. buy a new decent cellphone- bought one. SE cybershot phone :D 2. buy that camera- and by 'that' i mean Nikon p5100. Not a necessity,my heart still beats without it :D Sekejap seja sy suka kau Nikon, i dont want you anymore. :D 3. get a new job.- got one, and i bet y'all already know :D 4. start forgiving.- trying, i guess i've let go some of the emotional baggage from the past. 5. stay slim *ehem and cellulite free.- My last year's jeans still fit on me so how's that? kekeke. 6. save more $ for Nov and Dec 'occasions'.- There's a major change on that, only 1 plan is going to happen. So yes, I'm in my saving $$ process, for that occasion and the future. 7. insured myself, my prev insurance has reached tempoh matang. yeay!- I havent done this yet, any suggestions? :D It's funny when the car is insured but the driver isnt. *facepalm* 8. get a full body checkup- i havent done this too,yet. hehehehe. FYI as yet,i havent catch either fever or flu,i guess the vit C intake is really helping big time. I believe some of the wants in the list arent attainable in short term,in fact i still have lots of desires to be please which are feasible but it surely takes time. Nonetheless, most importantly i should be happy now, or never. I know i am. A quote that's worth sharing, i found it in my friend's Facebook profile. wakakaka.
All we have is this moment, right here, right now. The future is just a f-ing concept that we use to avoid being alive today. So, be here now.
Cheers ;)

Jul 9, 2009


I want to live a better life, but i should cut the dramas in the first place, and start loving myself more. Sigh.

Jul 6, 2009

Love your body. Love yourself.

Hello mates! I'm still alive and kicking, and doing fine, and still in current with your blog updates, some :P I've so many stories lining up,waiting to be told but i can tell that afterward once i've finish telling you my to-date passion: Belly dance. I've been joining the class for a month in 1 fitness and i cant find any reason to quit, yet. I've been watching belly dance elements in Shakira's music vid and initially i thought the dance is mainly about moving your hips up and down, side to side, and undulating the body and all that are undeniably sexy.
Until i learn exactly the proper ways to do the so called ' moving your hips up and down, side to side, and undulating the body'. As a starter, there is a basic posture for any movements; bend the knees,tuck in the belly, chest to front, shoulder straight, and start working out the core muscles bebeh! And if you're interested, maybe u can try hip snap and hip bump as start, that were my first belly dance basic moves as well. There's no way i'm attending the class and not feeling sexy. I've fall in love with my body! And no matter how many times people told me 'kau ni kurus', they can repeat that for infinity times, i dont care. And if anyone thinks that this dance is merely to allure the guy, well it's understandable but dont they, the belly dancers should possess some sense of sexiness in themselves and the sexiness itself will potray in their movements. From inner to outer, yes? Just to acknowledge the presence of sexiness in me is awesome. How can i not loving myself? ;) So can i, the 1 month old so called belly dancer encouraged my reader to learn this as well? :D By the way, i went for The Body Shop make over in 1B last saturday. It cost only RM35, and you can redeem TBS product worth RM20.
*pic deleted ;)*
An evidence of how make up can do wonder. hahaha. The photog make me do that pose, luckily it turn out well, verified by few babes in the make up team oukay, i'm not perasan :D. This is the pic that i want to see when i turn 70 with wrinkles all over my skin plus the nyanyuk. hahaha. Ok, i need to stop laughing now. So people, be merry with your life! :)

May 20, 2009

Mobile blogging & musim mangga

Sila cicah hirisan mangga muda ke dalam sambal seperti gambar diatas. Sekian.

Apr 30, 2009

Today's thought

In the end, its these small things that you remember, the little imperfections that make them perfect for you. So to my beautiful children, i hope one day you too find yourself life partners who are as beautifully imperfect as your father was to me.

Apr 28, 2009


I'm going to ditch that title in another 2 days, and strangely i feel good, i even cant wait. ha ha ha ha eh terlebeh sudah. I'm going to work as a research assistant cum master student, and that is so heavenly cool due to the fact that i'm going to earn money while studying, plus the research that i'm going to work on happens to be my postgrad's research too. Killing two birds with a stone,yes? Then i've been advised to apply for ums' scholarship which i believe i can obtain it, ok i'm being optimistic here but yea, tell me who can resist free study fee plus monthly allowance? I've worked hard during my undergraduate studies,so i know i deserve that kind of privilige ;) So the work transition period is going to be 1 month, hence May is solely mine. Siok oo cuti. Amat siok oo. And oh, 1Borneo is soon to have a gym! 1 fitness I remember complaining why on earth la teda gym di 1b yg gigantic itu and then now ada suda, yeah! Girang hati ku. I've already sign up as a member for the cost of rm99 + monthy fees for 3 months (rm99x3) which gives total to RM 396. That is the pre opening price, the gym will start operating on May and lot of classes are going to be conduct there ex. yoga, pilates, belly dancing, aerobic etc. Uh best! So, am i about to see any of my blogger friend there? he he he.

Apr 23, 2009

If i cant have you

I went gaga over this man last night. A D A M L A M B E R T Lambert's rendition of if i cant have you is a first-rate, as if that song is only yet exist. Youtube here [song only] "Don’t know why I’m surviving every lonely day When there’s got to be no chance for me My life would end and it doesn’t matter how I cry My tears of love are a waste of time If I turn away am I strong enough to see it through Go crazy is what I will do

If I can’t have you, I don’t want nobody baby If I can’t have you , I can’t have you I don’t want nobody baby, if I can’t have you "

Let's hope Lambert wont end up getting the same fate as Doolitle.

Apr 15, 2009

Gone but not forgotten

3 wants to conduct a big birthday party at 'his' house, so he invites all of his number-friends except his rival, number 8. The no 8 fella is very upset with that and he insists to attend that party regardless of the consequences. So on the day of that party, no 3 is greeting all of his guests until he see no 8. "I didnt invite you no 8, why are you here?" Then no. 8 replied, "No no, i'm not no. 8. I'm 0, it's just that i'm wearing belt" -_-" *********************************************************************************** I was saddened over the message that i received last morning, telling, 'God has put him to eternal rest.' And he is none other than the one who told us the above joke during lecture, 3 years ago. My condolences to late Dr. Harimi's family. May his soul rest in peace.

Apr 8, 2009


I might going back to to pursue my postgrad studies and do these kind of stuffs in future.
By next week, i should know which research that i'm about to carry out. If all goes well, then i'm going to bid farewell to my current job. Yes, it's going to be a full time mode of study. Till then ;)

Apr 5, 2009

An undue tag

Purse tag from Izan 1. Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your purse. 2. Introduce your purse brand, price and where u buy. B.U.M Equipment. After discount it worth rm60+. Gift from BF. 3. Take out whatever is inside your purse. IC. Driver's license. Atm cards. My business card, bf's one too. Eon, bonus link and some membership cards . Ex-ums student card. Calendar. the pic of us. passport size pics. Cash RM61. 4. Tagged other 7 person. Passed. 5. Comment on your friend's (who tagged u) purse. Izan's: kecik and very convenient. Boleh muat dalam jeans.

Apr 1, 2009

Of robbery, and tags.

Yea,and that isnt April fool story.
Early this morning i came to office, and surprised to see the main door isnt locked, as well as my room. I wasn't in the office for the past 2 days, so i dont know who's coming to the office and careless enough to leave the door unlock. I know it wasnt some careless act when i see the ceilings are open, and that's how the robber(s) get to enter the room. So now my office got these wayar berjuntai disana sini. As for the main door, the robber(s) break it to enter. I can see the kesan of maybe screwdriver/knife. Luckily the robber(s) didnt get to take anything from the office, although they already gathered the things that they want. Terlampau berat or maybe sebab tiada transportation :P But still, a police report need to be lodge and then they came and take all the suspect(s) thumbprints. CSI on actions yo. hehe. I dont feel safe working here *sigh, hopefully the new lock is effective enough to prevent this to happen again.
hmmmmm... Ok, so i feel like doing the tags and awards pada hari ini. Meme-Tag from Si Oiga
Where is your cell phone............on the table
Your father............................... is handsome and maybe tengah kurik hidung
Your favorite thing................... O.S as how Fred describe it
Your dream last night............. uh,bad one.
Your favorite drink.................. carrot juice
Your dream/goal................. to get financial freedom in advance macam si Oiga.
The room you are room?
Your fear..............................loosing my loved ones.
Where do you want to be in 6 the top of my career.
Muffin................................... chocolate di kenny rogers sungguh sedap.
One of your wish list items........Nikon p5100
Where you grew up....................Lahad Datu
The last thing you did................membelai rambut sendiri
What are you wearing................long pants, blouse
Your TV.................................aged more than 7 years and still working excellently
Your pets..............................i only have a cat
Your 3 y.o toshiba satelite lappy, still alive and kicking..haha
Your great and i view it optimistically.
Your mood...........................happy..yeay!
Missing someone....................i do.
Your car...............................from Proton
Favorite store.........................Survey over Giant.
Your great, i get tanned all over my bodeh (in my dream)
Your favorite
When is the last time you laughed....few minutes ago
Last time you cried.....................few weeks ago, during watching marley&me.
Person who emails me.............boss
Favorite foods..............ikan masin, ikan salai, ikan goreng, bosou ikan, kepala ikan, bambangan
Place I would rather be right bedroom :D
Person I think will dear readers. Birthday wishes tag. I kinda like this one, thanks Mama Mia & Izan. The rules to comply with:- 1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday 2. The list should be 10 numbers 3. Post the image of this award in your posting 4. Give it to 10 friends of yours
On my 24th birthday this year, i want (to): 1. buy a new decent cellphone 2. buy that camera 3. get a new job. 4. start forgiving. 5. stay slim *ehem and cellulite free. 6. save more $ for Nov and Dec 'occasions'. 7. insured myself, my prev insurance has reached tempoh matang. yeay! 8. get a full body checkup 9. - 10.- I rarely tag people and this time, i'm going to break the rule. I'm tagging: Claire Bennet, C.Alv.B, AnnieMing, Gracie, Kuai, Esther, Juend, Step_hanie, Traciee, Oiga Happy Answering ;)

Mar 26, 2009

tolong tolong!!

Tolong selamatkan saya dari kelawakan dan kegilaan video ini..haha -Timbak! -Tumbukan Padu Maut! -Itu teknik satria baja hitam tu! -Ya,Sia nampak di tv baitu.. -Bah macam mana?Kita mau timbak ka ini? -Bah,Boleh ba kalau kau! -Pistul basar! -Flash Kuning!Sasaran! -BAH! -Flash Kuning!Apa ko tingu tu? -Singkulai malai puntut!Buli timbak suda! -OK!Meriam Laser Cahaya Maut! -Eh,malas o sia kamu ni…

Movie week

..and this week shall be it. hehe. I went to GSC 1B last night and watched this: Race to Witch Mountain
Race to Witch Mountain is a Disney based film,i suppose you should know what to expect. It started off with an UFO berterbangan and end up crashed somewhere in Sin City. We know how much the authorities love the UFO thingy hence upon knowing the crash si ketua authority, Burke immediately setting up parameter to seal the crash site. They cant find the 'aliens' but they manage to find the spaceship, and keep it at secret location named Witch Mountain, hence the title. In other scene, as Jack Bruno (Dwayne aka ex-the rock) the cabbie is about to drive off, he is taken aback to see two average looking kids (which is actually the aliens) out of nowhere sitting at the backside of his cab. They offer him a large amount of $ to reach their destinations. Being a typical taxi driver, it's too good to refuse thus he agreed. Then the adventure begins. he he he. This movie obviously targets the kids as their main viewer. The aliens are cute looking kids, there are no blood shed despite the car crash and gunshots, the bad ppl lose the good ones win. So tag ur family/kids/adik/bapa/nenek along to watch this. Marley and Me ( i watched this one few weeks ago, but masih fresh in my mind) I know this is sooo yesterday punya cerita so i believe most of you had watched this. Upon watching suffice to say, i laugh hard and i cry hard as well. I never pet a dog in my whole life but in some-weird-how i can relate to that. After watching the movies, i went to Harris and find the book LOL! From the book i get to know that few years after Marley died, Grogan move on and pet another female labrador. And i manage to find this as well. Marley's Eulogy written by Grogan. Here. tsk tsk tsk. Ok enough of that, i want to move on suda ni. So this week, there are 3 movies to look forward to. Taken. Starring Liam Nelson (God Bless his wife's soul) Knowing. Starring Nicholas Cage 12 rounds. Starring John Cena the wrestler As much as i love DVD, i believe these movies are better watch in cinema. hehe. See you in GSC 1B!

Mar 19, 2009

You might not see me

..but i can see you
Credit: Cuteoverload I'm not busy, yet i'm not sinfully free. Thanks for dropping by regardless of the lack of updates :)

Mar 12, 2009

Lawak sejenak.

Read from left to right. Dont try to be extraordinary. Click to enlarge. Itu siput mmg fail!

Today's thought

Too many people spend money they havent earned, to buy things they dont want, to impress people they dont like- Will Smith

Mar 10, 2009

Our very own artiste

The Divine Master- Disamping mu Mia Palencia- Call Waiting Mia Palencia- Sayang More of her musics, click here

Mar 5, 2009

Gewd thursday~

As much as i love cats, i too, love that kind of catxpression. ha ha. Happy Thursday :) Ok now i'm off to lunch.

Mar 3, 2009

Crazy over CSI LV Season 9

My last weekend is dedicated to CSI Las Vegas Season 9, been watching 10 episodes excluding 2 epis which i've already watched at AXN. I'm not going to say much, nanti kamurang nda mau tengok lagi. Just so you know,Warrick is not the only one who's going to be replace..jeng jeng jeng.
The CSI crime cat lab investigator

Feb 27, 2009

Happy Friday :)

There's no soul ever fail to ask me "Bila kau mau kawin?". So as usual i would've answer them "Lama lagi bah", or "Awal lagi bah ni", or paling kejam pun i would say "kau gila ka mau kawin awal". hahaha. Or maybe next time if people ask me that, i should answer "Oh saya suda kawin bulan lalu, tapi saya tidak jemput kau." he he he he. As someone that involves in a serious r'ship, of course i want it to end with marriage. I'm not a lesbo afterall. So here goes the wedding tag from Nadia
1. How old are you? 23 tahun, 7 bulan, 3 hari 2. Are you single? Tidak sama sekali. 3. At what age do you think you’ll get married? 30, but i dont think Fred would let me stay single that long. haha. 4. Do you think you’ll marrying the person you are with now? Of course. If it isnt, i'd rather stay single. 5. If not, who do you want to marry? Justin Timberlake. 6. Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman? Mana boleh kasitau. 7. Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding? Garden wed :) 8. Where do you plan to go on honeymoon? I have lots in mind. Cant decide. 9. How many guests do you think you’ll invite? Excluding families, i think it would be less than 100. 10.Will that include your exes? No,buat apa juga jemput dia. haha. 11.How many layers of cake do you want? I dont want the conventional cake. Sy mau cupcakes for my wedding. kecil, comel, convenient. Tidak payah lagi mau potong, tinggal makan seja. 12.When do you want to get married, morning or evening? Morning lah,so that i have lots of time in the evening. 13.Name the song/tune you’d like to play at your wedding. Shania Twain's You're still the one. Just bring someone to play the guitar and i'll definitely sing. Atau pun Search's Fantasia bulan madu, Fred selalu nyanyi tu utk sy. hehe. 14.Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork/knife? Normal one will do lah. Tidak mau knife, nanti ada orang bertikam selepas mabuk. 15.Champagne or red wine? Red wine. kalau ada tapai, lagi bagus. hehe 16.Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding? Days after. 17.Money or household items? Money,more convenient. Tidak payah mau bungkus2 tu duit. 18.How many kids would you like to have? Four. Si. Empat. 19.Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD? I wont, nanti jadi macam kes CSLek. hahahahaha. 20. Whose wedding plan would you like to know next? Jessica Biel..Angelina Jolie..Oprah.. Happy weekend!

Feb 24, 2009

How to handle the green-eyed monster

Jealousy among female friends is common, so common till i find it lame to talk or even write about it. But since their population is increasing exponentially day by day, i have the sudden urge to write about this. One character of jealousy people that i sense is, they always hunger for details. Dont feed them.
When detail isn't provided, she becomes presumptuous which consequently enable her to compose a ridiculous tale to defame you. To make it more dramatic and convincing, she will hire few kepoh ah soh to multiple the actions and to find one is easy, since the ratio of kepoh: non kepoh is 100:1 You think you live in peace, until the tale comes to your knowledge. Stay sane. You dont want to involve in a pig fight, both gets dirty but the pig likes it more. Silence is golden. You know everything is untrue so dont bother to deny. Quoting Eleanor Roosevelt "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". Therefore, if you have succeed to stay unaffected and excel in your work, that is going to be the greatest counter attack ever. It's possible, someone prove it.
This one .jpeg is dedicated to you. p/s perempuan memang suka tengok boobs perempuan lain.

Feb 23, 2009

Guess the songs' title yo: Answers~~

Here's the answer for guess the song game. 1. I dont know what i'd do baby if i lost you- Los Lonely Boys: More than love 2. A girl went back to Napoli because she missed the scenery- Rosemary Clooney: Mambo Italiano 3. I used to rule the world seas would rise when i gave the word- Coldplay: Viva La Vida 4. I lose control because of you babe- Scorpion: You and I 5. I would have given you all of my heart but that someone has torn it apart- Sheryl Crow: First cut is the deepest 6. There is freedom within there is freedom without- Dont dream it's over 7. My heart says we got something real can i trust the way i feel- Coco Lee: Before i fall in love 8. I bless the day i found you i want to stay around you- The Everly Brothers :Let it be me 9. Why does the sun go on shining why does the sea rush to shore- Skeeter Davis :End of world 10. Take me as i am put you hand in mine now and forever- Chicago: Will you still love me 11. Dont you worry i dont mean to make you sad- 911: The day we find love 12. When I was young I never needed anyone- Air Supply/Celine Dion: All by myself 13. Another day has gone i'm still all alone- Mikael Jackson..LOL: You're not alone 14. Some dreams live on in time forever- Gloria Estefan: Reach 15. I'm sitting here in a boring room it's just another rainy sunday afternoon- Fools Garden: Lemon Tree 16. Threw some chords together the combination D E F- Natasha Bedingfield: These words 17. When you have no one to guide you and no one to walk beside you- Hanson: I will come to you 18. You're a song written by the hands of God- Shakira: Underneath your clothes 19. If i fall along the way picked me up and dust me off- Macthbox 20: Bent 20. It's all because of you i'm feeling sad and blue- 4pm: Sukiyaki 21. I was so high i could not recognize the fire burning in her eyes- Maroon 5: This love 22. I lie awake at night see things in black and white- M2M: pretty boy 23. Mencintaimu seumur hidupku selamanya- Kris Dayanti: Mencintaimu 24. Time i've been passing time watching trains go by all of my life- Stephen Bishop: It might be you 25. We'll do it all anything on our own- Snow Patrol: Chasing cars 26. I wanna be with you gotta be with you need to be with you- Mary J. Blige: Be without you 27. You know i cant smile without you cant smile without you- Barry Manilow: I cant smile without you 28. Seindah tiada lagi kau ku ingatkan sayang kau hilang- Carefree/Innuendo: Belaian Jiwa 29. Nobody gets too much heaven no more- BeeGees: Too much heaven 30. There was nothing to say the day she left- Indecent Obsession :Fixing a broken heart 31. Let's start this over it's not like we're dead- Avril Lavigne: Happy Ending 32. I was standing all alone against the world outside- Eagle: Love will keep us alive 33. Demi cintaku padamu kemana pun kau kan ku bawa- Search: fantasia bulan madu 34. I know they say if you love somebody you should set them free- Ronan Keating: Long Goodbye 35. They ask me how i knew my true love was true- The Platters: Smoke gets in your eyes 34. Dont go changing to try to please me- Billy Joel: Just the way you are 35. I kinda thought that i'd be better off by myself- Joss Stone: Spoil 36. Count backwards 54321 before you get to heated and turned on- Kylie Minogue: Red blooded woman 37. What kind of girl you like i know my looks can be deceiving- Mya: My love is like woah 38. I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons babe- PCD: Buttons 39. All my life i've been searching for somethin' somethin' never comes- Foo Fighters: All my life 40. I guess it's time for me to give up- Take That: back for good 41. At last my love has come along- Celine Dion: At last 42. Do you really want me am i really special- Robyn: Do you really want me 43. Welcome to the planet welcome to existence- Switchfoot: Dare you to move 44.This is a call to a colourblind this is an IOU- John Mayer: Bigger than my body 45. We got the afternoon you got this room for two- John Mayer: Your body is a wonderland 46. If you miss the train i'm on you will know that i am gone- 500miles 47. So you sailed away into a grey sky morning- Vertical Horizon: Best i ever had 48. When the night has come and the land is dark- Stand by me 49. To really love a woman to understand her- Bryan Adam: Have you ever really loved a woman? 50. I'm a big big girl in a big big world- Emilia: Big big world Here's the stats: Greg: Attempts- 19, Correct answers- 16 Claire : Attempts- 25, Correct answers- 20 Daniel: Attempts- 29, Correct answers- 29 Markie: Attempts- 17, Correct answers- 17 Belle: Attempts- 12, Correct answers- 9 Songs that are left unguess 1. I dont know what i'd do baby if i lost you- Los Lonely Boys: More than love 2. A girl went back to Napoli because she missed the scenery- Rosemary Clooney: Mambo Italiano 3. I used to rule the world seas would rise when i gave the word- Coldplay: Viva La Vida 25. We'll do it all anything on our own- Snow Patrol: Chasing cars 26. I wanna be with you gotta be with you need to be with you- Mary J. Blige: Be without you 36. Count backwards 54321 before you get to heated and turned on- Kylie Minogue: Red blooded woman 37. What kind of girl you like i know my looks can be deceiving- Mya: My love is like woah 39. All my life i've been searching for somethin' somethin' never comes- Foo Fighters: All my life 41. At last my love has come along- Celine Dion: At last 42. Do you really want me am i really special- Robyn: Do you really want me 44.This is a call to a colourblind this is an IOU- John Mayer: Bigger than my body 47. So you sailed away into a grey sky morning- Vertical Horizon: Best i ever had

Feb 19, 2009

Of Valkyrie and SPRM

Ok, so yesterday i've attended a course at block A Federal building, the one adjacent to UMS. The building, i must say is pathetic with capital P ok. I dont feel safe walking around, piling is all over the place, the tiles are cracking here and there..aduh aduh..enough said.
Ironically, the course that i've attend related to that field as well. The course is divided into 4 parts, each parts is presented by people from different agencies. Among those four, i love the presentation from BPR the most because he's hillarious BPR is currently known as Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia and this SPRM is no longer under the control of PM, but YDPAgong. And upon saying that, the presenter smile and said something like 'kalau suda di bawah Agong,faham faham la kan..mati lah yg ehem ehem'..All of us laugh, you dont need a degree to understand that. The presenter is an undercover SPRM agent, hense his presentation is mainly about the kind offences that we tend to do that he has witnessed for god-knows how many times. And his slides are full with sarcasm..ha ha..i loike. At the end of the day i can say that course is well conduct, the presenters are great, i must admit this is the only govt course that i enjoyed much....yet! ha ha. The experiences and knowledge that i gain are absolutely going to help me this saturday. he he. Right after the course, me and my gf went to 1B to watch Valkyrie. The storyline is based on true story, mainly about the plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler and consequently bring down his Nazi regime. Who's the mastermind behind the plan? Do they succeed? I'm not telling..This movie is very much about war, but not the 300-like of war. You should see how commited these people in killing the moustache man, and how intimidating the bomb worked back then. urgh! Seriously people, this movie is able to make me scared of Hitler. Or perhaps i immerse myself too much in it? Crazy Hitler.

Feb 17, 2009

Guess the songs' title yo~

Quoting Greg ' this isnt a tag, it's a game' sengihnampakgigi I first saw it in Daniel's blog, best la ini game. Come let's play.
"Just guess the song title and artist for each song. It’s the first line of the song. I’ll cross out the song that has been guessed correctly. After a week On Monday 23rd, I’ll post up the answers of the songs that were not guessed." And yeah NO google-ing please
1. I dont know what i'd do baby if i lost you 2. A girl went back to Napoli because she missed the scenery 3. I used to rule the world seas would rise when i gave the word 4. I lose control because of you babe 5. I would have given you all of my heart but that someone has torn it apart 6. There is freedom within there is freedom without 7. My heart says we got something real can i trust the way i feel 8. I bless the day i found you i want to stay around you 9. Why does the sun go on shining why does the sea rush to shore 10. Take me as i am put you hand in mine now and forever 11. Dont you worry i dont mean to make you sad 12. When I was young I never needed anyone 13. Another day has gone i'm still all alone 14. Some dreams live on in time forever 15. I'm sitting here in a boring room it's just another rainy sunday afternoon 16. Threw some chords together the combination D E F 17. When you have no one to guide you and no one to walk beside you 18. You're a song written by the hands of God 19. If i fall along the way picked me up and dust me off 20. It's all because of you i'm feeling sad and blue 21. I was so high i could not recognize the fire burning in her eyes 22. I lie awake at night see things in black and white 23. Mencintaimu seumur hidupku selamanya 24. Time i've been passing time watching trains go by all of my life 25. We'll do it all anything on our own 26. I wanna be with you gotta be with you need to be with you 27. You know i cant smile without you cant smile without you 28. Seindah tiada lagi kau ku ingatkan sayang kau hilang 29. Nobody gets too much heaven no more 30. There was nothing to say the day she left 31. Let's start this over it's not like we're dead 32. I was standing all alone against the world outside 33. Demi cintaku padamu kemana pun kau kan ku bawa 34. I know they say if you love somebody you should set them free 35. They ask me how i knew my true love was true 34. Dont go changing to try to please me 35. I kinda thought that i'd be better off by myself 36. Count backwards 54321 before you get to heated and turned on 37. What kind of girl you like i know my looks can be deceiving 38. I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons babe 39. All my life i've been searching for somethin' somethin' never comes 40. I guess it's time for me to give up 41. At last my love has come along 42. Do you really want me am i really special 43. Welcome to the planet welcome to existence 44.This is a call to a colourblind this is an IOU 45. We got the afternoon you got this room for two 46. If you miss the train i'm on you will know that i am gone 47. So you sailed away into a grey sky morning 48. When the night has come and the land is dark 49. To really love a woman to understand her 50. I'm a big big girl in a big big world

Feb 12, 2009

The M tag!

I usually dont fancy doing tag, but i just cant resist myself to do this. And yeah, i senderey tag myself after seeing kadusmama's version..ha ha. Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have fun! 1. What is your name? Mell 2. A four letter word: Many 3. A boy's name: Mike 4. A girl's name: Moon..ha ha 5. An occupation: Mechanical Engineer 6. A color: Merah Membara 7. Something you wear: Mbra..ha ha 8. A food: Macaroni pizza 9. Something found in the bathroom: My toothpaste..haha 10. A place: Menggatal kk..hahahaha 11. A reason for being late: Mabuk..ha not me 12. Something you shout: Muduh kau sana!! 13. A movie title: Mama Mia 14. Something you drink: Milo 15. A musical group: Mama Mia cast...haha..I considered them as one. 16. A street name: Menggatal Street..ok ok, i made that up..ha ha 17. A type of car: Mustang 18. A song title: My Valentine 19. A verb: Munch Thanks kadusmama..i love your answer no 9..kaki lipas patah..hahaha.

Feb 9, 2009

Oh monday..

Tagged by Minsulod and Beck. Six random things about me:
1. I've lost many people in my life which ultimately deviates my traditional thoughts about death. Death is of course inevitable thus i dont see the point of squeezing my tears out on something that i cannot change, instead i should feel sorry for not knowing them well enough, and of how human memories deteriorate with 2. I'm an optimist, or perhaps i can say, i choose to be that instead of its antonym. I believe the way we think will affect our life hence, before you blame anything or anywho on how bad your life's treating you, might as well point that question to you first! I just dont get it when some people make fun on certain things that make certain people happy, if your life isnt as good as ours, then deal with it like an adult. Eat your heart out for as long as you want while we are enjoying our good life as how we want it! 3. I'm not easy to handle with, regardless of my look. I'm a very good example of 'dont judge a book by its freaking cover'. People with the habit of assuming people is utterly disgusting. Please, get a life already! 4. Despite of what i've wrote from 1-3, i'm in a good mood. 5. I'm very much a homely type of person. 6. I dont fancy tagging people so,this tag die on me oh yeah!

Feb 2, 2009

Simplicity at its best!

I'm using the classic template, minima which you can find easily in the blogger's default templates. I made some changes too; i've extend the width, i've remove the border of the blog title and insert some colours. I want to make it 3 columns albeit i might not fully utilise the space (ha ha) but the lazy bugs dont want to get off me, hence i just have to make do with 2-columns only lah.
And currently, i got this chalazion on my left eye. And if you must say i am peeping anyone, then i would definitely answer 'YES,i am! I even captured the videos, wanna see?!' Duhh.
Chalazion says hello to world. ha ha.
It's less painful today, but sure it's getting the very very mostest ugliest everyday but yeah, it'll recover soon. So friends, if i turn down your outing invitations, please dont be mad ok? Later i got lots of attention than you people, then how lah? ha ha. Anyway, happy monday. Monday is innocent, dont hate 'em.

Jan 30, 2009


I'm craving for new layout for my blog. ha ha ha ha. The current layout bikin slow my page to finish loading. I already got one in my mind, will do it in near time. And oh, i accidentally deleted the links. Jangan kecil hati tuan2 dan puan2, yours truly will re-link y'all one by one. Happy weekend!

Nah,pic spams

While i was in the land of hornbill.. The cat statue in Padungan roundabout. Welcome to miaw miaw land. Sungai Batang Lupar. Bujang Senang lives there. kidding. he he. The landmark of Sarikei. You'll find delicious mee udang, mee kampua and foo chow foods here. Sungai Rajang. Taken in Bintangor. The landmark of Bintangor. And the speciality? Rojak buah. RM2.20 Mee kampua. The apek replaced the mee to mee Sanggul. erkk.. "No camera pliz!", seyz the dog. Happy friday!

Jan 29, 2009

When i edit photo..

During uni's life, i never fancy the multimedia's subject which includes photoshop and macromedia. I'm very much into numbers, theories, formula and all that utilizes the left brain function. So unsurprisingly i ended up getting C+ for that subject. Little did i know, that kind of skill can actually boost my resume..ha ha. Padan muka tidak belajar bagus bagus!
So lately i've been trying to recall all the editing techniques, thanks to youtube and some online tutorials. ha ha. But yeah, i still consider myself as newbie and i wont put that skill in my resume yet. ha ha ha. My first exercise is to change this pic: Into this:
So now that dog can apply for passport already. *and please note that no dog is harm during the process. I know there are some flaws in that pic hence practice absolutely makes perfect. I'm targeting my own cat after this but only if she wants to give me a straight-posture pose. Cat can be moody too, you know.

Jan 28, 2009


As i was blog hopping few weeks ago, i stumble upon this post which makes me go "ya, ya, ya, true...". I bookmarked it for i know i'll need it someday. And today, i read that post again. At times of trial, these ease me.
" If Man was created in God’s image, and if all men are created equal, why do people treat each other so badly? Each person who enters our life has a unique lesson to teach us. And it is only through these lessons that we learn about life, people, relationships and GOD. When someone holds a grudge against you it teaches you that everyone makes mistakes. When you are wronged, the most virtuous thing you can do is forgive the offender without pretense. Forgiving those who have hurt us is the most difficult and courageous thing Man can do. When someone mocks you it teaches you that no two people are alike. When you encounter people who are different from you, don’t judge them by how they look or act; instead base your opinion on the contents of their heart. When someone steals from you it teaches you that nothing is forever. Always appreciate that you have, for you never know when you might lose it. And never, ever take your friends and family for granted because today is the only guarantee you have. When someone breaks your heart it teaches you that loving someone does not always mean that person will love you back. But don’t turn your back on love because when you find the right person, the joy that one person brings will make up for all the past hurts put together. When someone lies to you it teaches you that things are not always as they seem. The truth is often far beneath the surface. Look beyond the masks people wear if you want to know their heart. And remove your own masks to let people know yours. When a loved one is unfaithful to you it teaches you that resisting temptation is Man’s greatest challenge. Be vigilant in your resistance against all temptation. By doing so you will be rewarded with an enduring sense of satisfaction far greater than the temporary pleasure by which you were tempted.

When someone ridicules you it teaches you that nobody is perfect. Accept people for their merits and be tolerant of their flaws. Do not ever reject someone for imperfections over which they have no control.

For every good deed, there is one less evil deed. Man alone has the power to control the balance between good and evil, but because the lessons of love are not taught often enough, the power is too often abused. "

..and so did their sayings.

Jan 23, 2009


Gambar selingan :)
You have no reason to feel down today coz it's Free-day! yihhhhaaa.. Enjoy your holiday people.

Jan 22, 2009

Trip to Sarawak

Yay! Bf just called me. He offered me a fully paid trip to his hometown. Ngeh.. ngeh... Thanks to bf and airasia. Till then, wait for my pic spam... sia pergi Sarawak.. yeyeh

Jan 19, 2009

Monday pink'es'

I love good music, and it doesn't have to be voice by any particular band/singer etc. In fact i dont have any fav artist or whatsoever. As long as it sounds good to my distinct ear (haha!), i'm on to it man. Last night's AJL was surprisingly great, i mean the result. When most people predicted FT to bring home the title, this indie band MeetUncleHussein brings unhappy end to their hopes. I just love when things dont go predictably man. I luurrrrve! MeetUncleHussein-Lagu Untukmu in AJL (in youtube) And since TheKillers was mentioned 'the inspiration' of that winning song, i guess i can tell which TheKiller song it is. Mr. Brightside? No? Nevermind. Anyway, i'm in the process of finding new jobs, and i'll stick to my field. So yeah, that'll be my first official resolution of this year. Ok,i shall leave you people with this song. Lighten up by imagining Paris Hilton singing that song. bwahahahahahahahahaha. She's indeed a great subject for humor. I am mean, i know. Lunch time!

Jan 15, 2009

All about me!

I've been tagged by AnnieMing. I appear first in your tagged-list, a very interesting creature i am huh? LOL! Here goes the 5 things You might- and-dont know about me.
Cats and Mell
The relation is obvious but little did people know that i believe, i was born as a cat in my past life. Regardless of their wrongdoings towards me; accidentally giving birth on my freaking bed, scratch me viciously out of sudden, spontaneously climb up to my table and lick my freaking Milo in my mug, miaw-ing crazily out of my bedroom to enter and a minute after i let them in, they miaw-ing again to get out, etc etc, i just cant lose my temper on them. As if i've known them for a lifetime, thus whatever shit they are creating i just make do with it. Snakes and Mell I dont hate them, i just dont want to be near them including anak ular. eeee..I saw one in 1borneo Rainforest yesterday. For only rm10, you'll get a pose with the freaking snake. Bah pigi lah kalau mau. I get confuse with my origin
I was born in KK, brought up in Lahad Datu, my parent's kg is at Ranau, and currently staying in KK. So if people were to ask me, 'kau orang mana?', what should be the answer? help me. Diet and Me I never use that verb in my 23 years of living coz my weight never exceed 46kg. I'm of the same height as Kristen Bell. Go figure. I'm a tag breaker ..hence i wont pass this tag to anyone.

Jan 13, 2009

Oh Saga..

Like yesterday, it's raining again in KK. I went through today's weather forecast, this wont cease till Saturday. Hmmmm... Anyway, i know this blog is lack of updates. It doesnt simply mean i'm busy. It's just that i dont have anything to post yet i dont want to try hard to make one. LOL. However i have to tell you people about my 1st time car service in Proton edar at Kolombong. No i dont have any issues with the people working there but it's proton. The car has reached 3000km when i decided to send it for service. 2k km in excess but this new Saga still serving me well. We use this car to Sandakan, and i think dad only spent rm100 for fuel, going back and forth to KK that is.
So anyway, I asked dad to send my car for service as i was so occupied with 'things' on that day. I handed him the so called coupons for 'free' service and i already booked the session at 9.00am so dad wont have to wait. In short,i already settle everything, dad just have to bring the car and monitor the process.
I thought everything is alright until i received dad's call. I have to fork out RM109.61 for the lube and oil filter, as the rest are still in good condition konon. I just cant accept the way they manipulate the term 'free'. If they can give me 2 years of free road tax, then it is possible bah if they give me the so called 'free' maintenance service till 20000km, or perhaps 5000km will do lah. But guess what, only labor fee is free. I mean watefak man? Watefak?! Should have state it clearly in that service-booklet. I feel so cheated lah proton. I love the saga, and the salesman but i dont love your service,and your not-so-free term. Can you just work out on that simple thing first before selling those mpv? Haihhh....Fyi,the car will reached 5k km by the end of this month and no thanks, i wont send it to proton edar anymore.
*pic removed ;)*

Jan 7, 2009

Bila tulisan di cakar oleh ayam

RULES Write :- 1. Your name/ identification name / username etc. 2. Write anything using either your left/ right hands 3. Most favorite alphabets 4. Less favorite alphabets. 5. Write: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" 6. Tag 6 more persons/ bloggers Nah... Click to enlarge

Jan 6, 2009

2009's first tuesday

Ouch!! LOL.
Oh..tell me about it!
Can you disagree on this? LOL.
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