Apr 21, 2010

A kickstart

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."- Buddha quotes

Apr 19, 2010

Today's rambling

Start my day feeling upset over things that i cant control. Took few sips of coffee, and decided to just let things happen as it is. One day all these pieces will assemble to become a big picture, it'll make sense someday.

I purchased a dress via online last week, arrived at the same week (how fast is that!) but today only my sister manage to collect it. Bought it at Ladiesfash. Lovesssss the seller for the quick response and honesty. The dress is well describe in her blog, what i have in mind is the same as what i'm holding now :D Plus, it fits me perfectly :)

Some people are very skeptic about buying things online (guts and knowledge are needed,dont do it if you are the kind that is very consumed by negativity and impatient), and some will sarcastically ask you tiada sudah ka baju di KK ni sampai kau mau beli online?, in which i am so going to reply like this 'HALLOO, which year are you in? 1900?' haha. I get to know ladiesfash from Shoppingroll and fashionista1001 . These 2 sites do reviews on online shop of wide range of things: clothes, bags, shoes etc. They sure do update their blog in daily basis :D

Other than that, i'm very ecstatic knowing i'm doing my MSc for free. My application for pgd MOSTI is approved and i'm now waiting for the offer letter. Study fees of 2 years is covered plus, monthly allowances macam mana la sy tidak happy hehe.

Oh happy happy things,keep it coming. :D

Apr 16, 2010

9700 vs E72


This is an amateur attempt of phone review. Please be nice to me XD. 

Upon the time of writing,i havent buy any of these phone YET.

Now i'm a proud owner of Nokia E72 yeah!

My SE phone has developed this keypad problem since few months ago (which initially still bearable lah coz only keypad no 4, 5 and 7 yg ada problem). What happen is that, i need to press more times to type the huruf that i want eg. i want to type huruf I, so i should press no. 4 three times only kan but with this problem i need to press like 4-5 times to get it right.

So if i were to type ' keypad ini buruk. Sila buang sy.', with just one attempt to press it ended up like this

"jeypad ini rd buquj. Sija auang ry."

Apa laitu. cis.

Imagine i want to scold anyone using SMS, sempat lagi sy ketawa tgk tu ayat berantakan haha.

Hence i'm scouting for a new QWERTY keypad-like phone, why i chose qwerty over normal keypad phone has nothing to do with my current phone problem,i just want a variation (eh tiba2 serius)

So when it's qwerty, BB bold comes first in mind. Terlalu cantik bah utk di ignore.

 BlackBerry Bold 9700

 Nokia e72

But a BB without BIS plan is useless and being a digi user myself, if i wanna buy BB + BIS plan + 12 months contract, it'll cost me RM 1649. For 24 months, RM 1299. I dont want to opt to buy the BB and the plan separately coz it'll definitely cost more. Nokia e72 cost RM 1230. Like they say, jadilah pembeli yg bijak.

No BIS for e72 (duh..), but can rely on the GPRS/Edge or wifi for the internet access in which sufficient enough for me since i only surf using my current phone occasionally (FB and emails). I still prefer to surf internet using a lappy and broadband, very much a traditional person hence i dont see the point of signing up for the digi BIS plan for rm68/month while i have my broadband and free internet access in Uni during daytime. Apart from that,i can retain my current digi call plan which is way cheaper than using prepaid.

And the thing about Nokia that i like is that, there are lots of freeware (3rd party apps) and 'crackware' available in the internet :D

And considering the fact that i might migrate to Sarawak in future, yes i need a phone that has GPS navigation, manatau la tersesat then nda pandai cari jalan pulang. Both BB and e72 have GPS but for BB the maps support only for US and Europe and although the map is download-able, it wont work exactly as in Symbian (which is the OS for Nokia mobile phone ;)). Nokia e72 can run the ovi maps (free ovi software and maps download here but i doubt the availability for M'sia punya map) or might as well follow like most nokia users' do: install 3rd party gps software which is Garmin Mobile XT :D

For a detail comparison of Nokia e72 and BB Bold 9700, click here

By this point i guess you can predict which one i'm about to buy :D not saying that it is better than the other one but i wanna buy a phone that is fully vandalised utilized rather than using it as a tool to show off :p

Ok. Till then.

Apr 6, 2010


Stuck on this song even after few weeks watching that particular episode. I found one beautiful line that makes me wonder hard,

Imagine no possession, i wonder if you can.

In other words,can you disengage your attachment on certain physical things or perhaps, human? Having said that, i want to share one excerpt from Eckhart's brilliant book, A New Earth.

'Having'- the concept of ownership- is a fiction created by the ego to give itself solidity and permanency and make itself stand out, make itself special.

Just give it a thought my dear friends and yes, enjoy the song.

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