Jan 24, 2008

Heath Ledger RIP

The 28 year old actors was found dead in his apartment, possibly caused by the drug overdose.

I remember back then when he starred in the movie '10 thing i hate about you', us ( teenagers that time), were so insanely into this guy. Well, who doesn't? But that was before i saw him in the 'Brokeback Mountain'.

Condolences to his family. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

Jan 23, 2008

Cewek Sialan.mp3

Cap Apek-cewek sia...
BF sang this song,and i'm hooked instantly! hehe.. "Cewek sialan, kegatalan, mata duitan, mata keranjang.." Quite a statement, dont you think so?

Jan 17, 2008

Unclean system: Hives attacking!

I got hives few days after i recover from fever and associates. Hives/Urticaria is define by home-remedies as, "..... dermatological condition and is the most common form of allergy that many encounter with" It sounds common to many of you, wait until you see the real thing
hives1 hell no,this isnt me!
That was exactly i got on my legs ,arms, neck and thigh since yesterday. And it still attacking until this very moment. Cilaka oo.. I thought it must be cause by the crab meat ball that i've eaten few hours before,but it cant be la. I have no allergy to seafood all this while, so how come la pulak kan? It attacks me in any condition, be it in cold condition,warm, ada juga nih. hisssshhh.. Then i went to met the doc,and she didnt specifically mention about the cause. But she suspect there must be 'cacings' habitat in my digestion system. And the worst, i havent 'da bian' for few days! Adoiii.. I'm on meds right now,hopefully those cacings-fella will out from my system. update: I'm in good condition now,no worries :-)

Jan 13, 2008

Free from virus!!

I just recover from the fever and associates. Antibiotic is very powerful bah. Hopefully my system is clean thoroughly, or else i'll be the viruses residential again. I cant get sick right now!! K-E-N-O-T!! Assignments are pilling up, due date feels like tomorrow. Gosh, wish i have another me, or 2-other me bah. hisshhhh..

Jan 8, 2008

Love Life Secrets: Revealed!

I've been doing this since ages, and i think this one miraculously suits me well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Your Love Life Secrets Are
Looking back on your life, you will only have one true love. You're a little scarred from your past relationships, but who isn't? You expect a lot from your lover - you want the full package. You tend to be very picky. In fights, you love to debate and defend yourself. You logic prevails - or at least you'd like to think so. You have a hard time ending relationships, even if the other person says it's over.

Jan 7, 2008

My baby Elle

BF bought me a new watch today. Yihaaaaa....happy And the selection process took about 1 day plus. We bought the watch at the initial shop we went, and i remember saying to him before, ' tiada yang best disini'. Haha.. Thanks dear for the gift! Love you love

Jan 3, 2008

The 'Man' 2

Morality is overrated and that all of 'them' must be 'holier than thou'. nah nah Click here to read more

Jan 1, 2008

The 'Man'

My first reaction after watching the news aaaa?? My curiosity is triggered to the maximum after watching few 'scenes' in the news. Thanks to the internet, i discovered the identity of that so called 'actor' this morning. Curiosity can be bad sometimes evil. Nah, i thought there might be a 'no-comment' statement from him. (bah, biasa la kan. Jawapan standard kunun). Instead, i was shocked to read this Whether it was a mistake or what, credit should be given for the way he managed all those shits. Unlike most of the 2 balls creature who are so.....................................( fill in the blank session now) All the best to him!

16 min passing 2007!

Happy New Year People!
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