Apr 26, 2011


Affirmation of the day:

1. I dont want to get even with you and bring myself down to your degraded level.
2. I refuse to keep and breed this hatred for i know it's going to cost me my good health, big time.

Initially i thought i deserve an apology coz i've sustained my mental strength long enough to stand you. But now, somehow, i pity you for having trouble setting your mind at ease. Life is so short and i believe, you are still not living your life despite your age. What a waste.

Apr 25, 2011

Takoyaki at Wisma Merdeka

 RM3 per box.

3 takoyakis aka octopus ball (?)

Yummy. The taste stayed even after 2 days. Exaggerating much? Try it and let me know if this is not mutual.

Apr 20, 2011

Sabar dulu

If any of you intend to buy a tablet this year, in fact this month, hold on a while coz this year is the tablets' year. 10 hottest tablets are coming in 2011. Read it here

And this for your convenience

 source: here

In case you're thinking if i'm going to buy an ipad 2, maybe. Unarguably, the 2 competitors for Ipad 2 are Samsung galaxy tab 8.9/10.1 and Motorola Xoom. I like Ipad 2 for having an excellent battery life (not comparable to iphone ok,note that),  massive catalog of apps (verified in iphone) and practical for all age *uhuk uhuk. Plus, it will be running on ios 4.3 yo, latest upgrade from ios 4.2.7. Well, most of the tablets will be running on their latest OS version anyway. So it should be less my concern. 

Display-wise, it'll be 10'  vs 8.9' vs 7'. It's already bigger than a cellphone so who cares hahaha. I'm still keeping my e72 anyway.

I've yet to read all the preliminary reviews, will do that when most of the tablets are launched and reviewed by the owner. So know kumpul duit dulu gegegege.

*Mental note: Ipad 2 teda usb port and only 512mb of RAM dang. Betul2 a turn off.

Apr 19, 2011

Attachment issues

I believe this issue exist in every forms of relationship. When i went to my second home in Kuching, my dad would ask me everyday 'bila kau mau balik?'. He asked the same question a day before and will ask again the day after, mind you. The same goes to my youngest bro and my eldest sister, same meaning behind the question but different variations in tone, 'kau ni tidak mau balik2 suda ka'. For goat sake, i'm in my husband's house bah, my future home! 

As much as i'm irritated by the questionssss, i never have heart to utter the latter to them because i'm aware of their attachment to me. It has not been an issue as well, just that i have to tahan hati answering their repeated questions. Plus, their relationship with my husband goes well. 
In short, they are attached to me but not up to the point where they are so desperate for attentions thus creating a scene against him or me just to get one.


My advice to couples who plan to wed, please be aware of this attachment issue among your family and your partner's family. Recognize those who possess a deep attachment to you/ your partner. Show them you will always be there and nothing is going to change. A simple gesture like, kasi top up rm30 to your siblings' phones like what i did to my sister in Sdk and youngest bro, drive them to a salon which is only 1km away, 3g calling with niece and nephews, all those. It doesn't have to cost you a 100 carat diamond, it's the thought that counts.

We should have accept the fact that human evolves, so does the relationship around us.Have you?

 *I apologize if this post cause any discomfort to anyone. What to expect from the truth?

Apr 17, 2011

Smash and snatch

"We all seem to know someone or someone who knows someone who has been a victim of a smash-and-snatch theft."

Read it more: here

Too many, especially women, have fallen victims to these unscrupulous criminals. Unfortunately, these crimes are difficult to solve as they are committed in the blink of an eye. However, it might just change if a new phenomenon catches on video evidence from in-car video surveillance camera. Such video evidence was uploaded on YouTube early this month, creating an online sensation.

That particular video link is here

In this case, the 2-3 seconds defines the term  blink of an eye. Just imagine how brief was that. And i notice the window's car is not tinted, see how the broken glass scattered all over without any resistance? Senang kerja si pencuri. -_-"

This is the sole reason why i never put my valuables on the passenger's sit coz most of the time, i drive anywhere alone. Instead, i put it on the front sit mat. Pencuri mana yang mau kasi masuk half the body untuk mencuri and risk him/herself kena pukul guna steering wheel lock?

Of course bad things will happen when it is destined to happen, it's inevitable but what we can do is to minimize the risk and the damage. So be smart ladies. All the makeups, calls, sms-es, cam whoring can wait till you reach safely in your destination.

Apr 14, 2011


I really feel i am walking behind the days,well, i have reason for that. I'm in my 3rd semester, i have another semester to go. I'm committed to submit the notice of thesis submission by Oct or Nov this year. That basically means, i have to finish up my experiments by September/October. And i have to present my research in at least 2 conferences so that my viva volce examiners will face some resistance(s) to argue about my research finding/ methods or whatever they want to argue lah. The examiners are my final barriers of getting my scroll. So i must minimize their points to let me repeat this all over again adoii. Just the thought of it makes me sick. But, thinking about the hurdles i've overcome throughout the semesters, i am motivated to finish all and graduate. In fact, i look forward to this more than my degree convocation.

Anyway since i'm so occupied with deadlines, today i decided to loosen out a bit. I went to shop things in 1b. I dont like the term shopping, the word has been stereotype with....em..em..maybe it's only me.

I shop with a mission to buy a black formal/working shoes. I wear flats most of the time, heels occasionally so how can i fit in working shoes in between? When most of the formal shoes are like this

 source here

I bought this -_-"

It's brown and has an edgy look, like how a woman should be doiii. I love it to bits :).

Moving on,i bought this in Daiso. Everybody loves Daiso.

I organize it in such a way so that every morning i can find the car key easily -_-" coz my table is full of papers and whatnot.

Ok, that's all to share. If you know me, you should see that coming :p.

It's a good day today, i'm glad i manage to distract my occupied mind without having to put up an emo scene with anybody haha. I feel better to resume my task later at night with the shoes on sight haha.

Apr 8, 2011

Woman and her vision.

A gold color, long body hugging dress with X strap at the back. It takes a Mariah Carey to look hell yeah in that.

Notice her makeup? Well i dont. I believe the makeup and hairdo were done as minimal as possible because those are not meant to be the highlight but her.

Does the sentence rings a bell to you? Ting ting. Another hint, wedding dinner reception ting ting.

No big gowns. No overdone makeup. Just some modifications on the hairdo will do the wonder.

Second gown is a purple color, mermaid dress with sweetheart neckline. I found this dress in J0fanna bridal and choose this one for my pre wed straight away padahal belum try test lagi tu ah ah ah. Luckily it fits me and guess what, i am the first person able to fit in that dress as if it was meant for me ah ah ah tapuji oh saya ini. No picture for this dress coz saya belum pigi pilih lagi gambar utk album pre wed o haiya. 

I believe it's very important for bride to be able to vision their look for their big day. From your dress to your makeup and hairdo. Let your MUA know the look you exactly keen on and be specific, it's your big day mah. Or, go for makeup trial prior to wedding. It saves lots of time during actual wedding day.

As for the dress, i believe most brides has chosen their gowns during pre wedding session. The trend is always like this: go to bridal house for pre wedding photoshoot - pilih gown utk pre wed PS - use that particular dress for actual wedding day coz u've tried them and they look good on you. Tell me if anyone done different way. I would love to know.

Ok lah, that's all to share for now. Once me and hubby are done with the big part, i will share about other thing that essential for any wedding reception.

That's all. Brides stay sane!
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