Jul 29, 2009


1. Biarpun kau berotak, belum tentu lagi kau tu berakal. Peduli la kau ada ijazah-whateva-class mcm taik.
2. Peduli lah siapa yg duluan makan garam, kalau kau gagal mau faham maksud "HORMAT" maka kau tidak berhak utk di HORMATI oleh sesiapa pun. Oleh itu sy mau menyeru la sama kamu yg kena hina, kena guna, kena degrade oleh orang yg kunun 'lebih awal makan garam', sila lah humban tu kotak garam pegi muka dorang dan cakap 'KAU TIADA HAK MAU BUAT BEGITU DGN SY BIARPUN KAU TUA KEREPOT". Okok i'm being emo but seriously, dont bother. Jangan peduli. Tiada lagi balasan yg lebih menyakitkan hati bila somebody bercakap banyak mcm si taik tapi lastly no one cares. Dont feed their needs to be superior. 3. Kau manusia, allow urself to get mad at people. Jgn kau jadi gila mau jadi orang baik saja sana. haha apa punya cakapan ni. Yang penting jangan kau simpan saja dalam hati then at the end, kau pegi timbak mati semua orang dirumah. 4. Kau tidak payah berusaha mau buat orang lain suka akan diri engkau. eceh. Ada certain orang, kau tiada buat apa apa pun tapi dia mau pegi benci benci suda kau, mcm kau berhutang 10juta sama dia. Ada aku kesah?? Memetik tagline cak cak Azwan Ali. My intention is merely to purge, toxic is bad for health.

Jul 22, 2009

It's coming

Since my birthday is coming, i have a sudden thought about 1 tag that i've done not so long ago; about what i wish/want on my birthday. And since i barely update my blog for few months, searching that particular post isn't a big fuss. This is the tag. So let's have a reality check now. I wrote: On my 24th birthday this year, i want (to): 1. buy a new decent cellphone- bought one. SE cybershot phone :D 2. buy that camera- and by 'that' i mean Nikon p5100. Not a necessity,my heart still beats without it :D Sekejap seja sy suka kau Nikon, i dont want you anymore. :D 3. get a new job.- got one, and i bet y'all already know :D 4. start forgiving.- trying, i guess i've let go some of the emotional baggage from the past. 5. stay slim *ehem and cellulite free.- My last year's jeans still fit on me so how's that? kekeke. 6. save more $ for Nov and Dec 'occasions'.- There's a major change on that, only 1 plan is going to happen. So yes, I'm in my saving $$ process, for that occasion and the future. 7. insured myself, my prev insurance has reached tempoh matang. yeay!- I havent done this yet, any suggestions? :D It's funny when the car is insured but the driver isnt. *facepalm* 8. get a full body checkup- i havent done this too,yet. hehehehe. FYI as yet,i havent catch either fever or flu,i guess the vit C intake is really helping big time. I believe some of the wants in the list arent attainable in short term,in fact i still have lots of desires to be please which are feasible but it surely takes time. Nonetheless, most importantly i should be happy now, or never. I know i am. A quote that's worth sharing, i found it in my friend's Facebook profile. wakakaka.
All we have is this moment, right here, right now. The future is just a f-ing concept that we use to avoid being alive today. So, be here now.
Cheers ;)

Jul 9, 2009


I want to live a better life, but i should cut the dramas in the first place, and start loving myself more. Sigh.

Jul 6, 2009

Love your body. Love yourself.

Hello mates! I'm still alive and kicking, and doing fine, and still in current with your blog updates, some :P I've so many stories lining up,waiting to be told but i can tell that afterward once i've finish telling you my to-date passion: Belly dance. I've been joining the class for a month in 1 fitness and i cant find any reason to quit, yet. I've been watching belly dance elements in Shakira's music vid and initially i thought the dance is mainly about moving your hips up and down, side to side, and undulating the body and all that are undeniably sexy.
Until i learn exactly the proper ways to do the so called ' moving your hips up and down, side to side, and undulating the body'. As a starter, there is a basic posture for any movements; bend the knees,tuck in the belly, chest to front, shoulder straight, and start working out the core muscles bebeh! And if you're interested, maybe u can try hip snap and hip bump as start, that were my first belly dance basic moves as well. There's no way i'm attending the class and not feeling sexy. I've fall in love with my body! And no matter how many times people told me 'kau ni kurus', they can repeat that for infinity times, i dont care. And if anyone thinks that this dance is merely to allure the guy, well it's understandable but dont they, the belly dancers should possess some sense of sexiness in themselves and the sexiness itself will potray in their movements. From inner to outer, yes? Just to acknowledge the presence of sexiness in me is awesome. How can i not loving myself? ;) So can i, the 1 month old so called belly dancer encouraged my reader to learn this as well? :D By the way, i went for The Body Shop make over in 1B last saturday. It cost only RM35, and you can redeem TBS product worth RM20.
*pic deleted ;)*
An evidence of how make up can do wonder. hahaha. The photog make me do that pose, luckily it turn out well, verified by few babes in the make up team oukay, i'm not perasan :D. This is the pic that i want to see when i turn 70 with wrinkles all over my skin plus the nyanyuk. hahaha. Ok, i need to stop laughing now. So people, be merry with your life! :)
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