Mar 30, 2010

My auwww moment

Awakened by sis at 6 freaking-am,asking me to look after her 2 kids who sleep soundlessly when she's about to 'answer' the nature's call. Well,what worst could happen in 5 (or less) minutes right but still, I get up, walk to her room and lay down on her bed. After few sec, my baby nephew wake up and cry, in no time my  14-months old niece is awakened, seems puzzled looking at me instead of her mom, rubbing her eyes and guess what she did next? Beyond my expectation she kissed her baby bro who is cryinggggg the heart out wanting to ne-nen,and smiled :). That was an auwww moment lah indeed.

What's ur auwww moment? You can comment it here or blog it (seems like a concrete reason for me to update my (spider) weblog wakaka) 

Mar 19, 2010


The scorching heat sure take a toll on my skin, sangat dry plus the sudden outbreak of the jerawats (i have 5 red dots ah on my face gila kan, sy nda mau kira tu jerawat pun terkira juga) hence it's natural lah kan of me to get a facial treatment. Buruk la ba tu muka kalau kena kasi biar2. duh.

Booked a facial slot tmrw at Herbaline Karamunsing, besok baru tau whether it suits me best or tidak. 

Then, i'm doing favor for my friend. For those who resides in KK and interested to try on Mary Kay products you can check this event out:

Free admission to do skin analysis, facial and basic makeup class plus you're about to use MaryKay's products. Mana mau cari oh? :D

Ok, till then.

Mar 1, 2010

BS hunting

Since dear Fred was here last weekend, we went to visit few bridal shops in town. Found this thread in a forum that helps a bit in narrowing down the potential BS for us to engage with. (note: LifeBridal receives lots of good feedback in that thread. Way to go LB!)

I dont know how other couples choose the best BS for them, but as for us, we are very selective on the photographer him/herself. Nice gowns are everywhere but good photoG isn't. We dont want them to capture only nice pictures, we want the memories to be captured in it as well. Cliche,but who doesnt kan? In fact, i really dont prefer the pictures to have lots of modifications ie. bintang2 lah, bubbles lah, love2 lah. adeiii. 

I've been eyeing on Bennyliew and JoJ Yong works since i-dont-recall and good things is they're both engage in BS as well. Hoop over The Spell Bridal Boutique, Bennyliew and Jofanna Bridal, JoJ Yong . We too visit their BS, physically. As i said, nice gowns are everywhere. I love every gowns that i see. haha. Dasar perempuan mau kawin betul. 
At the end we chose XXX :p for our pre-wedding because they offer the exact package that we want, makes them the clear winner.

We checked out LifeBridal's package too but not exactly as what we have in mind, but i think praise should be given to the sales asst, very peramah and willing to explain in detail to us although there are like 2-3 couples waiting behind us :D

Till then, thanks for reading :)

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