Nov 8, 2010

Out of boredom

born this!

One year long wall posts were deleted in less than 40 minutes, with the aid of basic programming and trial & error of course.

I did it all in the name of boredom. Yes boredom sucks big time. I'd rather getting the stress than being captive in a mind that shouts 'boring boring boring' all time. Not that i want to hide anything that i posted :). I just love a highly active brain :)

Last time i remember a game in FB that i'm addicted to, restaurant city. After playing it for almost 2 days, i just cant stand the stagnant playing mode but i refuse to quit. And you know why? Because i was a rank behind from a friend that is known for his high ego. So i think you can get it already haha.

I have known many hacks for this game but nothing beats this. from PIAIP. This also requires one to have a basic programming knowledge. A day before i was in tercorot rank but a day after, guess where did i rank. If you cant get it by now, you must be having problem with your maths :D. And you know what happen to the high ego friend? He send me message thru the game, telling i play cheat haha i just laugh. The day after, he gets the 1st rank and, upgraded his restaurant and buy expensive decorations available. Betul betul nda mau kalah haha. My trolling works! :p

Ok i think that's all to share. Nowadays i blog in proportional to my blogging mood which is getting low :p. The reason because I shared most of my instant thoughts in FB, be it in image or text. Add me as you please but please give me an idea of the person that im about to approve ya?
And to you who blogs, when you're daring enough to expose a bit of your personal life, then i believe you're ready to accept any consequences that comes in package with it. You just cant believe how someone can extract so many information from a mere photo. So share it wisely.
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