Apr 18, 2008

Chalazion go away!

this is ain't me but what me and her have in common is that, we are infected at the same area

I hate it when it happen to me. Hish...

I refuse to go out of my house.

And i miss the chance to go to the Pulau with my gang tomorrow.

My self confidence going down (dont play play, it's extremely fugly!)

I don't enjoy watching anything on tv because i can feel the heavy lump on top of my eyelid.

In this condition, i dont have the drive to study at all.

Hishhhhhhhh...i hate you chalazion (literally,it sounds nice, rupa rupanya...hishhhhh)

Chalazion buduh. heh?!


AngelicDemon said...

try putting towel (soaked in lukewarm water)on it. It helps.

Tal said...

Alala. Cian ko Mell. Nda apa, kejap ja ilang ko tengok sampai jadi gitu ahh? Hehe..kidding kidding.

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