Jun 26, 2011

the hair is permed!

right after perm

after a day. I applied some serum hence the wet look

I always wanted to perm my hair coz i've been stuck with my rebonding hair like forever, but the intention has been hold long enough until i saw Nadia's and Memel's post about their new hair style. I was so excited, i start imagining my after-look once permed. So off i went to 1b and getting my hair 'fixed'. The results are as shown above. I loooveeee it. The only problem is the dryness it caused to my hair after permed and it looks as if my hair went straight padahal tidak brrrrr.

I bet you know how long it took to perm, so while i was at it, i chatted with the friendly salon lady since i was her only customer at that time and her boss was'nt around all day. After my hair is done, we exchanged number 'supaya saya boleh tau update rambut kau' she said. You know what it leads to?

like seriously? lending $ from a customer u just met?
very persistent. From rm120 to rm60 to rm50.

I told this to my sister, she said 'saya pula yg rasa malu', same goes to my hubby. As expected, i stop exchanging sms with her to avoid dramas.

Till then!

Jun 22, 2011

Day 23- 3 ways to make you cry

His unfortunate background is suffice to make you feel grateful about your life.

I first heard this song in Karate Kid and i was reading a newspaper at that time. The first part of the music gives me a sad feeling, last thing i know my eyes were filled with tears. Dayyuumm she's good.

I manage to find the song and this is it. Nocturne in C-Sharp minor .

Ok that's all. Tidak payah sampai 3. Saya tidak suka nangis2 muahaha.

Jun 20, 2011

Day 22- what's in your purse

Like seriously, i thought i can escape with image based punya post challenge, no i cant. pffft..

Here goes:

Plus ic, driver's license, student card, ini semua

only frequently used item stand chances to stay long in purse

disimpan di dalam ini small purse

I love small purse. You cant keep many things inside thus daily cleaning is never an option. It's mandatory. Tapi beg saya besar, so having smaller purse doesnt make any difference either. Rubbish dalam purse masuk dalam bag. haha.

Next up:
Day 23: 3 ways to make you cry (like seriously? hatdoiii. saya mau jadi devil's advocate kepada ini 30DBC)

Jun 18, 2011

Guess who's among featured

in J0fanna Bridal hihi :D (click to enlarge)

167 days before my KK wedding reception, and Sarikei wedding reception (in long house woohoo cant wait!) is 13 days after that. Guess what, i've done finalizing most of the essentials for KK reception since last April teehee
  • Venue (booked and deposits paid)
  • Wedding cards without insert are given (the inserts are already designed by hubby,just have to finalized it, print it and stick it inside the card)
  • Photographer (booked)
  • MUA (booked)
  • Decorator (booked. actually i can just make do with the deco provided but it's my day bah, so saya mau yg lain banyak hehe)
  • Wedding favor/door gift- already provided but being me, i want them to bring home and taste the yummy-licious blueberry cheese tart ever! Already booked, but amount belum finalized. 
  • Gowns and coat for groom and dad are provided by J.Bridal but again being me yang inda pandai puas, i still contemplating either to jahit my dress or pakai saja gowns provided. New gowns are coming somemore. ehmmm. 
For my long house reception, masih banyak lagi mau buat. I cant just let my husband and family do it themselves walaupun that is their receptions' side.I have to go to Sarikei and meet the decorator (coz in long house, the bride and groom is seated in a sort of 'pelamin'). Other than that:
  • Another round of wedding cards particularly for Sarikei's reception
  • I need to get ready with wedding favor juga, i've been eye-ing on this particular cute boxes. I might book it in near time and do COD (cash on delivery) when i go to KL soon.
  • I need to get my baju kadazan ready!
  • I have to find a tasty cake,thinking of getting cup cake juga but mau cari org bikin cupcake lagi sana Sarikei in which saya belum penah jumpa lagi. Any suggestions?
  • I need to get ready with VCD karaoke himpunan lagu lagu terbaik dusun. Kasi gagar itu longhouse sama lagu dusun yaaahhhh.
  • I need to find my wedding shoes suda and pakai pusing2 dirumah.

Honestly, with all these along with my studies, i feel no stress at all. I get stress with my studies saja la, but the wedding prep, i think all goes according to plan coz i executed it early. Kadang2 ada juga yang tanya saya tu 'ah lama lagi bah ko punya majlis tu,buat apa juga mau awal'..alalala, it december ba and school holiday lagi, musim kahwin lagi. I dont want to risk of not getting what i want for my big day. Plus, not only my reception is on December, but, i have to at least submit my thesis submission notice by October. All towards year end oh. So again,my time management has to be at its best.

Another milestones is on October! I shall update you by then :D

p/s i think the 30DBC day 21-your footwear collections have to put it on hold. I shall resume with day 22 sebab tidak payah image yg banyak2 and tidak payah gambar itu koleksi kasut2 :D

Till then! :)

Jun 12, 2011

Day 20: Nicknames

My url's name is actually my real name spelled backwards minus the extra m ;) and, most people would call me Mell coz it's already in the name. Back in uni there are 2 Mells, yours truly and Melissa. Having 2 Mel or Mell in class can be confusing often times hence, friends always address me as Mell Mell which leads to Miau Miau, you know..exaggerating much in pronouncing the L word. I can accept that considering the countless affections i have for cats. 

My siblings call me by different name which i better keep it to myself haha, but sometimes when commenting in FB they just call my home name freely. So it's not a secret afterall hihi.

Next up is Day 21: your footwear collections.

Jun 10, 2011

Day 19: Something you miss

I miss the memory of my late mom in the house. Dad might be the ketua in the family but she ruled the house.

Jun 8, 2011

Day 18- apainisudalamakasistopblogcelenge

Day 18 is supposed to be 3 random photos you've taken 3 years ago, but currently am not in the mood of digging the external hd, resizing, watermarking, uploading those pictures. So since i am the ultimate author of  this blog i decided to modify this day 18 to em..forget about day 18, tell us your current story haha.

This is going to be lengthy.

This event should be the cream of the crop. Last April, i submitted two entries to compete in PEREKA, the long version of it is pertandingan inovasi and rekacipta. This is the platform for all the researchers in UMS to display their findings in their respective research areas, and to show the ideas of innovation that they've achieved according to their field as well. This is a competition in Uni's level, whoever wins will be selected to represent UMS in national and international level.

So i participate in two categories; research and innovation. PEREKA took place last monday. We were judged by the judges from various institutions, bukan internal judges ah.Basically we have to get ready in front of our booth to present our findings. Imagine i got 2 booths to take care of, my supervisor lagi tiada di Uni time tu coz we've agreed to take care of one booth each. So berlari2 anak lah disitu. I was glad the judging time of the two categories was different so i had all the time mingling around after the 1st judging session ehek :D

The 2nd day was the result announcement day. YB Datuk Masidi Manjun officiating the PEREKA, together with the VVIPs of UMS. Little bird told me that 'you'll get a good news', but there are 3 levels of good news bah. Gold, silver and bronze. Am wondering how good is that news haha. Harapan yang amat tinggi disitu ya. I have many reasons to feel so.

In the end, i won a gold for innovation and silver for research category. The fact that i won a silver for research category is more than enough to make me happy for the whole semester. That was my master research i brought in to compete, and having this silver award as an advantage to include in my dissertation is sure helping me big time. Next, to support it is to publish as many journals, be it by my supervisors or me. I need these achievements as my pillar to face the pundits in my field in viva voce session soon. I kid you not,these pundits are tough.

So what's next? To finish up my remaining experiments and start writing (again). And i'm looking forward to compete in national/international levels. I think national level, my supervisor would send me. Kalau international level, mesti beliau lah bah yg pergi kan? haha. That requires no reasoning at all.

I am very happy i managed to prove myself to myself. Almost a year ago when i first started, i saw my other team mates keep on winning golds, silvers and bronzes, plus very active in attending conferences, i start comparing myself to them 'Can i do like they do?'. I doubt myself a lot during this phase. To add salt on the bruise, one of my co supervisor clearly criticized me for my intention to pursue master. And surprisingly, he as my co supervisor, collaborated with other researchers to do research that is supposedly to be my master research title. If you were in my shoes, what would you feel? Even my main supervisor is questioning his action.

This winning is exactly what i need to remind me of those phase so that i 
  • always keep my feet on the ground
  • always believe in myself. always.
  • always believe that 'if it's worth doing, it is worth overdoing'- mythbusters
  • always do work for yourself, not for the sake of approvals or appreciations,else, you keep on complaining like no end 
I am so grateful for my dedicated team back in Semporna. Without their effort, there is no way my 2 hands and 2 feet alone manage to handle all the work. And to my dear husband, thank you for your effort although this is not your dream. Love you muches.

YB Datuk said to me, 'Congratulation, you have become the best among all'. Maybe it's a default wishes from him to all the winners, but that gives me goosebumps. Undeniably the right wish at the right time to the right person. I am going to stick that in mind.

Panjang kan ini post haha, thanks for reading :) 

Jun 2, 2011

Kisah gigi ku

I went to visit dentist yesterday to extract two of my 'tunggul' molar, so that my wisdom tooth has its own space. Early last month,i started to feel some pain around that particular gum, and me being so ignorance, saya kasi tangguh2 saja la. Until last monday, the pain was unbearable hence, the quick/spontaneous action to the dentist.

When it was my turn, saya kasi cerita lah sama Dr semua kronologi gigi saya dari awal sampai la the day it became soooo painful. 

Check punya check Dr cakap, 'alahh bernanah suda ini gusi tau, kita cabut lah ini gigi supaya itu wisdom tooth bole tumbuh ok'. Takkan lah bah saya bilang nda ok kan.

After that, i remember there were 3 steps before i was told to wait outside. 

1st: the infected gum is rubbed with some kind of gum paste. Sedap. Perasa cherry. -_-"
2nd: he sprayed something on top of the tunggul molars.
3rd: jarum! he injected me at two different points. One point is painless. One is terlampau sakit i shed a tear.

Then, after 5 minutes that was it. the moment of truth tooth.

He took almost 5 minutes to extract both of my tooth. Lama oh tu! What to expect from gigi geraham. Itu nurse yang pegang kepala pun tutup mata. Terlampau kuat kali itu akar gigi geraham sampai itu Dr pun mengeluh tidak dapat cabut yaiiii. Sudah la tidak dapat cabut, pecah lagi itu gigi didalam yaiiii. 

Luckily, he managed to pull out the gigi. Nasib baik saya jumpa dentist lelaki, kalau dentist perempuan, saya tidak tau lah. And, nasib baik juga saya dapat bikin appointment sama dentist di Indah Permai (Klinik gigi Dr. Hasbullah, 088-490527), satu blok dengan kedai RM2, 1st floor. 

Lepas cabut gigi, minta M.C and balik and makan pain killer awal2.

Today being the 2nd day, i think i'm doing fine just a bit uneasy on the gum. Bah hilang suda 2 gigi kan. I can see the blood clot around the extracted area, biarpun nampak menggelikan guess what, that is crucial for healing. You need to keep that blood clot intact on the gum. So dont rinse your mouth vigorously on the 1st day, no hot beverages coz it will dissolves the blood clot, not to drink using straw coz that sucking motion will cause you to accidentally swallow the blood clot. That's all.

Once my gum is healed i think i'm going to do tooth filling (tampal) then do scaling. Tidak sanggup lagi mau cabut gigi geraham. Berlubang shape V terbalik gusi saya tau :D
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