Dec 31, 2009

Curtain falls 2009 :)

25 days after my last updates :p Pardon me for that.

Been doing lots of thinking this month, whatever comes out of it i'm glad i've been given the chance to experience that and the memories will stay. Forever. For now i have to do what i've got to do and make the most out of it. That's how life suppose to be isnt it? At least for me lah :D

Here's how i sum up the highlights of my 2009 :)

  • Welcome to world, my 2 darling nieces. Aunty Mell loves you so very much!
  • I quit my job and join XXX, it's so obvious to some of u till i feel like a retard pula kasi taip XXX, but still i value my privacy :)
  • Celebrate my first Gawai with BF's family. Everyday is pork day ok? :D 
  • I've learn and quit belly dancing after few months haha, it was a great experience though.
  • I have no boyfriend anymore haha but,i have a fiancee :) The ceremony is far earlier than the supposed date but i guess,things happen for a reason huh? :) Attended by only close families, everything went smooth plus a little bit of shocked and surprise. By God's will, the party tunang will be on next year. I'm going to engage twice yo! haha.

As for my 2010, i wish for continuous happiness and wealth ehem ;), been showered with abundance of love this year, i thank God for that and still, i'm counting my blessing. I'm expecting 2010 will be more challenging for me since i'm going to start my MSc research, perhaps lots of tears although i barely cry nowadays? :p Good health, of course and less fat on my belly haha.

Happy New Year 2010 to all of you darlings :) Be well, and stay happy.

Dec 5, 2009


I think i've reach mine today.

Now don't beg me for any chance when i know you're going to do it again and again.
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