Dec 31, 2008

Welcome 2009!

So far 2008 has been giving me a good balance of yin and yang.
I can choose to pen all the hurtful things i've been encountered this year but i wont. Rainbow does come after the rain and wipes away all the sombre, and that sentence i can definitely say isn't a cliche for me anymore. But yeah, it take guts to open the eyes and look straight at the rainbow and relent. I enjoyed it heaps than the rain, and that's the way it shall be remember. Nevertheless, thanks rain. I understand the fact that people dont carry the same weightage of problem, and unless you've been in that situation it's very wrong to say 'i understand your feeling'. I dont understand anyone's problem other than mine but one thing i know, we deserve to live merry life and we obtain that by our own will. If your problem is larger than your will, then something is obviously wrong. No i dont read that in any book, i learned that the hard way. Life's indeed beautiful, and it works beautifully too. And i dont have to wait till new year to realize that. You should too. I hope 2009 will be another great year for me, and to you as well senyum Before we start the engine to venture the new life in 2009, might as well warm it up with some love......from the cat perhaps? LOL. Happy New Year 2009 again
******** Things that are worth to be remember in 2008.
  1. Hands off the books, exam, thesis, lab and all. Bye Uni life. -13May
  2. Got a job as an XXX engineer in KK after being turned down 6 times. -23July
  3. I turned 23 yo, and the above is indeed a perfect gift for this year. -24July
  4. Venue: Grand Port View. [personal]- 23Aug
  5. Graduated with upper 2nd class B.Sc Eng (Chem) -24Aug
  6. The day i discovered it : 1- 27Oct
  7. I bring home my new ride. -27Nov
  8. I've won 4D consolation prize for the very 1st time in my life. -27Nov
  9. Tidak dapat naik gunung- 17Dec
  10. Received my 1st bonus- 17Dec
  11. The day i discovered it : 2 - 20Dec

Dec 30, 2008


I've created this blog a year ago with one sole reason: to kill the boredom. And while doing that, i discovered lots of different souls, some are interesting in a way, and some are just plainly siul . Well, i better keep that to myself. Anyway, this is the day when i should celebrate the birth of the killing boredom that drives me to create this blog. Sometimes, boring isnt boring at all.
Nevertheless, i want to thank all of you who reads my blog, link to me, chat with me in that deadly fun shoutbox.
Thank you! Happy 1st anniversary dear blog

Dec 21, 2008


..Hi! How are you people? Bet everyone is enjoying the long leave, notice the quiet ambient? sengihnampakgigi As for me, other than the 17th and 18th, i dont take extra leave after that. And as mentioned previously, that 2 days leave aren't approved by boss, so basically the only leave i have is the public holiday. I shouldnt complain because my bosses are away, thus the office is all mine.. he he he he he he.
This year's Xmas, there'll be no open house in mine, just a small makan makan session with close family. Well, to be with your loved ones is what matters bah kan? So yeah, i'm still grateful for that. Till then.

Dec 16, 2008

Eh? tidak jadi climb?

Supposedly: Mell is on the way to Kota Belud together with Grace (Thehornbill) and the gang, then go to Kundasang early morning and will start climbing Mr Mountain tomorrow. Actually: Mell is at home,blogging.
Reason: At 2.32pm, 16Dec2008, mr. boss disapprove my leave at last minute. Somebody from XXX mau datang for certification thingy, of course penting la for the company hence needs someone in the office. And XXX only informed the thing last monday. My boss disapprove my cuti bulat2 utk benda XXX yg last minute itu. In fact, there's no exact date of XXX to come. Well,after this happened, you better come this week ah XXX!! Of course ada banyak lagi side story behind these but i cant disclose lah. I called BF, he asked me to find ways lagi, padahal sy mati akal suda. Call boss's wife, she asked me to cancel the leave. Panas suda hati ku. Call Grace utk standby someone to replace me.,if not rugi oo the $$!! I'm trying hard to not cry, tapi nda boleh,menangis jg aku akhirnya. Luckily si Grace faham jg apa sy cakap. hehe. Of course i'm sad, and disappointed. You can tell easily bah, i dont have to mention. But i already have plan during my boss's absence for the upcoming few weeks. *evil grin* Thanks Claire babeh, Wel, Oiga, Reno, Kuai for your words. Appreciate that love I disabled the comment,nanti luka tadi berdarah kembali.

Dec 14, 2008

kahwin utk cerai?

Post ini panjang tau. Bila tgk kes abby-norman tadi, rasa kesian pun ada. Tapi abby amat steady dan cool sewaktu di interview dalam Nona, bila ditanya pasal memey sot tu, dia sempat lagi mencarut sampai kena censored. haha. Love the guts! Kita sudah sedia maklum tentang sikap manusia yg mudah berubah, kita boleh lihat kes cerai artis di dlm majalah mangga,, di melodi or maybe uncle aunty saudara sepupu kau pun ada yg mengalami hal sebegini. Kita tahu kesan penceraian. Yg paling kesian ialah si pihak perempuan. Apatah lagi yg tidak bekerja, dan terpaksa sara anak anak sendirian. Kalau mau yg lebih dramatik lagi, si perempuan yg tidak bekerja dan tgh sakit, dan terpaksa sara anak2 sendirian. Tiada siapa mahu diceraikan atau bercerai dalam keadaan begitu bukan? Sy percaya wanita tidak lemah, tapi utk menjadi tidak lemah, kita perlu berakal,perlu strategi. kau dapat masuk dean' list every sem pun belum tentu kau boleh dikategorikan as berakal. Persoalan utk semua: Bagaimana sesetengah orang begitu berani berkahwin secara membuta tuli ? Adakah cinta dan kepercayaan semata mata itu cukup?
Suka diingatkan bahawa dalam kes yg pernah sy observe, mereka yg berkahwin dan bercerai berai itu pernah berkahwin di dalam Church, disaksikan oleh Father (yg muslim sy tidak sure). Mereka bersumpah, berjanji in the House of God but still, one of them disregard the promises. Dengan Tuhan pun berani disobey. How can we trust people then? To what extent you can rely on love lame love to keep your marriage in happy state? If marriage is a gamble, would you call it a gamble when you already have kids? Love and trust itu penting dalam perhubungan, although i have hard time with trust, i'm still working on it. Jangan ingat kau suda mampu love, kau suda mampu trust, kau suda selesa dalam hubungan skg, kau bole ensure kehidupan rumahtangga kau nanti selesa dan selamat.Dont underestimate marriage. And huge BOO to orang yang berkahwin kerana mau sex. Itu sungguh bangang ok? Pelik tapi benar. I have steady boyfriend, both of us are commited in the relationship. Mmg tipu la kalau sy cakap tidak mau kahwin, but to jump blindly into marriage is such a childish move. Naik gunung pun perlu preparation, ini kan pula marriage. Oleh yg demikian, saya berasakan bahawa Sebelum kahwin, adalah lebih baik kalau sy sudah ada karier yg stabil, sebuah kereta, atau sebuah rumah, or kalau mau tamak lagi ada bisnes, utk support di kala kesusahan. Sy sedar manusia mudah lupa,mudah berubah, ada nafsu yg sukar dipuaskan sebab sudah dapat bini yang lawa pun mau lagi cari ppn muda murah, itu baru nafsu berbini, belum sy sentuh pasal nafsu yg itu. Jangan cakap pasal si bini tidak jaga kebajikan si laki lah, kalau suda ada niat mau cari yang lain, memang ada saja alasan si laki utk buat impian bodoh jadi kenyataan. Tapi kalau ada ppn yg memang tidak tahu role as a wife, then ditinggalkan oleh laki, mmg kesian la nasib kau, terpaksa la kau belajar the lesson in hard way. The intention of this post is not to provoke anybody yang mau kahwin cepat atau lambat atau tidak mau kawin langsung, ini pandangan sy,pandangan kau mana sy tahu. Sy taip entri ini utk peringatan kepada diri sendiri. Manusia kan mudah lupa, sy pun manusia bah!

Dec 13, 2008

Mount Kinabalu, here i come!!

I'm ashame but proud to admit that, this will be my first experience ever to climb you Mr Mountain.
Initially i'm suppose to join the climbing trip on February 2009, together with other bloggers but when i get to know another climbing trip will be carry out on 17&18th Dec by Grace and the gang, it takes me no time to say 'I want to join youuuuu peopleee!!'. Thus,i have to cancel my original plan and go for Dec trip. Blame the intense climbing urge, i'm innocent sengihnampakgigi
I dont know about others but being a Sabahan, i find it a must to experience climbing the mountain at least once. And oh,my parent's hometown is in Ranau too. It has become my personal mission to climb Mr Mountain to avoid the saying of orang kampung that goes "Kau orang Ranau tapi tidak pernah naik gunung lagi???" tension
Anyway, i have prepared some of the essentials for the climbing except the glove. I neither want the wool type, nor the one that police traffic wear. I'm looking for a synthetic type, hopefully i can get it by tomorrow. Here's my climbing gears' checklist: A backpack to keep all the things: checked! Sport shoes: checked! Apparel: from inner to outer: tshirt > my sis' wool sweater > windbreaker > poncho (if rain) Mask: checked! Headlamp or torchlight will do: checked! Gloves: will get it a.s.a.p
Medicine: i'll bring paracetamol and calamine lotion for precaution. You might want to know the reason of bringing the lotion, well i tend to get hives during chill. I need to consult a doc about this,hopefully i can eat some pil(s) to avoid that from attacking.
Camera loaded with battery and 1gb MMC: checked! Climbing spirit: Checked! In a high level babeh. Misc: plastic bags, slippers, dry clothes, dry socks, dry towels, tissues, toiletries, vaseline, yoko yoko (haha!), lotion and will check again. Should it be any deficit in my climbing items, feel free to advise. I cant wait!! wooohhhoooooo!!

Dec 9, 2008

The day i become emo

This is very uncommon of me to post this, so yeah..perhaps this is one of those days,yes? Jangan baca kalau tengah bad mood.
My heart ache to see him leaving, and i know he felt that too. I cant stand looking at his gloomy face, he keeps holding my hand all the way. My eyes beaming with tears, and i did my best to hide that from him, i guess i've done it well but it cease at the moment i reach the office. I cried, and subsequently dada pun jadi sakit.sedih At that moment, the thing i dont wish to happen is to see my boss in front of me. I'm glad he's away. I wish i can just calm myself by saying 'he'll call you everyday' or 'he'll visit me someday', but i guess the sayings are way too lame for me already. Ok,so you probably start making assumptions, or perhaps suggesting me solutions. Stop it there. Anyway, saya bersyukur kerana Digi Postpaid mempunyai plan primary-supplementary which cost zero cent for neverending calls and sms-es between the two party. If the plan doesnt exist, i can foresee my future post to be like 'I'm moneyless' or 'I hate si kuning' and so forth. Punya la tidak best post sebegitu! Come back to the matter, well..i think if you've been or currently in a long distance relationship, you will definitely understand my feeling, and the doings of two lovebirds which involves constant sms-ing, calling, atau menulis surat chenta yang berbedak wangi sengihnampakgigi, etc. I believe some ppl just cant stand their friends, their closed ones, doing these when all we do is to maintain or perhaps to revive the relationship? Well that's your problem lah geng, i'll do what i got to do. Those who loves to judge, probably they never encounter that situation and using merely the so-called logic mind to question something,little that they know instead of a brain, a normal sapiens live with what? emotion? duhh!!
Anyway, it's been a while since i last berjoli in KK, thanks to the existence of 1borneo. I dont know how long this board has been there, but i can confidently say this board has succeed to make me (or maybe hundreds of souls there) to not ignore that.
At a distance, it looks like Mother F-er bah. This is one big a$s Mother Trucker? yeah right. haha.


funny pictures of cats with captions My holidays were awesome! because my BF was around, but now's he's back to his place..huhu Hope you people have a great tuesday :)

Dec 3, 2008

Of phobias.

Let see to what extent these phobia-list can go. Pupaphobia: Fear of puppet
I'd like to think the kid is actually scared of the scene, do listen to the background music. I wonder where on earth is the guardian? Imagine if the stool is made of wood, mati anak orang man!
Coulrophobia: Fear of Clown Talking about clown, i still recall this movie It being aired in tv2 when i was 7/8 y.o .Well, glad it only affect me temporarily and i dont dare going to toilet alone few days after. And oh,interesting fact. Johnny Depp skewd of clown too. The beautiful Nicole Kidman fears butterflies. God is fair. hehe. Song of the day: KT Tunstall-Other side of the world.

Dec 2, 2008

The Smiling Moon

Courtesy of Joe's Cafe He captured these awesome view in Bangkok on 1st December 2008, at around 7pm. That's when the moon, Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction. This wont reoccur until May 2011. This indeed make you senyum, yes?
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