Aug 30, 2009

As of 30/8

Back to school and loving it. I believe education is one investment that's return-guaranteed. Bukan mau jadi lecturer saja baru mau sambung master ok? Pfftt. My current life is very much occupied with journal reading and stuffing some basic science theories in my head, but that doesn't stop me from being an observer of some dramas that occurred here. 1. World's a stage. Some just love dramas in their life, and end up becoming a very good actor of life. Sangat lah plastik ini orang. One way of not getting annoyed by them is to accept their existence in our social system but stay conscious, and dont play naive. If they happen to outsmart you, just accept life's is never easy. *mengeluh sejenak sambil mengingati kisah lama 2. People dire attention, in an argument people tend to role played as a victim because let's face it, the victim always get the most attention relative to its opposite. Tgk saja si bawang putih, blergh. If the alleged victim is to make this attention continuous, he/she will keep on dragging the argument,complaining and whining although it has stopped like few weeks ago?? Pfft. 3. Respect is indeed earned, not expected based on ur status. That's kinda ironic but still, less are those who really understand it. 4. I know somebody who has a good academic achievements and fail miserably in human relations. I dont want to be like that. I know i wont be like that. 5. And i know somebody who has a better academic achievement relative to (4), humble and good in handling people. His secret: just give in. I'm not sure if i'm able to make that as a default response at times of trial. Cepat panas juga sy ni. kekeke. And the list goes on as i go through this phase. I love my life.

Aug 6, 2009

The salesman

I recall one funny conversation i had few months ago. Salesman: Mana mamak kau? Me: Dia tiada sudah. (mum lost her battle with cancer 8 yrs ago) Salesman: bila dia pulang tu ah? Apparently this fella doesnt know the difference btwn 'tiada' and 'tiada sudah', and i have no intention to give any languange lesson or whatsoever to him, so instead this is what i replied. Me: dia nda pulang rumah lagi tuh. (wakakakakakakakakaka panjang ketawa sy) Salesman: bah ok. (dont know whether he gets it or not,or perhaps he feels he's been punk'ed) Funny man. I can be very kurang hasam too sometime, you dont want to be my friend when that happens. :D
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