Dec 19, 2010

*Excessive usage of you you you but it does not mean you but the………. wall :p :p

We have a pair of eyes and ears, and a brain to process the signal sent from our senses. Having said that, it’s only natural to believe what we see, what we listen to based on what we believe is right for ourselves

This justifies your judgments over somebody yes?

I personally think its ok to judge because if it’s a bad or good judgment, you’ll only do harm to your mental state only. The rest is either you can handle the post emotions out of it or not.

BUT it is not ok to make other people believe that your judgment is real. Fiction becomes non fiction.  

e.g Mula2 bergosip,then predators tidak puas hati sebab tidak cukup ‘info’. So they start watching every moves of its victim(s), judging starts, and then make it official that is what really took place. Predators feel happy to have settled the puzzle and start spreading around.

This is so common it happened anytime and anywhere.

You can judge but it doesn't give you the ultimate right to make other people believe as what you believe. Peduli lah kalau you stay in the same house with the person kah, atau you are bestfriends kah, atau you sit next to his/her table in the office kah, read me now: You can make full use of your eyes and ears then judge but at the end of the day, it’s only your state of mind and if you want to voice it, that is what we call ADVICE.

The one who knows better is the one involved in the problem/dilemma.
The real action in the real world is taken by the one who is in the problem/dilemma.
So please don’t put yourself down to the lowest ground and take these roles from them. You have ur own life, don’t you?

Dec 11, 2010


When i lost my luggage in lcct and survived 2 nights with the same underwear (i read you,i washed it ok), this word necessity comes into perspective. Before this incident, i assumed these are my necessities for short period of travel:
  1. Toiletries: toothbrush,toothpaste, facial cleanser, day and night cream, uv body lotion, comb, hair serum, deodorant, miniature perfume, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, Daia soap powder
  2. phone and camera charger
  3. solutions for contact lenses
  4. underwear and bras. lots of it.
  5. shirts/blouses and jeans/long pants. lots of it.
  6. meds: paracetamol and my skin cream.
2 nights without my bag, i survived with only these
  1. toiletries: (newly bought) toothbrush,toothpaste,comb,deodorant,body lotion, shampoo,Daia soap powder
  2. a pair of underwear and bra.
  3. a pair of blouse and jeans.
 I know these would only applicable when we have limitations, siapa juga mau beli 10 helai baju just because the luggage is mia for only few days but when i think of something, it definitely connects to the other aspect of my current life. Now i'm avoiding retail therapy because i tend to buy unnecessary things, and surrounded by guilty afterward. I dont like the feeling yet i keep doing it. I'm fully aware of that, and for that reason, it is wise of me to decline any sort of credit card promotions yang sungguh bermaharajalela di mall skg. Plus i'm not employed and it's satisfying using my own real money :)

I rather be traditional in spending, if i can afford it, i buy it. If i cant afford it now, i'll save money till i can afford it. Perhaps you can say i am not adventurous/too cautious enough in financial, be it. I live my life my own way. Most people cant just accept the fact 'i cant afford it' coz it's norm to relate 'can afford it' with 'i have money'. When 'i cant afford it' means 'i dont have money', what it does to someone's ego?Exactly!

Ok,from lost luggage to someone's ego, now you know to what extent my mind can go wandering haha. It's only my 2 cents ppl. You dont have to agree with me :)

Dec 10, 2010

How time flies ya, can you believe we're going to reach 2011 in less than 30 days? Oh mai. I feel like yesterday since i first register in Uni, now i'm about to head to my 3rd sem already woah.

Me and Fred had our pre wedding photoshoot last wed with none other than...jeng jeng jeng...J0j and his lovely wife of J0fanna Bridal. We booked a slot in February'10, at that time we were told that they only have free slots starting Oct till Dec onwards. Remember it was still February ok. Frustrating juga have to wait till hujung tahun baru bole di gambar2 but the wait definitely paid off.

Joj is crazily funny, entah how many times la i laugh big like a kiddo. His wife Nana is very creative too, hebat2 my poses ok hopefully my ketawa besar dont ruin it haha. It's been raining since i dont know when, if you notice on wednesday it was pretty sunny and we had the best sunset ever (yeah self proclaimed haha). And thursday it rains again woohoo arent we lucky? I can wait to look at the pictah. 

Aside from that, i have to give credits to Gwen Wong, the assigned makeup and hairdo (muah) artist for that day. Can you believe she did my makeup and my hairdo in only an hour? Most women takes longer time than that ok. You know what good comes out with less time spend for muah? We both have all the time to rush at all yippeeeee. I have taken few pictures from the scene but im not going to share with you just yet hehe..So yeah, if you're interested to have her muah service, you can hop over to her blog or visit her studio in Megalong. I've heard about good testimonials on her services in malaysiabrides forum, now that i experienced it, i fully second that.

 J0fanna, me and Gwen

Other than that, Nubra rules! Find one of brand Mois. Betul2 melekat di ninin ok,from the beginning till the end of photo shoot. So who need strapless bra now? hikhik.

My wedding receptions both for KK side and longhouse side are going to happen next year. With these and my research works, i can see myself running like a headless chicken in a frantic pace haha, but challenge is what i love. I'm instilling good good thoughts in my head and advance planning is on the way. Yeah i know certain things wont go smoothly as you planned but i just love to keep the +ve vibes with me hehe. Afterall, this should be enjoyable bah kan, not to make one depress. I hope i can still bear that in mind when Fred disapprove my selection of our wedding theme color later haha.

I foresee 2011 is going to be awesome!

random pic: hinava that i made today slurpp

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