Oct 24, 2009

Saturday rant


Hope y'all is doing great, i know i am. Less burden this week, since i've settled most of the requirements for my MSc application.

Ok enough of that,let me bore you with my non-student's life story. Have y'all went to Sushi King card rm2 bonanza? I went to 1B branch and it's packed especially during lunch hour, but that's expectable lah kan. I went there twice, for the 1st time the 2 of us managed to gobble 11 plates of sushi. 2nd day, 29 plates for 3 of us @_@ I think i wont have any crave for sushi for a looong time. And sorry, no pics was taken, i get so tamak looking at the sushi on the conveyor belt, i dont bother about anything.

Ok now about the new 'live feed' on facebook. This morning i discovered a friend, a real life friend purposely ignored my friend request. I am no drama queen yo, i'm a scientist (eceyh) i act based on facts. Normally, you get to see only your friends' update in your 'home' FB page, but this new 'live feed' do make wonder in affecting one's friendship LOL! Guess what, that real friend of mine approve other friend requests today and the feed shows in my 'home' FB page.

I was thinking, ok she already added me because if not, i wouldn't get to see her updates in my home page. I clicked her page and i see 'awaiting friend confirmation'. Woah this is new! She approved others friend requests and not mine? I wonder what did i do wrong. Is it because i befriend with her current 'enemy', so I'm indirectly her enemy too now? Ok ok i sound very emo now haha.

Minor case, i move on quite fast hehe. But i'm liking this new live feed. Wanna bluff people using FB, think hard.

And my cat is on heat hehe. I wanz kitteh. Lots of 'em.

Till then.

Make peace and make love not war! :D

Oct 10, 2009

Workshop. Ngiu Chap.

My car has causing me so much headache since last wed, only today i manage to send it for check up di bengkel saaaaaana Menggatal.

I came as early as 8am, the bengkel is open but the mechanic isn't around. -_-"

Apa maciam oo tokeh, i said.
He replied,
"Dia suda naik pangkat bah, so dia lambat datang loh"


So i just park my car nearby, and start looking for food.

But since i'm in Menggatal,i know exactly what i want to eat:

Ngiu Chap at Kedai Nyuk Pau Baru.

If you're a light eater, you can opt for a small bowl, but since tamak is my middle name hahaha, i go for a big bowl.

I believe this shop is no foreign to the NgiuChap lovers out there, but to those who dont know (ada ka? :P) and you wanna try it, this shop is situated at the block behind 7eleven.

Happy weekend!

Oct 2, 2009

The importance of sex ed

To avoid your kids from asking these questions on the internet. -_-"
!!!@_@!!! link
yes you're pregnint..bwahahaha. link
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