Nov 24, 2009

My first field work.

Dragon Inn Floating Semporna, 20.11.2009

Last week I was in Semporna for a field work, in which i was told only 4 days before departure. So off i go, reluctantly. The journey itself took 9-10 hours by road, luckily we were provided with a good driver and a Toyota Fortuner :).. but still it's tiring lah.

FYI, the subject for my research is seaweed and it is the raw material for carrageenan, which are mainly used as thickening, gelling and binding agents, as well as stabilizer in food. Carrageenan is a natural based agent hence, it is favored in food industry. However, the quality of the carrageenan produced is very much affected by the initial processing step which is, the drying of seaweed, and that is  done right after the seaweed is harvested from the sea. So my job is to dry the seaweed using different drying systems, and then determine how the heat of different drying systems affects the quality of seaweed.

What u've just read is actually a summarize of my 7 pages research proposal. More or less. :D

We stayed in Dragon Inn, the floating resort,i have complaints but since it's complimentary of XXX i better hold my tongue :). Throughout that one week I've visited the farming area of seaweed (which is 45mins-1hour journey using speedboat from the jetty), and testing an equipment purposely for seaweed's pretreatment. The latter one is very boring :p hence no pic :p :p

 That hut function as the harvest station, drying station as well as home for the seaweed planters and the family. It can accommodate 5 adults + 5 kids.

 seaweed farming area.

Sabah is indeed in abundance of natural resources, moreover there is a need for research and development specializing in seaweed, in order to increase the upstream or downstream production and its quality. Higher production means higher yield, and the farmers, subsequently our govt will get benefit from this. I hope with this i can open up one's narrow mind, thinking doing master is only to become a lecturer. It's way more than that.

What i really want is to be able to finish this research on time, and hopefully with the completion of this research, i can help a bit though not much, in developing the technology for seaweed in Sabah. That drives me :)

Till then, expect more posts alike to this :)

Take care.

Nov 17, 2009

Hope this will work

This is meant for testing only :) Will update this once i arrive in KK.

Have a great week people.

Nov 12, 2009

Ok Mell you got it!

Sekadar gambar hiasan kih kih kih

I'm testing my feed bah ni, i'm aware my blog update tidak kelihatan pula.

Nov 10, 2009


What more to say, I'm very disappointed. Either i claim for refund, or make do with the current available flight. Considering the amount of time and money put on this KL plan, i opt to just take it. Babi.

And want to know my departure date to KL? This friday, 13Nov. Double babi.

And the guy from AA who's in charge of informing all these passengers about the time change, talked in a very annoying manner, his voice is a bit raised but not up to shouting. Not getting enough sex mungkin sampai marah marah pergi kerja. Just because i, i mean we bought this ticket at zero-fare price, doesn't mean we deserve the 3rd class kind of treatment bah. Dont simply zero-fared it and change the time last minute. Time is gold, havent you heard??!!

And the Go Insure, only applies on delay flight, not extreme advance flight like 12hours!!. Cunning, i must say.

Ok, stop complaining already. Wanna check my workers in restaurant city. Have a great and productive week people.

Nov 5, 2009

Oh yeah!

No longer known as, change it to 

and the question 'why' is currently unfavorable to be answer. :D

Cheers :) 

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