Feb 21, 2010

I loveeee online store

`Would u gag upon knowing this only cost USD168.00/ MYR573, and free shipping to Malaysia? :D


And this GBP 89/ MYR 468 and free shipping as well? :D

Advance planning is going to help big time yes? *grin

Feb 20, 2010

Need to get this off my system

Bumped into someone in the past via online and decided not to have any contact with him. I've been avoiding him for 7 freaking years,so nothing is going to change. I know he's capable of putting up some stupid dramas just to get even with me, further he's very much driven by his inability to move on, all he knows is blaming it all on me,like most pussy did (not that kind of pussy you pervert). What else to say? Some people 'enjoy' building resistance to decline a change in their life.

Few friends are so stupid thinking they know everything that happened then assuming here and there, it spreads like a disease. Sickening. You dont live my life. Period.

Comment is off.

Feb 18, 2010

Mika - Blue eyes

Listen here

Come, sorrow is so peculiar
It comes in a day, then it'll never leave you
You take a pill, wonder if it will fix you
They wonder why sorrow has never left you

I'm talkin' bout blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter, matter
Blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter matter
so blind, so blind
What's the matter, matter
Blue eyes, blue eyes

Heard it first (iya kesian kan) on the radio while im on my way to school. Set aside the meaning of the lyric, i feel like memandu passing the beaches in a non-convertible car, macam di Miami haha, sambil menyanyi 'blue eyes blue eyes'. Oh i am so crazy, tell me about it haha, but that's what keeps in me in a good mood almost everyday :D So stay crazy ppl or at least, let loose. Jangan kau tekanan bah hari2, gila betul2 kau nanti haha.

Feb 15, 2010

How Tina Fey reminds me of my 'old' times

Confidence is 10% hard work and 90% delusion- Tina Fey. 

I couldnt agree more haha.

Being confident is never easy, because people tend to tag along the stupid ego with it.*sigh.

I once participated in a public speaking comp,it was 1999. All form 1 and 2 students were gathered in assembly compound,plus the teachers in-charge lah. They give you random topics, and you discuss it publicly. My topic was "penjajahan di negara kita" and seriously,i puked out all the ideas unaccordingly but still look mannered while doing it. haha. For sure a speech needs to be carried out structurally, but mine itu sangat kelam kabut but funny thing was, all of the students looked adamantly at the teenage girl speaking energetically-over in front of them. Macam gila mengkali sy di depan tu wakaka.

Only now i realize it was my crazy energy,hantam-sajalah-labu kinda ways that brings their affinity toward me,not the contents of my speech haha and maybe that's how i managed to get the 2nd place :D

I won something a year ago, i mean we coz it was a group work and i happened to be the leader of that group keke. One of the exec came to me and choose 3 of students including me to give a short speech in front of the VVIP guests. I am dumbfounded for few mins. Please kill me. 
As i stand in front of the podium, it becomes easy. And the rest is history, good ones :)

Anyone wants to share any related stories? I would love to read. :)

Feb 13, 2010

Vday's eve kikiki

Happy Chinese Year to all celebrating and of course, Happy Valentine's Day!

Saya akan meraikan Vday bersama keluarga kerana encik Fredy yg half cina itu meraikan CNY bersama keluarga dan kawan2 di Sarikei. Patut kah saya berasa sedih? Sudah tentu tidak, kegembiraan saya terletak di tangan saya sendiri. :D

On Valentine's eve (haha!), saya menjadi drebar kehormat kakak saya utk pergi berjumpa doktor di Lintas Square. Baik kan, kamu pun mau adik seperti saya bukan? Sesudah itu, saya merancang utk pergi ke Penampang utk 'survey survey' sesuatu, kakak saya lagi brilliant mencadangkan utk pergi ke Tjg Aru  pada pukul 12 tghari utk minum jus sedangkan YOYO berada di seberang jalan. Ya,sila ketuk kepala kakak saya skg. Terus saya pun menolak cadangan beliau dan saya tidak juga ke Penampang seperti yg dirancang. Sila teka saya kemana? Ya,kamu salah. Saya ke kingfisher utk mencuci kereta kerana badan kereta saya itu penuh dgn getah pokok-entah, dan kaler kereta saya itu kelihatan seperti black+ polka dot kechil. Supaya getah itu tidak melekat permanently,maka dicuci lah ia.

Jalan raya amat lenggang, saya sangat suka dan sungguh bersemangat mau pergi CP atau 1B. 'Ni ari mall buka sekejap seja la' kakak saya bilang. She's such a joy killer oh kan (biarpun apa dia cakap tu betul), oleh itu kami straight pulang ke rumah selepas mencuci kereta. Ok, itu lah cerita saya pada hari ni. 

Oh ada lagi, boleh ka saya mengadu pasal bunyi mercun yg bole membunuh org yg sakit lemah jantung dan menganggu tidur si bayi itu? So skg jgn persoalkan kenapa mercun itu di ban ok? Hmmpphh..Tapi saya masih boleh bersabar, dan saya maafkan mereka. (adeeeiiii)

Ok, have fun celebrating the days darlings! :)

Feb 11, 2010

I iz at peace

Robbers abduct two seaweed farmers

Manila joins hunt for Semporna gunmen

2 kidnapped Malaysians not in Sulu- military official

Location of kidnappers and victims still unknown 

On the contrary,

Life goes on as usual in Semporna

I'm very distracted by the news, but the plan is still on. I'm still going, and that doesn't simply indicates that i am that brave and that ignorance. Suffice to say, i know what i'm doing so does my supervisor. hehe :D

Tapi kan, I seriously dread the 11 hours road trip, kk-rnu-telupid-lahad datu-semporna that is. I've experienced enough of long journeys when i was still residing in LD, i thought it ends right after we moved to my dismay, ai iz wrong. However, if the weather permits we might opt for kk-kalabakan-semporna route, gravel road and very remote but distance-wise, it's shorter.

Ok,will update this again when the lazy bug is off me. haha. Take care ppl. Smile a lot, jangan suka menyindir.

Feb 5, 2010

Kata dua

I hold my tongue for quite sometimes and you seem to enjoy it, thinking i am incapable of being a bitch and throwing tantrums at you, even worst, you start calling me name(s). Today, i am so going to make you WISH you never know me AT ALL. Too much, yes. Blame it on yourself for NOT being man enough to handle rejection. 

Feb 3, 2010

Today's wed

I collected my updated IC today and by updated i mean with current pic and current address. I can just retain the old one and use it forever but often time during my encounter with the officer at immigration, he/she will ask me to recite my IC number and the address on it simply because i dont look like the person on that freaking IC demit. Malu besar ok? And now looking at my current IC doesnt ease me at all, that big fat face of mine will surely make the officer inquiry me again, and i can imagine how it goes

"kau kah ni? berapa umur kau time kau bergambar ni? kenapa kau gemuk disini? cuba sebut no IC kau sama alamat kau?"

Aduuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..Feels like stabbing right to my jantung already!!

That was few hours ago, now i kinda accepting my face fate, i will live with it. Officer(s),  nantikan jawapan dari ku hahaha.

Seriously lah kan, why cant we get better pic in JPN as in our 4up photos in ordinary photo studio? It must be the camera and the settings,yes? It cant be the photographer's skill, are you kidding me? Macam la org di JPN tu need to meniarap or something alike to take the pic :D

Ok that's all about my wednesday. 

Feb 2, 2010


After 4 months of intensive journals reading, finally i managed to write a 6 pages research proposal. Maka diri ini pun merasakan sungguh stress-less lah buat masa ini. Btw, my first lab work on drying systems is going to be at the end of this month, in Semporna (again). My supervisor suda awal2 remind me this:

" If you ada bf, dia kena faham la dengan kerja u ni,u ni kene banyak jalan tau ". 

"I know Dr. dont worry" i said. Padahal that isnt my main concern, dalam hati 'aish,susah suda mau plan jalan2 kalau begini' hahaha. I know in the 1st place that once i join this group i need to stay mobile anytime, including during public holidays @_@ but i believe i'm working with bunch of nice/talented/wise people that worship holidays like me hahaha, and i dont think they too want to work during holidays.  I'm a positive person,u see haha.

My research as i told is mainly about seaweed so i'm going to work closely to laut lautan and  pulau pulauan. It's just natural of me if i want to learn swimming bah kan? Can anyone suggest me anyone/any place that offers swimming lesson in KK? Jangan bilang sana stadium likas, kasi spesifik nama pengajar dia (eh eh mau jadi garang pula hahaha). Kalau ada FEMALE readers yg pandai berenang dan cukup baik hati mau ajar diri ini, lagi bagus :D 

And, my reading routine has made me a person yang sungguh tidak suka menulis, tapi enjoy membaca hence the lack of updates in this blog, but i enjoy reading other ppl's (fiction or non fiction) stories. I once heard  a lecturer mention that, in order to write a good research proposal, one need to read more and more and more journals. One can be very good in english but at the end of the day, it's not your language competency that counts but how you write it. Now i get it. :)

Ok,i hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoy reading yours. Take care ppl. 

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