May 25, 2010


 Aiseymen, as if anyone bother about it.

1. My research is progressing. I've tested the dryer, and the result is in line with the hypotheses with the max temperature reached is 63degC woohoo. Samples have been analyzed, results were put into graphs, report for first trial is done, handed to supervisor and he seems satisfied :p thus, i can have peace during holidays teehee :D Up next is running few trials,then improvisation, and hopefully i can publish a paper (two would be great hehe) before year end. If i manage to do that, that'll be a great personal achievement for me.

2. I've finalized a theme for my big day, already set the date, found a potential venue (yet), found a potential photog and videog (i already set my heart to it, i got to have their services). Up next is to do the reservations and bookings. My pre wedding photo shoot is on Dec because that is the only time both of us are available, so does the availability of jofann@'s brid@l team (their schedule is seriously packed, make me -_-"""""). Good things requires patience, let's keep it that way for the time being :)

I'm on my way to complete my MSc (by research) in full time mode and yet, prepping for my big day sooonnnnnnnn. Get the gist ? :D

Not updates.

I rarely have a decent conversation nowadays, most of the time i think i am talking to their egos. kalau yang satu tu begini, the other one pula nda mau kalah. kalau yg satu tu cakap lain, the other one pun nda mau nampak buduh terus minta puji lah. Human to some extent is capable of fooling themselves in order to get other peoples' acceptance, approval. When they dont get it, what they normally do is apa lagi, cakap besar lah hence the saying 'the loudest man in the room is the weakest'. That, i quote from the movie American Gangster.

Ok. I think that's all for now. Have a great day people.

May 20, 2010

Save the kinabatangan animals

That my friend is the campaign that is worth to promote.
The Orang Utan, Sumatran Rhinoceros & Pygmy Elephant are but three out of 10 rare species of animals that call the Kinabatangan home. DiGi, in aid of WWF’s Kinabatangan Corridor of Life (K-CoL) Reforestation Project, seeks to ensure that this continues for generations to come. The K-CoL seeks to connect isolated blocks of forests along the Kinabatangan, which will eventually allow wider wildlife movement as well as improve the quality of habitat along the forest corridor. This will also contribute towards restoring the ecological integrity of the K-CoL floodplain and help to conserve endangered wildlife and support ecotourism.
 Click HERE and find out how you can take part in this campaign.

If you read this far, i thank you for the attention :)

May 18, 2010

mau pigi ikea bahhhh.

Pergi satu kali seja nda cukup,sebab first time adalah moment utk kebaru-baruan haha. Second time and onwards adalah proses membeli belah yang suda dirancang sebab sudah tahu dimana position lampu2, pisau2, dan perabot2 minimalis. Tahun ini akan ada byk peristiwa so tahun depan sajalah itu beli belah sebab saya sudah berjaya membeli free seat punya air ticket penat tangan saya klik itu refresh. Do you know, a kid of age 2 yrs and above is considered as an adult in AirAsia? Oh you better know it by now.

Plus, sangat tidak sabar suda mau makan itu Beard Papa puff. Am salivating while typing this *telan telan*.

8 months to go, i better bring myself back to reality. Auuummm.

May 15, 2010

How to spend your saturday?

Easy, by main mekap2 :p

Not a makeover but a makeup workshop, which basically means i'm the one who did the makeups *grin* BUT of course aided by the pro herself :)

Conducted by the professional make up artist, Beverly Shim, of M.U.A.H (make up and hairdo studio) located in Grand Plaza Millenium, Penampang, it only takes 3 hours to complete. It was conducted in a group of  4 hence there's no way for any of us to not getting her attention. +1 on that. And ada sijil juga, make it +1 lagi. teehee :)

May 14, 2010

The dad

Dad finally got a FB account last week, and to date he has 117 friends or should i say our close and distant families from around the world? :D Yes that is his sole reason of having a FB account. I remember being so reluctant over his intention of having a FB account, till i refuse to lend him my laptop that he bought 3 years ago, but at the end can you guess who is the one guiding him in doing so? haha macam saya oh kan.

One good thing is that, i get to know my relatives that i never been introduced of. Make it two good things, now i know i'm from the Kanju generation, from my grandma side lah. (Mau suku abad suda saya ni, sekarang baru saya tau saya dari keturunan apa?! hoh *facepalm)

Ok,enough of that. I'm about to learn a new thing tmrw teeheee. Not that it is a new thing for me but it's an upgrade of what i normally do so still it's a new thing bah kan? :D

Till then.

May 9, 2010

Got it!

I know this sounds sooo ancient but i just got to tell I OWN SI ALVIN PUNYA CD LEARNING YOU SUDA!! haha. I personally love 'Sing a song' and 'Cincin', and since those songs come after another naahhhh, balik2 la sy rewind the two songs bah. And Vin, congrats on ur coming big day :)
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