Feb 28, 2008


I still remember back in matrix, when my lecturer was looking at the student name list ,trying to choose the so called representative in the class (ya,by name bah he choose), he suddenly said "Who is Mellona?", and that's it..She was the chosen one. haha.. This name does stands out among the others. Why? because it's weird. I'm not sure whether it is weird in a good way or the opposite. But so far, this name does benefit me in sooo many ways. I've asked my dad once, why does it has to be Mellona? Why on earth i am so unlike my sisters and bros, in which carry a typical name.. He simply answered, "Mellona tu cantik bah". Adoii..I know he's only trying to make me feel good cause he knows what happened to me at school. During childhood, i was having a hard time carrying this name. You know kids really like to tease me by calling me Milo la, watermelon la. WTF. It does affect my self esteem during that time. But since dad define Mellona as pretty, i trust dad la. hehe.. I remember a friend of mine told me on how she first mention about my name in front of her sis. Her sis then said " Wah,cantik o tu nama. Mesti orang dia cantik kan". I laughed. That's all i can do. However, there was also moments whereby people showed me the raised- eyebrow-type-of- look after hearing my name. I myself find it weird, ini kan pula other people. And today, i googled my name (Yes i did). And this one catch my attention. Honey in Latin huh? haha..okay. Now,at this age, Mellona is indeed a great name to carry. The weirdness of the name somehow makes me gain the attention. And the attention is indeed a good foundation for me to stand out among the others. For those who knows me well, they should understand what i'm talking about. (I'm having test tomorrow and here i am, blogging bout my name. The persuasion of this Mellona is just irresistible.)

Feb 27, 2008

Kena tagged!

Tagged by Ann Name 5 Things You Want For Christmas 1. 'Gingy' the Gingerbread man keychain aka kawan si Shrek 2. Wii 3. O2 PDA phone 4. Kena 4D, 1st prize..hahahaha 5. Makanan yg best2. Name 5 Thing You Want For Valentine's Day I only want 1 thing..i want my loved ones to be around. Name 5 People Who Are Close To You Apart from my family: 1. Fred 2. Rustiah 3. Ira 4. Suzie 5. that's all. Name 5 Things That Make You Mad 1. Bad service at Ocean King Seafood Restaurant in Sandakan. WTF. 2. Pilaks (yeah ann!) 3. Pendengki..nah,new vocab. 4. People shouting at me. 5. Period pain. luckily, i dont often experience that..hehe Name 5 Things That You Like 5 only? hishhh... 1. the course that i'm taking 2. the fact that i'm loved by so many people 3. my Fred. 4. Prawns and Steambot. 5. $$ Name 5 Things That You Dislikes Same as in Q4. I'm gonna tag... No one..hehe

Feb 24, 2008


I always find it difficult to forgive people. Simply because i dont want to. But being a forgetful person does benefit me in some other way, and i'm more likely to forget most of the things. hurtful ones. And i am 200% disagree with the saying that goes ' People can forgive but cannot forget', because thing works the other way round to me. But today, i discovered this that might shift my view on certain things. MIGHT. Nevertheless, i'm glad i found that.

I'm back..

..from misery Sandakan. Frankly, that's the bitchiest experience i have so far! I will let you people know bout the details later. I lost my watch,and i'm not happy. and i should end this post this way

Feb 21, 2008

Going away..

..for a field trip in Sandokan..opss..Sandakan tomorrow. The trip is prepared last minute,miraculously jadi, resulting the works to be in pending mode right now. *sigh* Sandakan, here i come. Do whatever you want to me.

Feb 19, 2008

RIP Lydia Shum Din Ha

She was one of the greatest HK female comedian. I love her since kiddos time, and still loves her acting till now. Click here for more. She will be sorely missed. May her soul rest in peace.

happy happy happy

Things that makes me happy..

My first trial for macro shot


I love this cute dog and i need to pinch someone rite now..gerammmm..


this gender confused chick..haha..


Hope these make you happy too..

Feb 18, 2008

My reactions

Type ur reactions when 'somebody' say these phrases to u... WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS LIKE THAT? ~~like what? I JUST REALIZED NOW THAT I LOVE YOU. ~~ *blushing + speechless* LEAVE HIM/HER. YOU'LL BE MUCH MORE HAPPY WITH ME. ~~ oh really? can u just go to hell? COME ON. SMILE. YOU'RE CUTE WHEN YOU DO ~~ *smile along the way until the muscle cramp* I BOUGHT YOUR FAV. SNACK ~~ owh,so sweet of you. but i refuse to share. hehe.. I AM SO BLESSED TO HAVE SOMEONE LIKE YOU. ~~ *big hug to you* WHY DOES MONDAY COME BEFORE TUESDAY? ~~ because God created so. I MISS YOU ~~ i miss you too baby (applicable to BF and close friends only!) I HAVE TWO TICKETS TO THE LINKIN PARK CONCERT. WANNA COME WITH ME? ~~Linkin pork? oopss, park? no thanks. U R BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME ~~ thanks. YOU ARE ONE OF THE MOST SPECIAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE. DID YOU KNOW THAT? ~~ i do now (n____n) I THINK IM FALLING FOR YOU ~~ *blushing + smiling + speechless* I CANT SMILE WITHOUT YOU ~~then dont! U GAVE ME A LOVELY BIRTHDAY CARD, I REALLY LOVE IT.. ~~ oh well, not a big deal. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, BUT YOU JUST AREN'T HIM/HER ~~ by saying that,u have joined the dumbass club. NOTHING! ~~ taik! WHAT SHUD I DO TO WIN U BACK? ~~ just die. WHATS YOUR MOBILE NUMBER? ~~ why do u want that? (asking innocently) hehe..

Feb 17, 2008

Cupid done this

....and his masterpiece shall be continue...

I've been waiting for you..

Oh yes..i've been waiting for this I was only 7 when i heard the song. kecik kecik lagi suda pandai dengar lagu cinta. hehe..

Feb 14, 2008

Feb 13, 2008

Spread the love people..

Me and BF are not the type that celebrates the V-day. Every activities in V-day are carried out by us in daily basis, so we think what's the fuss with that merely 1 day? Nevertheless, i do love Valentine's, because that's when i can see the love is 'physically' around the air. I love to see the cute stuffs that suddenly popped out in the market during this day. I love to see couples walking hand together,and smiling all the way. I just love LOVE. BTW, there's one song that keeps lingering in my mind now. Destiny's Child- Cater To You Baby I See You Working Hard I Want To Let You Know I'm Proud, Let You Know That I Admire What You Do The More If I Need To Reassure You, My Life Would Be Purposeless Without You If I Want It When I Ask You You Inspire Me To Be Better You Challenge Me For The Better Sit Back And Let Me Pour Out My Love Letter Let Me Help You Take Off Your Shoes Untie Your Shoestrings Take Off Your Cufflinks What You Want To Eat Boo? Let Me Feed You Let Me Run Your Bathwater Whatever You Desire, I'll Aspire Sing You A Song Turn The Game On I'll Brush Your Hair Help Put Your Do Rag On Want A Foot Rub? You Want A Manicure? Baby I'm Yours I Want To Cater To You Boy [Chorus] Let Me Cater To You Cause Baby This Is Your Day Do Anything For My Man Baby You Blow Me Away I Got Your Slippers, Your Dinner, Your Dessert, And So Much More Anything You Want Just Let Me Cater To You Inspire Me From The Heart, Can't Nothing Tear Us Apart You're All That I Want In A Man; I Put My Life In Your Hands I Got Your Slippers, Your Dinner, Your Dessert, And So Much More Anything You Want, I Want To Cater To You Baby I'm Happy You're Home, Let Me Hold You In My Arms I Just Want To Take The Stress Away From You Making Sure That I'm Doing My Part Boy Is There Something You Need Me To Do If You Want It Say The Word I Know Whatever I'm Not Fulfilling Another Woman Is Willing I'm Going To Fulfill Your Mind, Body, And Spirit I Promise You I'll Keep Myself Up Remain The Same Chick You Fell In Love With I'll Keep It Tight, I'll Keep My Figure Right I'll Keep My Hair Fixed, Keep Rocking The Hottest Outfits When You Come Home Late Tap Me On My Shoulder, I'll Roll Over Baby I Heard You, I'm Here To Serve You If It's Love You Need, To Give It Is My Joy All I Want To Do, Is Cater To You Boy [Chorus] I Want To Give You My Breath, My Strength, My Will To Be Here That's The Least I Can Do, Let Me Cater To You Through The Good The Bad The Ups And The Downs I'll Still Be Here For You Let Me Cater To You Cause You're Beautiful I Love The Way You Are Fulfill Your Every Desire Your Wish Is My Command I Want To Cater To My Man Your Heart So Pure Your Love Shines Through The Darkness We'll Get Through So Much Of Me Is You I Want To Cater To My Man [Chorus] Happy Valentine's Day in advance people! Love each other or perish.

Feb 12, 2008

Rain rain go away..

Come again another day.. Oh well,life would be good if it is so easy. Ya,rain is good.....before. Somehow,it accelerates our sleep. But the raining marathon that has been going since Sunday really kills me. My leg is getting numb, the clothes is left wet, unmotivated to go school and etc. Hope this wont stay. Give me back my sunshine.

Feb 9, 2008

The Lucky Me

My soon-to-be mechanical engineer BF has been more than just a helping hand for my biodiesel plant design project,i think he's already a part of it. Most of the design drawings were done by him, and i'm just so grateful. Bah dear, you're the part and parcel of the group. You must join our viva too. Hehe.. Thanks for the constant patient and for the sanity that you kept when my madness strike. Oh well, I'm just so lucky. (.....i agree with you dear)

You dont have to know these..

The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Oh well, i've been two timed! haha.. ******************************* Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear better. No wonder..I understand now. hehe.. ******************************* It is impossible to lick your elbow. Ok,go on trying. Curiosity can kill you sometimes ^_* ******************************* Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. OMG! Add sulphate and their hair can conduct an electricity. ******************************* 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 Wow. That's cool. *******************************

Q. If you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you would find the letter "A"?

A. One thousand Wah,u really maximize the arithmetic usage! ***********************************

Q. What do bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser printers all have in common?

A. All were invented by women. Another reason why women should exist. **********************************

Q. What is the only food that doesn't spoil?

A. Honey Bah, experiment right away.... ***********************************

Q. Which day are there more collect calls than any other day of the year?

A. Father's Day Oh well. Lazy to go back home ka? ******************************** Will continue this later. Too many crazy facts to sort out. Till then.

Feb 6, 2008

Mansau Ansau sort of day: Part 2

As promised, here are some of the pictures taken during the skating session at the 4th floor of Kompleks Asia City (or fondly known as KAC among the locals).

in case you guys feel the magnetism

If you're a newbie, do bring your friends along. And you might need LOTS of 'em

and if you're really a hardcore newbie, you might get lotsa new friends there.

Each game lasts for 2 hours, but we only played for one and a half hour. It's really tiring eh. For the first 30min, i already sweat. hehe..For the 1st timer,initially you guys should learn how to balance yourself,and learn how to get up once u fall. Those are the most crucial steps!

Done with that, we headed to Warisan Square to have our lunch. Plus the tiredness, we were so hungry like a baby kingkong.

the kingkongs sekalian chosen this place.

The meals:

All these are so heavenly delicious!

I am so going to do this again!!

To all who celebrating..

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Feb 3, 2008

His crazy side emerge!

1- Dog

2- colorful centipedes

3- Prawn

4- Giraffe

5- Koala

All these were drawn during the chat. Crazy suda my BF this.

Mansau Ansau sort of day: Part 1

Last week, one of my friends ask me to join them to go mansau ansau at the city. Without any second thought, i agree!

Early this morning, we went to Tamu at Gaya Street.

butterflies for sale!

Gamat aka Sea cucumber

Gong! A traditional music instrument for the kadazandusun

The sea shells from the Seashore..haha..

Pearls! there are tonnes of this kind here..BORING!!

Gaya Street's Layer Cake..hehehe..that cost rm20 bah.

this cute lil fella for sell

this one also..wish i can pinch this cutey..

These are only few things that caught my interest. I bet, lots of you who has been there got lots to fond of (or already get bored of those!).

After almost 2 hours of loitering, we went to Asia City Complex for skating..recalling the moments,it tickles me to the bone. haha..

Will write about that later..(hopefully, cross finger..hehe)

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