May 23, 2008

Long distance relationship..

*sigh* The mode will be on in another 3 days. Emo Smile. And both of us do not know how long it would be before we meet again. No one chooses to be in a long distance relationship and i've never meet anyone who set out to purposely find someone living thousands km away. But in this life journey, we might meet someone and when cupid’s arrow hits, there’s no turning around. The arrow pierced me so hard, till i don't want to lose grip of this lucky guy. But knowing me and him are not of the same state, i always know this moment will come. And i have no option other than to face it like a real man lady. Never mind, love is created to win. I have faith in this. p/s: Please don't tell me what i should do. This post is meant to purge out all the unnecessary feelings.


Tal said...


Mell said...

thanks tal. i want many of that now.

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