Dec 31, 2007

Planet-Pulse Travel Survey

Unlike most of the people,i enjoy doing survey. Well,it cause no harm,so why not?

Last 2 months i completed a travel survey from Planet-Pulse. Initially, one of my buddy in friendster forward me a link that direct me to the Planet-Pulse web. I am requested to register as a member (for free!) and i need to fill in some personal details eg. name,address for 'sending the reward' purpose. Then, questionnaires were given. Nah,i finished it in less than 5 min. cool

Then,last week i received a letter,in white envelope. very thin one. It cant be a love letter,i guess. Cant be a job offer letter also. As soon as i opened it...tada..

(Took the pic by using my handphone)

I got the so called reward from Planet-Pulse: A Pizza Hut Voucher. Although i dont like pizza hut,at least they keep their words for it. Who on earth will give such reward for a 5 min job?

Nah,if you think you want to try one, just follow the link at the bottom of the banner. Enjoy!

Get paid for your opinions! Click on the banner above to join Planet Pulse. Its totally free to sign up, and you can earn UNLIMITED. Find out more by visiting PLANET PULSE.

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