Nov 10, 2009


What more to say, I'm very disappointed. Either i claim for refund, or make do with the current available flight. Considering the amount of time and money put on this KL plan, i opt to just take it. Babi.

And want to know my departure date to KL? This friday, 13Nov. Double babi.

And the guy from AA who's in charge of informing all these passengers about the time change, talked in a very annoying manner, his voice is a bit raised but not up to shouting. Not getting enough sex mungkin sampai marah marah pergi kerja. Just because i, i mean we bought this ticket at zero-fare price, doesn't mean we deserve the 3rd class kind of treatment bah. Dont simply zero-fared it and change the time last minute. Time is gold, havent you heard??!!

And the Go Insure, only applies on delay flight, not extreme advance flight like 12hours!!. Cunning, i must say.

Ok, stop complaining already. Wanna check my workers in restaurant city. Have a great and productive week people.

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Frankie said...

Poor you... i experienced some bad times with AA too. I've been thinking that when their business is good and become better, they tend to forget about manners and satu lagi dia pikir terlampau hibatlah kerja pakai itu AA uniform...dia ka yg beli itu airbus? bukan. bapa dia? pun bukan.

PS: Nice to read ur blog.

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