Jun 18, 2011

Guess who's among featured

in J0fanna Bridal hihi :D (click to enlarge)

167 days before my KK wedding reception, and Sarikei wedding reception (in long house woohoo cant wait!) is 13 days after that. Guess what, i've done finalizing most of the essentials for KK reception since last April teehee
  • Venue (booked and deposits paid)
  • Wedding cards without insert are given (the inserts are already designed by hubby,just have to finalized it, print it and stick it inside the card)
  • Photographer (booked)
  • MUA (booked)
  • Decorator (booked. actually i can just make do with the deco provided but it's my day bah, so saya mau yg lain banyak hehe)
  • Wedding favor/door gift- already provided but being me, i want them to bring home and taste the yummy-licious blueberry cheese tart ever! Already booked, but amount belum finalized. 
  • Gowns and coat for groom and dad are provided by J.Bridal but again being me yang inda pandai puas, i still contemplating either to jahit my dress or pakai saja gowns provided. New gowns are coming somemore. ehmmm. 
For my long house reception, masih banyak lagi mau buat. I cant just let my husband and family do it themselves walaupun that is their receptions' side.I have to go to Sarikei and meet the decorator (coz in long house, the bride and groom is seated in a sort of 'pelamin'). Other than that:
  • Another round of wedding cards particularly for Sarikei's reception
  • I need to get ready with wedding favor juga, i've been eye-ing on this particular cute boxes. I might book it in near time and do COD (cash on delivery) when i go to KL soon.
  • I need to get my baju kadazan ready!
  • I have to find a tasty cake,thinking of getting cup cake juga but mau cari org bikin cupcake lagi sana Sarikei in which saya belum penah jumpa lagi. Any suggestions?
  • I need to get ready with VCD karaoke himpunan lagu lagu terbaik dusun. Kasi gagar itu longhouse sama lagu dusun yaaahhhh.
  • I need to find my wedding shoes suda and pakai pusing2 dirumah.

Honestly, with all these along with my studies, i feel no stress at all. I get stress with my studies saja la, but the wedding prep, i think all goes according to plan coz i executed it early. Kadang2 ada juga yang tanya saya tu 'ah lama lagi bah ko punya majlis tu,buat apa juga mau awal'..alalala, it december ba and school holiday lagi, musim kahwin lagi. I dont want to risk of not getting what i want for my big day. Plus, not only my reception is on December, but, i have to at least submit my thesis submission notice by October. All towards year end oh. So again,my time management has to be at its best.

Another milestones is on October! I shall update you by then :D

p/s i think the 30DBC day 21-your footwear collections have to put it on hold. I shall resume with day 22 sebab tidak payah image yg banyak2 and tidak payah gambar itu koleksi kasut2 :D

Till then! :)


Kris and Nadia said...

Yeay, gambate Mell :) kdg2 pening kan kepala mo buat prep kahwin ni :) hihi.. btw, cant wait to receive 'surat saman' dari ko ..hehe

Chii said...

gud luck 4 ur wedding prep n future wedding reception!

hehe..when my time comes, i must ask u for "guidelines" :))

chegu carol said...

good for you cos it's good to start early. less fening2 org bilang....itu himpunan lagu2 dusun tu...lagu Tanak Kampung ada masuk? kan femes kunu skrg tu..smpai pigi clubbing pun ni lagu balik2 keluar ni hehehe....

21-your footwear collections? so interested. ada sdh ko buat kah ni?

Mell_f said...

Nadia: nanti Oct sy kasi ah,masih blum siap itu surat hihi :D

Chii: thanks! :D no problem,sharing is caring hehe.

Mell_f said...

Carol: itu day 21 koleksi footwear bulum buat oh,habis malas ai mau gambar satu2. berlumpur2 lagi tu kasut, malaarrr hujan haha.

Tanak kg harus masuk,femes kan. even di gaya street tu ari sy nampak itu mat salleh beli ba cd dia.

Joanne Juend said...

i want that surat for sarikei! boleh?? :D

Mell_f said...

Juend: boleh,itu open for all tu. nanti sy kasi map.

memeljoan said...

Aduii, rindu pula sa time busy2 buat wedding prep...ngam tu ko sedia awal2 supaya nanti tidak kelam kabut...bah, sa pun tunggu juga 'surat saman' ni...ehehehhe

Just said...

the list plg manang oo.. nyway, all da best.. :D

Mell_f said...

Memeljoan: hehehehehe orait! :)

Just: thanks ah,fening jg ni urus but starting early helps a lot.

Lizeewong said...

Waaa...Siok oh your wedding ni. Di long house lagi! CAn't wait to see the photos nanti :)

Mell_f said...

Lizee: yah i cant wait myself teehee.

Jj said...

ba, selamat membuat persediaan kio moi...ngam la tu ko buat awal2. sa rasa dulu sa byk kasi delay2 preparation sa...hihi...ya, butul ckp chegu :) jan lupa tapau lagu tanak kampung p sarikei k..hehehe...

Cherrie.Mia said...

Mell Jofanna bridal ok kah?heard frm someone yg they r the best bridal in town ni...and dorang ada provide kan jahit bridal goun tu..

Mell_f said...

Hi Cherrie, macam teda pula dorang provide jahit gaun tu. tapi kalau mo beli/rent gown ada :)

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