Dec 11, 2010


When i lost my luggage in lcct and survived 2 nights with the same underwear (i read you,i washed it ok), this word necessity comes into perspective. Before this incident, i assumed these are my necessities for short period of travel:
  1. Toiletries: toothbrush,toothpaste, facial cleanser, day and night cream, uv body lotion, comb, hair serum, deodorant, miniature perfume, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, Daia soap powder
  2. phone and camera charger
  3. solutions for contact lenses
  4. underwear and bras. lots of it.
  5. shirts/blouses and jeans/long pants. lots of it.
  6. meds: paracetamol and my skin cream.
2 nights without my bag, i survived with only these
  1. toiletries: (newly bought) toothbrush,toothpaste,comb,deodorant,body lotion, shampoo,Daia soap powder
  2. a pair of underwear and bra.
  3. a pair of blouse and jeans.
 I know these would only applicable when we have limitations, siapa juga mau beli 10 helai baju just because the luggage is mia for only few days but when i think of something, it definitely connects to the other aspect of my current life. Now i'm avoiding retail therapy because i tend to buy unnecessary things, and surrounded by guilty afterward. I dont like the feeling yet i keep doing it. I'm fully aware of that, and for that reason, it is wise of me to decline any sort of credit card promotions yang sungguh bermaharajalela di mall skg. Plus i'm not employed and it's satisfying using my own real money :)

I rather be traditional in spending, if i can afford it, i buy it. If i cant afford it now, i'll save money till i can afford it. Perhaps you can say i am not adventurous/too cautious enough in financial, be it. I live my life my own way. Most people cant just accept the fact 'i cant afford it' coz it's norm to relate 'can afford it' with 'i have money'. When 'i cant afford it' means 'i dont have money', what it does to someone's ego?Exactly!

Ok,from lost luggage to someone's ego, now you know to what extent my mind can go wandering haha. It's only my 2 cents ppl. You dont have to agree with me :)


Lizeewong said...

Sorry about your lost luggage. I know EXACTLY how you feel cos I lost mine 2 years ago. Never got it back. Anyway, I'm with you on the no-credit card principle. I tend to over-spend with CC. :)

Mell_f said...

Yea,i know my spending habit,cc is a big no with capital N hehe.

So sorry for your long gone luggage. Memang bikin panas oh.

Kris and Nadia said...

Alalaa.. mesti ko kapanas tu kan hilang beg,sori to hear juga..

But Mell, I have to agree wif you :D me too feel regret kalu beli benda yg x perlu, sampai kris pun ckp "nah kan, i've told ya" ...huhu.. now, mau spend wisely, it's not about we can afford it or not kan, but it's about how wise we spend the money :D (*tapi lain la kalu anak org kaya, padulila dorg.. hehe )

Mell_f said...

Nad: mula2 sy tau sy hilang beg,ketawa dulu sy sebab kami group check in. banyak2 brg,beg sy jg hilang. The chosen one kunun kawan sy bilang wakaka.

Itu lah,have to spend wisely on what's necessary ba kan. mmg susah juga mo lari dari itu desire but i keep reminding myself jgn terlebey2.

Just said...

astaga hilang luggage??! i cant imagine oo... klu baju2 ja ndapa tp bikin panas jg kan..

amory said...

astga luggage ilang ka?itu la part yg paling2 sa nda suka klu naik kapal...

Credit card yeah same here "big NO"...mcm menyusahkan adalah CC ni...kira mcm berhutang la tu dulu..coz hujung bulan baru once nda terbyr tu yg payah betul tu.

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