Dec 19, 2010

*Excessive usage of you you you but it does not mean you but the………. wall :p :p

We have a pair of eyes and ears, and a brain to process the signal sent from our senses. Having said that, it’s only natural to believe what we see, what we listen to based on what we believe is right for ourselves

This justifies your judgments over somebody yes?

I personally think its ok to judge because if it’s a bad or good judgment, you’ll only do harm to your mental state only. The rest is either you can handle the post emotions out of it or not.

BUT it is not ok to make other people believe that your judgment is real. Fiction becomes non fiction.  

e.g Mula2 bergosip,then predators tidak puas hati sebab tidak cukup ‘info’. So they start watching every moves of its victim(s), judging starts, and then make it official that is what really took place. Predators feel happy to have settled the puzzle and start spreading around.

This is so common it happened anytime and anywhere.

You can judge but it doesn't give you the ultimate right to make other people believe as what you believe. Peduli lah kalau you stay in the same house with the person kah, atau you are bestfriends kah, atau you sit next to his/her table in the office kah, read me now: You can make full use of your eyes and ears then judge but at the end of the day, it’s only your state of mind and if you want to voice it, that is what we call ADVICE.

The one who knows better is the one involved in the problem/dilemma.
The real action in the real world is taken by the one who is in the problem/dilemma.
So please don’t put yourself down to the lowest ground and take these roles from them. You have ur own life, don’t you?

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