Nov 23, 2011

9 days!

I went to JBridal for gown testing today. I gain extra weight here and there but ok lah, muat juga...waktu berdiri lah haha..waktu duduk main tahan2 nafas seja la auummm.

One of the gown i opt for :)
That was one of my pre wedding pictures. I wore it during sunset shot, the gown is glowing dibawah sinaran matahari sunset. I am the first one to wear it coz ramai yang tidak muat in it since the gown is using a zipper instead of the typical lace up corset. 

Another gown i shall reveal after the reception oukay? :D

What else? Oh i've selected my bouquet juga. pinkish gerbera and purple rose. Nice yes? I shall plant si gerbera at home in future. harap2 tumbuh la coz i like them soooo veryyyyyy much.

Somemore..i've been wanting to write about this since last week. One important advice to share with future brides among the readers. Please please please be careful upon selecting your wedding vendor, be it your decorator pelamin ka, caterer ka, tukang buat kek ka, tukang pasang canopy ka, everything. Pigi lah read testimonial about their service. Fb works most of the time. Bukan terus pigi klik 'photo' utk tgk previous work dorang coz it might be bogus, manatau kopipasta dari internet.

I've read a post shared by my friend about penipu punya wedding planner in kk. I dont want to type the detail in here, it's not the nature of this blog (hahaha). For more info,my fb friends can find the post in my wall coz i shared it as well. Cerita cerita yang tidak bagus pasal wedding ni bukan utk kasi aib siapa siapa, anggap saja sebagai pengajaran utk kita to be extra cautious. I dont enjoy reading the details, i cant even imagine the horror.

After you hv read the post, i guess you'll know what to do. Not that you have obligation of doing something but, you know what i mean lah.

Ok lah, i think that's all to share. Other stuffs shall be reveal after 9 days ok. Banyak lagi kerja mau buat, malar lagi menaip2 disini haha.

Take care y'all! :)


chegu carol said...

eh saya fb friends kau ka tu ah? kepingin mau baca juga ni :)

so soon!

Armstrong said...

Mesti busy brabis suda ni kan... a few more days. Mesti kasi tunjuk gambar-gambar sini a. Kasi penuh blog ko, Mell ;D

Mell_f said...

Carol: haha semangat. added u :)

Arms: yg bz berabis bukan pasal kawin,tp pasal mo kasi siap tesis alalala. jangan kawatir pasal gambar,mmg panuh punya wahaha.

Jj said...

ba, selamat berkahwin mell :) hihi

aDRynna said...

Hi mell... Just followed u.. May i know what is ur fb profile.. Wanna see the post about the wedding vendors.. Hehe

Mell_f said...

Jj: haha bah thanks kio :)

Adrynna: hello :). maybe u can give me ur email then i can give u the link?

Cherrie.Mia said...

eh Mell ko share la sini link tu..kepingin mahu tau...bukan mau bzbody tapi nanti mahu urus2x takut tekena yg enda ngam..

Mell_f said...

Wuuu ok lah. the wedding planner name is 1nai LagenDa. So hati2 la ah.

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