Dec 7, 2011

After 3.12.2011

Wedding reception for KK side is done, now left with Sarikei side. And the venue is atttttttt *drum rolls* 

long house!

It's going to be an occasion with lots of tuaks and beer, karaoke frenzy, poco poco and whatnots. I can only imagine ha ha ha ha.

I havent got any pictures from my kk side wedding reception, actually i had few but hubbeh brought his camera back to Kuching (kch).  Speaking of which, i'm going to fly off kk to kch this afternoon, this one's for good. Of course the sadness is there but, i am still here in KK because my husband let me to pursue what i've started while he stays alone in Kch. Sedih ok stay sendiri2 tiada wife dirumah urus itu ini.

So hubbeh, i'm kambing homeeeeee. Ambil gue di airport nanti yaaaahhh.

About my reception in KK, I'm glad i get many positive feedback from most of my guests. Food wise, overall said good, entertainment tidak payah cakap la haha. Macam penyanyi2 bah yg datang pigi reception saya tu heee :), one of 'em is Juend. Emcee performed great, you know what he did? two of my friends were singing Celine Dion's 'because you loved me'. If you know the song well, there's one distinct high note before last chorus.
You know what happened when my friends reached that note?
My emcee mute the volume, left only my friends voice yg bertariak. hahaha. Nasib nafas dorang panjang boleh sustained the high note. That's sooo funny sampai terstop sekijap conversation saya dgn rakan rakan ok. With that,i never listen to that song the same way again. So fani.

Of course there were things that didn't went as planned. I never expect 2 of my tables were unoccupied, coz i am very certain the guests sitting in that table have confirmed their attendance. What hurt me the most was that, they dont even bother to inform either to me or my husband for not showing up. I remember i invited all friends and families, bukan orang yang baru kenal kami 2-3 hari. Uh i'm so emo about this. A friend trying to console us, dia bilang 'itu bukan kawan lah tu kalau begitu'. I'd like to believe so.

I know this kind of situation is expected to happen in every wedding, but i cant accept it despite my awesome reception. So friends, respond accordingly to any wedding reception u're about to attend.
Tidak dapat datang, cakap saja tidak.
Maybe attending, cakap saja maybe tapi kasi confirm
Dapat datang, cakap datang and confirmed. kalau tidak datang juga, inform somebody. If u have last minute situation to face that refrain you from coming, we would understand but at least, inform us. Dont make us feel that we are inviting outsiders who didnt bother about the wedding at all. 

I'm getting more emo, should've stop now.

And by the way, the foods for the 2 unoccupied tables were already cooked, i have to distributed the foods to my guests who stayed till the end of the event. Most of my families went home early, they were driving back to Ranau that night juga ok -_-".

Since i dont have any pictures to share, i'll let you see the pics from Beverly, the makeup artist for my special day. here's the facebook page MuaH KK

Courtesy of MuaH KK

Courtesy of MuaH KK
Ok, that's all to share for now.  More picah coming soon! yiheeee.


Chii said...

wah..u r leaving for good...that sounds scary (scary for leaving "comfort zone"). that's what i feel when i imagine. but siuk la dekat sda dgn husband. nda lg jauh2. siksa ba long-distance ni kan...

anyway, congrats on ur successful wedding reception!

Mell_f said...

Chii: Thanks! :D After marriage,scared of leaving the comfort zone is never the main issue anymore. You'll understand someday.

And u know what,boleh tahan jg procedures mo jadi Swak citizen oh. will blog about it soon after i got it :)

beaty said...

sa suka tu hairstyle ni.cantik gia tu

Mell_f said...

Beaty: yeay,rambut yg sikit jadi byk tu guna style gitu. and most ppl thought it was fake hair aduhai.

Sweetie~ said...

congrats on your wedding. kuching will be a better place to stay than kk....:)

Armstrong said...

Wa goin to leave Sabah for good? Nda apa ba, dekat ja tu. Sebelah ja. Wahahaa.

Daripada sia sini seberang laut cina selatan. LOL.

Eniweiz, congrats on your wedding Mell. Meriah o kan. Semua pun cakap wedding ko awesome kan hehee. But I agree with you regarding those two tables. Not only is it wasting of money, but sad because like you said, bukan urang asing you invite kan. But maybe they do have their reasons... but even so, they should've informed you.

Nda apa, cheer up and move on to your new chapter! ;D

Happy Wednesday, Mell.

Oya, I know you busy and all but I just wanna share a tag. Up to you mo join ka nda. Hehee.

Have a nice day yo. Padahal pukul 5 suda.

Nadia said...

:) ya betul tu Mel, dlu lagi sya antar kad jauh2 drive ba,skali nda pg..huhu... nvm, sabar ja...ya ba, sya tgu ni picah ni :) hihi..aik, ko x kasi blog pasal tu crossword? hahaha...

Ann Rachel said...

ui cantik tu rambut!!! apa mcm dia buat tu!!

Mell_f said...

Sweetie: thank u! W/pun begitu,kk tatap di hatiku sehh

Arms: thank u :)eh baru sy nampak itu tag ah, mcm tidak la dpt sy terbikin tu. sy baca seja la ah haha. Happy thursday! :D

Nad: thanks for coming ah :D. Picah nti sy tgu dari yg official photog punya k, ada jg dari kawan2 but sikit ja huu. sabar ah :)

Ann: lama tu dia bikin, habis tebal kan rambut haha.

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