Jan 10, 2012

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I've bought the instax mini! Yes you read that right, after so many times of contemplation. This time is for better purpose, just to remind me how far i've come to hence the purchase just a day before i start my 3rd job. And that last night,i dream about it -_-"

You might think why such thought need to be embody in a camera form? or any physical form?

Well, manusia mudah lupa. As easy as that. If we need a thing to see/ to touch to remind us good thought every day, then why not?


I remember in 2008, when i started my first job as a project engineer. I spent few hundreds from my first salary to buy a handbag. a Sembonia handbag. I remember it was on discount, and i got a Parkson voucher from the purchase. At that time i need a handbag for work so it wasn't a thoughtful purchase. In fact,i gave it to my sister after i quit my job in mid 2009. However i must say, the 'powerfulness' i obtained upon buying using my own hard earned money is surreal. I like that feeling. So i keep on spending my salary like a boss haha.

It last for few months until i decided to buy a car, using my own money. What hurts me the most was when some people claimed my working BF, now husband paid for the car. I feel like punching their jealous face sampai hancur berkecai tebaboom. Why should you be jealous of others? Tidak boleh ka perempuan yang baru 3 bulan kerja beli kereta? mesti ka lelaki yang pigi kasi fund baru bole beli kereta? ada kah kau sudah gila kerana kejelesan kau sendiri? tumbuk kau sana. Ok please ignore the last part, nonetheless, be careful with ppl with a heart full of jealousy. They can create stories better than in Titanic or Ombak rindu(??)

Fast forward, i started my postgrad studies while working as a research asst to my supervisor. I get better pay than working as a project engr. You read that right. I paid my study fee using my salary. Then i applied for scholarship and i succeed in the application but the setback was i have to let go my job. The choice is done. My study fee that i've paid beforehand is returned to me, plus monthly allowances for 6 months paid in total, which makes me 5-figured richer. Life is good weeeeee :). So that is how i manage to pay my car's loan, prepare stuff for my wedding reception and whatnots during my postgrad studies. Again, i confronted with jealousy ppl, saying that my then BF, now husband funded my study. It's getting more degrading, and i took it personally as if i only know how to spend his money. that was so fucking distracting. So distracting i refuse to let him pay for meals. Until i realize, kenapa la juga saya patut buat begitu, itu la bah yg dia mau tgk tu. Sungguh budu dan cencaluk saya rasa. So I found a better quote to confront this ppl,

'Dont wrestle with a pig, you get dirty but the pig likes it"

Often times, the problem does not originate from you but from the jelesi people themselves yg tidak tau bersyukur.


So that's part and parcel of how far i've come to. From my first job, from my first car, from dealing with jelesi ppl. The rest of it you can read by browsing my archive, September 2008- Dec 2011. There might be some of the 'related' stories i wrote, although often times, i tend to just keep it offline. I'll try to post things similar to this from time to time, coz i believe i had an interesting life sampai org pigi jeles2 hahaha.

Ok that's all! :D


Joanne Juend said...

so, where your periuk nasi this time? i bet, mesti mencabar kan? wiu wiu!

good luck mell! :)

FionaHafiz said...

we earn our own moneh okay excuse meeeee~ *nigga style*

Mell_f said...

Juend: di Kuching. Sy sini suda ni. nanti sy bikin career update after a month k. :D

Ona: cheers to that! weeeeee~~

chegu carol said...

yes, you do that. u spend like a boss, so long it's your own titik peluh.

my bro complaint his wife a spendthrift and that makes him having headaches cos he has different perspective when it comes to spending money. later, he added that his wife is more less like me. i told him straight that yes, im a big spender. but get this point clear. i splurge with my hard earn money, not my husband's.

Nadia said...

Haha...kesian c mell,biar la dorg jeles actuali sya pun nda ble handle ooo org bgtu,sampai hubby sendiri ckp, bah jangan la ko kestau lg..bgto apa yg patut n bikin sedih ja la..hoho..

Btw, siok ba tu spending like a 'king' ... I like and do it all the time :-)

Armstrong said...

"...feel like punching their jealous face sampai hancur berkecai tebaboom..."
First time I heard that expression when punching people wakakaa.

Ba mana contoh pics yang ko ambi? ;D

Happy Friday, Mell.

Mell_f said...

*dust off blog uhuk uhuk*

Thanks for all the comments ah,ini mmg masalah domestik yg selalu dihadapi oleh org yg ada interesting life weeeee. So now just spend our hard earned $$ like a king! :D

Arms,sabar ah. i can do better than kasi contoh hahaha :p

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