May 25, 2010


 Aiseymen, as if anyone bother about it.

1. My research is progressing. I've tested the dryer, and the result is in line with the hypotheses with the max temperature reached is 63degC woohoo. Samples have been analyzed, results were put into graphs, report for first trial is done, handed to supervisor and he seems satisfied :p thus, i can have peace during holidays teehee :D Up next is running few trials,then improvisation, and hopefully i can publish a paper (two would be great hehe) before year end. If i manage to do that, that'll be a great personal achievement for me.

2. I've finalized a theme for my big day, already set the date, found a potential venue (yet), found a potential photog and videog (i already set my heart to it, i got to have their services). Up next is to do the reservations and bookings. My pre wedding photo shoot is on Dec because that is the only time both of us are available, so does the availability of jofann@'s brid@l team (their schedule is seriously packed, make me -_-"""""). Good things requires patience, let's keep it that way for the time being :)

I'm on my way to complete my MSc (by research) in full time mode and yet, prepping for my big day sooonnnnnnnn. Get the gist ? :D

Not updates.

I rarely have a decent conversation nowadays, most of the time i think i am talking to their egos. kalau yang satu tu begini, the other one pula nda mau kalah. kalau yg satu tu cakap lain, the other one pun nda mau nampak buduh terus minta puji lah. Human to some extent is capable of fooling themselves in order to get other peoples' acceptance, approval. When they dont get it, what they normally do is apa lagi, cakap besar lah hence the saying 'the loudest man in the room is the weakest'. That, i quote from the movie American Gangster.

Ok. I think that's all for now. Have a great day people.


Wel^Beiolman said...

wah looking good...thanks for the update mell...hehe..ko katuk kepala durang ba kalu ada org mcm tu jajal..haha

FionaHafiz said...

misti ada bryan kouju tu kan. hehe. photoG ko sepa?? erm ah erm ndak payala kestau. nnt saya dilema lagi. haha.

Mell_f said...

Wel: mau bulan 6 suda kan,so mau update jg la sikit. katuk? oh tidak. sy tabak! hahaha. dasar pengganas.

Fiona: mesti oh ada dia tapi blum pegi tanya2 dia lagi coz too soon juga,mcm nda sabar2 pula aku keke tapi kalau lambat nanti dia kena book pula.emmm..photog masih blum finalized,ada masa lagi mau decide hehe.

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