May 14, 2010

The dad

Dad finally got a FB account last week, and to date he has 117 friends or should i say our close and distant families from around the world? :D Yes that is his sole reason of having a FB account. I remember being so reluctant over his intention of having a FB account, till i refuse to lend him my laptop that he bought 3 years ago, but at the end can you guess who is the one guiding him in doing so? haha macam saya oh kan.

One good thing is that, i get to know my relatives that i never been introduced of. Make it two good things, now i know i'm from the Kanju generation, from my grandma side lah. (Mau suku abad suda saya ni, sekarang baru saya tau saya dari keturunan apa?! hoh *facepalm)

Ok,enough of that. I'm about to learn a new thing tmrw teeheee. Not that it is a new thing for me but it's an upgrade of what i normally do so still it's a new thing bah kan? :D

Till then.


memeljoan said...

Bah Mell, sa pun kunun dari generasi Kanju tp sebelah my mcmn relationship kita ni actually???

Mell_f said...

memel,suda sy reply ko di FB.

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