Jul 19, 2010

A click that left me ponder

I'm moved by my conscience to click the facebook profile of a friend that i once had.

His profile is still there.

His wall is still occupied with funny quizzes such as siapa yang menyintai kamu bla bla..pfft.

But the fact is,he has gone forever. He passed away 21 days after his 25th birthday.

He was quiet in the class yet very composed. No one knows about his passing until a month later, including his close friends back in uni.

This isnt a post to mourn or to reminisce the sweet/bad memories about my late friend. We have done those upon knowing the sad news.

Death is inevitable, i know. In fact life is taken everyday. Everybody knows these. I believe you do too,my dear reader(s).

Life is too short for us to get mad at petty things, to complain over things that you cant control,to regret about the past and feel free to extend the list.

Start practice gratefulness,my dear friends. We dont know when is our time.


Here are two funny photos of me, a friend, and the late friend (sitting behind the bus)

Funny bah these candid pictures, it still and always cracked me up.


Claire said...

Sigh~ I know. Life is too short to not getting things the way u want it to be. Mcm sakit pula dada ku kijap pikir benda2 yg mo di pikir... :(

Neway, i'm sorry about your friend. RIP.

Gallivanter said...

May he rest in peace. But yeah, I've always preached on the fact that life is too precious and short to be wasting time moaning about it. We need to make the best out of it while we still can.

nc said...

life is unpredictable. But i guess thats just how God wanted it to be. imagined if God has written in each of our palms..the DATE of when we will be gone - forever. Even scary.

may ur friend's soul rest in peace.

i always wonder what they (the spirits of the dead) are doing now. Please dont tell me when i will find it out.. :) hehe

maslight said...

Aiseyman punya sync.

Spreadurwing said...

yeah i agree with you Mell.. life too short to complain and regret on things which beyond our control.

I tag u again @ blog. If you still remember lah. New blod on wp

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