Feb 18, 2008

My reactions

Type ur reactions when 'somebody' say these phrases to u... WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS LIKE THAT? ~~like what? I JUST REALIZED NOW THAT I LOVE YOU. ~~ *blushing + speechless* LEAVE HIM/HER. YOU'LL BE MUCH MORE HAPPY WITH ME. ~~ oh really? can u just go to hell? COME ON. SMILE. YOU'RE CUTE WHEN YOU DO ~~ *smile along the way until the muscle cramp* I BOUGHT YOUR FAV. SNACK ~~ owh,so sweet of you. but i refuse to share. hehe.. I AM SO BLESSED TO HAVE SOMEONE LIKE YOU. ~~ *big hug to you* WHY DOES MONDAY COME BEFORE TUESDAY? ~~ because God created so. I MISS YOU ~~ i miss you too baby (applicable to BF and close friends only!) I HAVE TWO TICKETS TO THE LINKIN PARK CONCERT. WANNA COME WITH ME? ~~Linkin pork? oopss, park? no thanks. U R BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME ~~ thanks. YOU ARE ONE OF THE MOST SPECIAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE. DID YOU KNOW THAT? ~~ i do now (n____n) I THINK IM FALLING FOR YOU ~~ *blushing + smiling + speechless* I CANT SMILE WITHOUT YOU ~~then dont! U GAVE ME A LOVELY BIRTHDAY CARD, I REALLY LOVE IT.. ~~ oh well, not a big deal. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, BUT YOU JUST AREN'T HIM/HER ~~ by saying that,u have joined the dumbass club. NOTHING! ~~ taik! WHAT SHUD I DO TO WIN U BACK? ~~ just die. WHATS YOUR MOBILE NUMBER? ~~ why do u want that? (asking innocently) hehe..

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