Feb 27, 2008

Kena tagged!

Tagged by Ann Name 5 Things You Want For Christmas 1. 'Gingy' the Gingerbread man keychain aka kawan si Shrek 2. Wii 3. O2 PDA phone 4. Kena 4D, 1st prize..hahahaha 5. Makanan yg best2. Name 5 Thing You Want For Valentine's Day I only want 1 thing..i want my loved ones to be around. Name 5 People Who Are Close To You Apart from my family: 1. Fred 2. Rustiah 3. Ira 4. Suzie 5. that's all. Name 5 Things That Make You Mad 1. Bad service at Ocean King Seafood Restaurant in Sandakan. WTF. 2. Pilaks (yeah ann!) 3. Pendengki..nah,new vocab. 4. People shouting at me. 5. Period pain. luckily, i dont often experience that..hehe Name 5 Things That You Like 5 only? hishhh... 1. the course that i'm taking 2. the fact that i'm loved by so many people 3. my Fred. 4. Prawns and Steambot. 5. $$ Name 5 Things That You Dislikes Same as in Q4. I'm gonna tag... No one..hehe

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