Feb 3, 2008

Mansau Ansau sort of day: Part 1

Last week, one of my friends ask me to join them to go mansau ansau at the city. Without any second thought, i agree!

Early this morning, we went to Tamu at Gaya Street.

butterflies for sale!

Gamat aka Sea cucumber

Gong! A traditional music instrument for the kadazandusun

The sea shells from the Seashore..haha..

Pearls! there are tonnes of this kind here..BORING!!

Gaya Street's Layer Cake..hehehe..that cost rm20 bah.

this cute lil fella for sell

this one also..wish i can pinch this cutey..

These are only few things that caught my interest. I bet, lots of you who has been there got lots to fond of (or already get bored of those!).

After almost 2 hours of loitering, we went to Asia City Complex for skating..recalling the moments,it tickles me to the bone. haha..

Will write about that later..(hopefully, cross finger..hehe)

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