Jun 23, 2008

Why ensabie?

Such a weird name for a blog right? :D.

Hope this will explain everything.

Ensabie is actually modified from the word Ensabi which is a food. I love food!

Ensabi is a preserved local spinach. In some resources, it is called Sarawak native mustard. Very popular among the Sarawakians, especially the Ibans.

the after-cut version of ensabi
-credit to pejalai-

I presume there are lots of way of cooking ensabi. But he (bukan nama sebenar), who happens to be the first person who introduced this food to me, prefer to stir fry it with some garlic, dried fish (or anchovies will do). And eat it with hot rice. *berliur suda bah*

It tastes delicious bah. I can taste the sourness of ensabi, the strong flavor of garlic and the kampung taste of the dried fish.. Hohoho..The combination of the triad is really good!

ensabi, garlic and dried fish look fun together :p

this is another version of cooked ensabi. Yummy!
-credit to

I really really love ensabi hence a blog is named after it. With the addition of e, people wont mis'think' this blog as a food blog (although in the future there is a tendency to become one..ngeh ngeh)

You might ask, how on earth this sabahan lass knows much about this sarawakian food.


(because her boyfriend is a sarawakian, a lucky iban guy) If u can read this, ur eyes is good or i need the smallest smallest font size.



fred said...

woho.. ensabi..
addicted yes?

trace14 said...

mmg sedap mel!! selalu sa makan cni tu..hehe

hornbill said...

lagi masam lagi sedap... ko boleh buat sendiri di sabah sana.... ko cari ja ensabi dulu nanti sa ajar ko buat... yang ni nama dia kasam ensabi

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