Jun 20, 2008

Nameless post

  • Time is very much occupied now. I haven't found a job yet, but been busy preparing some docs and other stuffs la.
  • I've been interviewed today, hopefully i can get the job. I'll die if i stay unemployed until convo.
  • Bak kata si Tal, my chatbox is getting active nowadays. Haha.. Good la. No need to post anything la kan tal, reading my chatbox pun kira update la juga.
  • Time flies really fast. June is about to come to the end, then after few blinks away, birthday ku tiba lagi. Hoho..
Last but not least, big HI to all the bloggers that happen to drop by here.
Hi there :-)
(auw,not big enough)


chegu carol said...

and here's returning your hi.



mell said...

Thanks chegu ;)

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