Jun 8, 2008

Oh man..

I have been hiding my identity all this while. Why? No reason.. saja..Emo Smile
Addressing myself as "Mell: Not a simple lass" without any pic of me is enough to show you. All of the people that i linked in the 'BF and GF's' section are the only peeps who have seen me in a non virtual world. So now, no more hiding. See for yourself, me in BnW version. Ya, BnW. Colored version can be boring sometimes. I edit the pic by using FSresizer. I love using that software because of its simplicity. You can make tonnes of modification on your pic, and at the end, you can save the modification and apply it to other pic without have to remember all the steps and redo it again. How peanut is that? FSresizer details And best of all, it's free! I love freeware. The size is much smaller than Photoshop. And guess what, you can also download the portable version of the software. Again, how sejuk is that? download FSresizer You are going to love it! Enjoy..

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PooWoK said...

link exchange pls...

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