Feb 9, 2009

Oh monday..

Tagged by Minsulod and Beck. Six random things about me:
1. I've lost many people in my life which ultimately deviates my traditional thoughts about death. Death is of course inevitable thus i dont see the point of squeezing my tears out on something that i cannot change, instead i should feel sorry for not knowing them well enough, and of how human memories deteriorate with 2. I'm an optimist, or perhaps i can say, i choose to be that instead of its antonym. I believe the way we think will affect our life hence, before you blame anything or anywho on how bad your life's treating you, might as well point that question to you first! I just dont get it when some people make fun on certain things that make certain people happy, if your life isnt as good as ours, then deal with it like an adult. Eat your heart out for as long as you want while we are enjoying our good life as how we want it! 3. I'm not easy to handle with, regardless of my look. I'm a very good example of 'dont judge a book by its freaking cover'. People with the habit of assuming people is utterly disgusting. Please, get a life already! 4. Despite of what i've wrote from 1-3, i'm in a good mood. 5. I'm very much a homely type of person. 6. I dont fancy tagging people so,this tag die on me oh yeah!


C.Alv.B said...

Good to know some of your view abt life..:)

Mell_f said...

Alv: yeah,i think that's what certain tag is all about,to unveil some hidden facts. haha.

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