Apr 19, 2010

Today's rambling

Start my day feeling upset over things that i cant control. Took few sips of coffee, and decided to just let things happen as it is. One day all these pieces will assemble to become a big picture, it'll make sense someday.

I purchased a dress via online last week, arrived at the same week (how fast is that!) but today only my sister manage to collect it. Bought it at Ladiesfash. Lovesssss the seller for the quick response and honesty. The dress is well describe in her blog, what i have in mind is the same as what i'm holding now :D Plus, it fits me perfectly :)

Some people are very skeptic about buying things online (guts and knowledge are needed,dont do it if you are the kind that is very consumed by negativity and impatient), and some will sarcastically ask you tiada sudah ka baju di KK ni sampai kau mau beli online?, in which i am so going to reply like this 'HALLOO, which year are you in? 1900?' haha. I get to know ladiesfash from Shoppingroll and fashionista1001 . These 2 sites do reviews on online shop of wide range of things: clothes, bags, shoes etc. They sure do update their blog in daily basis :D

Other than that, i'm very ecstatic knowing i'm doing my MSc for free. My application for pgd MOSTI is approved and i'm now waiting for the offer letter. Study fees of 2 years is covered plus, monthly allowances macam mana la sy tidak happy hehe.

Oh happy happy things,keep it coming. :D


maslight said...

I gotta agree, Ladiesfash have lotsa variety in terms of clothing. I bought from kate too ;) The most clothes my sis and me bought from there. But sometimes the size doesn't fit plus size like me, so sad.

Mell_f said...

massy,ada sy nampak feedback ko di blog dia tu. loveeeessss ladiesfash

Ms. Kamilia said...

haha, u said that to u? i also buy things online quite often. save time and energy. the choices also broader and sometimes cost lesser than what some offline shop usually sell.. hehe, that person should tried once in awhile.. n can get pretty addictive if not controlled..:P

Ms. Kamilia said...

sorry the 'u' infront is 'who'.. hehe.. typo error..

Mell_f said...

Zyka: yea,i can spend hours doing online shopping :p true about the pricing,baju in here mmg relatively mahal than in online shop,even after we add the postage kan kan? :D Punya banyak untung these offline shops ambil.

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