Aug 10, 2010

I feel good knowing someone is constantly trying to locate me since 2002. And that includes finding me in the last address that i provide to her right before we both are parted.

Guess how the person find me?

Facebook lahhhhh.

For that reason, guna lah nama sebenar. You dont know who's dying to see you all the years :)


I learn the art of saying no to a person who's so thick face to make it a yes despite the rejection. At first he was so polite to ask for favor but i guess i give him too much of yes-es, he started to think it is a yes to everything to a point he cant, eh he doesnt want to accept a no. wth.

A: can you send me to XXX at 11am?
Me: No as you can clearly see i am busy.
A: evening also can lah. ok.
Me: No i have lab to do.
A: it takes only 3 mins lah. Just send me, wait 3 mins, finish.

Me:  &%&%&&$^%#$^%#$

Dua kali NO pun masih juga buduh oh dia.

What did i do after the two times NO in a row were ignored by that fella?

I resort to vent in Facebook lahhhh since he's in my FBlist too. Best oh facebook hahaha!

And of course it was meant to those who thinks they OWN anybody's time. sheessshhh.

From tmrw onwards,i will lock my door from inside. No more no!


Last but not least, happy fasting to all my muslim friends. I can picture myself in gluttony already haha.


Gallivanter said...

Facebook, the best tool to find long lost friends, if THEY are smart enough to open an account there! :-D

Mell_f said...

..and if they are smart enough to named their FB profile. haha!

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