Aug 31, 2010

Of August

Things (i remember) i did on August:

1. Cursing like there's no tmrw when i saw my car was a victim of hit and run,leaving scratches and dent yang sungguh menyakitkan hati. Please bagi saya parang panjang sekarang.

2. Menanam rumput (yes you read it right) dirumah di Kch. Fred choose pearl grass sebab sebab u google it lah, if i list it out i sound smart pula macam.. hahaha. I like carpet grass but then if ada kaca ka,batu2 kecil ka, lipan ka on it, you need to have a magnifier eyes to detect it because the grass is very dense, and lembut and hijau and selesa utk dipijak aduuuhh mari cabut balik itu pearl grass haha. The whole process from removing the big2 stones, cabut itu rumput liar yang sedia ada, applying the ready-fertilized soil and lastly tanam itu rumput are verrryyyy enjoyable. The time seems to pass us just like that. :) But then it is early for me to say i love gardening kikiki. We'll see how in future.

3. I know this fact for some time (ago) that Fred is a smart street fella. I see that in him everyday, through his ways of dealing with things, persons, gadgets, hardware and other stuffs. Few days ago i saw him dealing with the electrician about the lighting in our home,from the selections of the bulb,colour, looping and all the technical stuffs, i cant stop wondering how on earth this fella can tell so much of that when it is not his forte. I really admire his smartness, and i think that is why i fall for him 4 years ago ;). Happy 4th years anniv tomorrow dear :)

4. Do you know how much money a person can spend on curtains, railing, curtain rod and blinds for a house? If i said 4k would u gag? hahaha.

5. Work-wise, i hate to say this but September is going to be hectic mannnnnnnnn. It's tomorrowwwwwww.
6. Work-wise,jealousy can kill a friendship. Why can you just be grateful with what u have, why lah have to sabotage other's ppl work?? sheeesshhh. but on +ve note, i'm glad to know that i am a threat to him. haha. We are still friends and i've make peace with it. But next time, babai kepada sabotage mu. I know ur trick already.

7. I've heard so many sad news this month, from the demised of the loved ones, and breaking up. It's life after all, it shouldn't be easy. And i always believe in the saying that is 'what doesn't kills you, makes you strong'

Ok i better stop this, i shoud've finish some slides but end up writting this kikikiki.

Happy happy day people :)

1 comment:

fred said...

Mu.. eh Mell.

Sunyi nya blog mu ni kan. Mari sia donate satu komen kasi meriah sikit.

Mari la datang Kch lagi, kita tanam lada lagi.

XX fred

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