Jan 29, 2011

The best 5 foods i've eaten since Oct 2010

What a weird title but i like it coz i know u'll definitely read this wahahaha.

So here are those best 5 foods i've eaten in various places KK, KL. Kch ada bah juga tapi dalam facebook and not in the list., tapi dalam list facebook ada. itu dia penciptaan cerita yang bagus sekali.

This is no foreign to us Sabahans. Its a combination of sayur lada putih, tuhau, spring onion, bunga kantan ( i loveee the taste, i usually add in more!) which usually stir fried with salted fish or dried shrimp. Siapa yg bilang tidak sedap,cuba kunun tukar tukang masak haha.

Sate tulang. Bought this in MAHA stalls last November. Unlike typical sate that i've eaten before, this one are made of bony parts of chickens. Kalau lapar, i dont recommend this nanti tertelan. This one should not be eaten in rush because you definitely wants to enjoy the every inch of the bones. ohmai saya lapar.

Me and husband eaten these right after our pre wedding photo shoot. i forgot the restaurant's name but it's in *foh sang and the porridge is it's specialty. It's pork porridge, with sayur manis oyster and deep friend pork intestines as side dishes.The deep friend one is new for both of us, cantik bah gorengan dia and the taste? So sedap sehingga tiada lagi keayuan tata tertib makan ku wahaha.

edited: I found the restaurant's name! and it's How Lee coffee shop. Check out the reviews here

Last but not least, chocolate cream puff in Beard Papa, Midvalley, available in 2 flavors; vanilla and chocolate. It has many branches in various shopping complex in KL tapi mengapa di KK tiada? mengapa?? mengapa kau pergi, mengapa kau menduakan. See the part where i circle it, can you see how generous the cream inside the hollow puff??? Mengapa tiada di KK? Mengapa?

Ok, by now i believe most of you have taken ur dinner, so dont blame me for any kelaparan caused.

So what are the best 5 foods you've eaten since 4 months ago? (mau juga 4 kah, 10 pun boleh ba juga haha)

Happy weekend people! :)


Joanne Juend said...

i dont care more about the '5 foods' what i cannot resist the most 'kembang-kambang' feeling is when you mentioned "me and husband"! gosh.. how grown up we are.. *tears*

Mell_f said...

aiya foods baini mcm mana nda care hihi. iya bah,we are all grown ups suda kan. 2 six oh!

debrajill said...

hi hi~ saya suka ni tgk post ko pasal makan2 hehee..keep it up!! hehe

Mell_f said...

halo debrajil,who can resist good food kan haha. thanks2.

Chris Anakapai said...

mell: the 1st pic tu kan, looks nice...btw, what do u mean sayur lada putih? ehem, next time ko dtg kch, boleh ko tapau tuhau 4 me?

Anonymous said...

itu bubur mcm sgt sedap bunyinya.. misti mau pi try ni :) Thanks Mel.

Mell_f said...

Chris: ada tu satu jenis sayur sini sabah,rupa dia mcm cili padi tp besar sikit and kaler kuning.

Ok bah the tuhau,ready made punya?

Oiga: halloooooo uiii lama sd inda bcerita di belog2 oh,just saw ur blog post pasal ur baby hehe cumiillll. bah jgn lupa cuba k.

chegu carol said...

tu sayur sampur yg 1st pic juga lah manang. sa pun suka tu.

Chris Anakapai said...

yes, ready made ones plisss...hehehe. tuhau is my fav ba... hope the husband kurang minat so i have all for myself *greedy eyes* Ha ha ha

Mell_f said...

Chegu: *hi-5* yeahhh.

Chris: okeh,nanti aku kasi msg di FB.

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