Jan 7, 2011


Di atas ialah percubaan membake choco-pots ala Nigella Lawson, by the taste i know i've nailed it yeah.The first food i consumed in 2011, the symbolic behind this is so that my coming days are sweeter .Good good thoughts, keep they coming people.

Ok by now you can get the recipe as i provided you with the recipe's name but i can simply describe the whole process coz i prepare it in less than 15 mins *wink

Pic 1 (top): Melt 300g of chocolate chips and half stick of unsalted butter using double boiler. Let it cool. If you dont have double boiler, improvise.

Pic 2: Beat 2 eggs, 2 cups of sugar, and 3 cups of all purpose flour in a same bowl.

Mix (1) and (2)

The original recipe uses ramekin, it's a ceramic kinda pot but i dont have one. So i used ceramic mugs to place the mixture. Make sure you apply a thin layer of butter to each of your ceramic mugs before pouring the mixture in.

Baked for 20mins at 200degC.


Pic 3: The tops are (partly) shiny and cracked. You can see the gooey chocolate beneath calling you to eat them nyaummm.

Pic 4: Yummeh.

Selamat mencuba y'all! :)


chegu carol said...

wah well done mell! siok sa tingu urg sudah mencuba bakat mo baking2 ni...i always tell myself to start doing something with baking...ntah bila laini mo tebuat...

Mell_f said...

Carol: sy suuuukkaa betul makan choc cake,terus tfikir mau juga try bikin. nah sekali jadi,makin menjadi2 terus semangat mau try cake lain haha. this one is easy and gerenti jadi.

Kris and Nadia said...

Wah :) ba nanti la free2 sya buat.. now have to decrease my sugar level..huhu.. tapi nmpk sedap ooo..

Mell_f said...

Nadia: ya pls try nad. amat sedap sekali. u can change the choc chips to a large bar of cadbury juga.

u take care k.

Just said...

yayyyy.. sodap ooo! tp sia malas mo try. phm2 ja la budak2 ni.. suka mengacau! hahahah..

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