Apr 14, 2011


I really feel i am walking behind the days,well, i have reason for that. I'm in my 3rd semester, i have another semester to go. I'm committed to submit the notice of thesis submission by Oct or Nov this year. That basically means, i have to finish up my experiments by September/October. And i have to present my research in at least 2 conferences so that my viva volce examiners will face some resistance(s) to argue about my research finding/ methods or whatever they want to argue lah. The examiners are my final barriers of getting my scroll. So i must minimize their points to let me repeat this all over again adoii. Just the thought of it makes me sick. But, thinking about the hurdles i've overcome throughout the semesters, i am motivated to finish all and graduate. In fact, i look forward to this more than my degree convocation.

Anyway since i'm so occupied with deadlines, today i decided to loosen out a bit. I went to shop things in 1b. I dont like the term shopping, the word has been stereotype with....em..em..maybe it's only me.

I shop with a mission to buy a black formal/working shoes. I wear flats most of the time, heels occasionally so how can i fit in working shoes in between? When most of the formal shoes are like this

 source here

I bought this -_-"

It's brown and has an edgy look, like how a woman should be doiii. I love it to bits :).

Moving on,i bought this in Daiso. Everybody loves Daiso.

I organize it in such a way so that every morning i can find the car key easily -_-" coz my table is full of papers and whatnot.

Ok, that's all to share. If you know me, you should see that coming :p.

It's a good day today, i'm glad i manage to distract my occupied mind without having to put up an emo scene with anybody haha. I feel better to resume my task later at night with the shoes on sight haha.


Claire said...

tu seja kau beli?nda ba..wakaka..ko tau kalau sy susah betul kalau masa mo membeli...mcm heels..handbag..susah mo jumpa yg sy suka atau yg sy ada rasa mo beli..haha btw, cantik tu kasut..hehe

Mell_f said...

Claire: haha nti org fikir sy ni byk masa pula mo gambar brg yg sy beli satu2 bah.'bukan kau mau kasi cepat siap tesis kau ka' nah tkena sy nanti haha. sama la ba kita tu Claire,kalau sd set dalam kepala mau beli heels bukan jumpa tu yg disuka. time nda set di pikiran,baru tnampak yg cantik n mau dibeli. ini mau beli kasut formal tbeli kasut begini haha. pasrah la.

Anne B. said...

hi mell...

visiting ur blog :)

chegu carol said...

itu kasut memang cantik!

Mell_f said...

Hi Anne! :D

Carol: yeay, thanks :)

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