Apr 20, 2011

Sabar dulu

If any of you intend to buy a tablet this year, in fact this month, hold on a while coz this year is the tablets' year. 10 hottest tablets are coming in 2011. Read it here

And this for your convenience

 source: here

In case you're thinking if i'm going to buy an ipad 2, maybe. Unarguably, the 2 competitors for Ipad 2 are Samsung galaxy tab 8.9/10.1 and Motorola Xoom. I like Ipad 2 for having an excellent battery life (not comparable to iphone ok,note that),  massive catalog of apps (verified in iphone) and practical for all age *uhuk uhuk. Plus, it will be running on ios 4.3 yo, latest upgrade from ios 4.2.7. Well, most of the tablets will be running on their latest OS version anyway. So it should be less my concern. 

Display-wise, it'll be 10'  vs 8.9' vs 7'. It's already bigger than a cellphone so who cares hahaha. I'm still keeping my e72 anyway.

I've yet to read all the preliminary reviews, will do that when most of the tablets are launched and reviewed by the owner. So know kumpul duit dulu gegegege.

*Mental note: Ipad 2 teda usb port and only 512mb of RAM dang. Betul2 a turn off.


Claire said...

Motorola Xoom la..hahaha mempromote.

Mell_f said...

Claire: muahaha,tunggu si galaxy tab kluar dulu baru sy decide.

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