Apr 19, 2011

Attachment issues

I believe this issue exist in every forms of relationship. When i went to my second home in Kuching, my dad would ask me everyday 'bila kau mau balik?'. He asked the same question a day before and will ask again the day after, mind you. The same goes to my youngest bro and my eldest sister, same meaning behind the question but different variations in tone, 'kau ni tidak mau balik2 suda ka'. For goat sake, i'm in my husband's house bah, my future home! 

As much as i'm irritated by the questionssss, i never have heart to utter the latter to them because i'm aware of their attachment to me. It has not been an issue as well, just that i have to tahan hati answering their repeated questions. Plus, their relationship with my husband goes well. 
In short, they are attached to me but not up to the point where they are so desperate for attentions thus creating a scene against him or me just to get one.


My advice to couples who plan to wed, please be aware of this attachment issue among your family and your partner's family. Recognize those who possess a deep attachment to you/ your partner. Show them you will always be there and nothing is going to change. A simple gesture like, kasi top up rm30 to your siblings' phones like what i did to my sister in Sdk and youngest bro, drive them to a salon which is only 1km away, 3g calling with niece and nephews, all those. It doesn't have to cost you a 100 carat diamond, it's the thought that counts.

We should have accept the fact that human evolves, so does the relationship around us.Have you?

 *I apologize if this post cause any discomfort to anyone. What to expect from the truth?
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