Apr 8, 2011

Woman and her vision.

A gold color, long body hugging dress with X strap at the back. It takes a Mariah Carey to look hell yeah in that.

Notice her makeup? Well i dont. I believe the makeup and hairdo were done as minimal as possible because those are not meant to be the highlight but her.

Does the sentence rings a bell to you? Ting ting. Another hint, wedding dinner reception ting ting.

No big gowns. No overdone makeup. Just some modifications on the hairdo will do the wonder.

Second gown is a purple color, mermaid dress with sweetheart neckline. I found this dress in J0fanna bridal and choose this one for my pre wed straight away padahal belum try test lagi tu ah ah ah. Luckily it fits me and guess what, i am the first person able to fit in that dress as if it was meant for me ah ah ah tapuji oh saya ini. No picture for this dress coz saya belum pigi pilih lagi gambar utk album pre wed o haiya. 

I believe it's very important for bride to be able to vision their look for their big day. From your dress to your makeup and hairdo. Let your MUA know the look you exactly keen on and be specific, it's your big day mah. Or, go for makeup trial prior to wedding. It saves lots of time during actual wedding day.

As for the dress, i believe most brides has chosen their gowns during pre wedding session. The trend is always like this: go to bridal house for pre wedding photoshoot - pilih gown utk pre wed PS - use that particular dress for actual wedding day coz u've tried them and they look good on you. Tell me if anyone done different way. I would love to know.

Ok lah, that's all to share for now. Once me and hubby are done with the big part, i will share about other thing that essential for any wedding reception.

That's all. Brides stay sane!


Joanne Juend said...


ada satu dress yang saya gila suka tapi sy reserved for actual wedding. and you know what??? darn!

saya suda 'besar' untuk fit itu baju (last week pg try). menyesal tak sudah... huk huk *nangis kuat-kuat*

Mell_f said...

ada kah masih ada kesempatan utk mengasi kecik yg telah besar? kalau ada jua,mulakan langkah mu!

Claire said...

hahaha...mintapuji seja ba...ini la masanya..ahaha btw mcm siok noh description ko tu baju-bajuan dan yg lain2... mana gambar nya ni? hehe

Mell_f said...

Claire yg baju ke 2 itu aku mau tunggu dulu pre wed photo ku siap kerna disana laitu baju sd aku peraga kan hehehe

Just said...

terus sia teringat gown yg sia book for my wedding day. ada tu urg nda kasi blk lg tu gown so sia terpksa pilih gown lain. Not so fav gown... hmm..

Joanne Juend said...

mell, ko bayangkan la bah, itu gown ialah saiz saya yang 1 tahun lepas mell.. tapi macam sy mo juga berusaha spy dpt balik 'ringan' sy yang dolu itu T__T

p/s: itu bahagian punggung bah bikin panasss sama sy... !!

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